REI Mountain Bike Return Policy (What’s Covered + More)

Rei Mountain Bike Return Policy

REI mountain bikes are high quality and sought after by all kinds of cycling enthusiasts. But, as is true with all other types of consumer products, there are often reasons to return mountain bikes, too.

The REI mountain bike return policy is generous and easy to complete. Non-member customers have up to 90 days to return their mountain bikes. Co-op members have an entire year to return or exchange an REI mountain bike.

REI is proud of their products; thus they have one of the best return policies in the retail space. Keep reading to find out what mountain bikes are acceptable under the return policy and how to have a return processed.

REI Mountain Bike Return Policy

If you’re an REI co-op member, you can buy a mountain bike, ride it, and return it to the store within a year of your purchase date.

You must have the receipt to do this, but even after riding the bike, REI will accept it back within a year if it was new when you bought it.

When you purchase a used bike, you only have 30 days to return or exchange it. This is regardless of whether you’re a member or not.

Non-members who are returning a mountain bike must also have their receipts and they only get up to 90 days to make their returns. 

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How Can I Return an REI Mountain Bike?

REI requires that you bring bikes into the store to return them. You are not able to return bikes through the mail, even if you originally ordered them off the website. 

The best way to process a return for a bike is to start online. If you go to the returns page, you can select “Start an in-store return” under the return to a store headline. 

You’ll be prompted through filling in some information about yourself and the items you wish to return. This will cut down the processing time when you visit the store location.

You’ll take your mountain bike, the receipt or invoice, and the return information into the store and an associate will help you with finishing out the process.

Is It Free to Return an REI Mountain Bike?

Returns and exchanges are free of charge with REI. As long as you have your receipt showing the price you paid and your original payment method, you’ll get the full amount refunded to you.

If you don’t have your receipt and are granted a return, you will be refunded the amount the bike costs at that time, regardless of what you paid for it.

You also may not get it credited back to your account. It’s possible you’ll be given a store credit for the amount of your refund.

Though you cannot return bikes through the mail, REI does accept other kinds of returns through the mail. You’ll go to the website to get your return started.

That’s where you’ll get your return label from. Once the company receives your items back, they will process your return and you’ll be refunded for the purchase price less an amount for shipping.

What Does REI Do with the Used Mountain Bike I Return?

It may seem weird that REI allows customers to return used mountain bikes up to a year after they were purchased. But it’s actually a pretty cool program they have. 

REI sells brand new equipment and gear. They also sell used equipment and gear for lower prices. Many cyclists and bikers like to use a bike for a short time before they upgrade to something better for their goals. The bikes they return are in great shape.

REI recycles those bikes to sell as used to customers looking for a good bargain. They clean up and tune up the bikes before they go on to a new owner. 

How Do I Become an REI Co-op Member?

It’s easy to become a member of the co-op. You apply and pay a one-time fee of $30 to become a lifetime member of the REI co-op.

Then you’ll enjoy a plethora of member benefits. Below are just some of the benefits you get.

  • Exclusive savings and coupons
  • Free shipping with no minimum
  • Buy and trade used gear program
  • Lower rental costs
  • Extended return period
  • Free bike repairs (Conditions apply)
  • Enrollment in the member rewards program

Final Words

REI accepts returns of mountain bikes in-store only. Due to the high cost of shipping and the large size of a bike, it’s more economical to return bikes at store locations rather than through the mail.

Co-op members get up to a full year to return mountain bikes, while non-members have up to 90 days. 

You can return your mountain bike after you’ve ridden it as long as you still have the receipt and you haven’t damaged the bike. 


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