Does REI Rent Bikes? (All You Need To Know)

Does REI rent bikes

Are you currently looking for the best place to rent a bike which is cheap, good-quality, and comes with conditions which are both flexible and feasible? If so, we know the place for you!

REI rents out all types of bikes for all occasions, weathers, and skill-levels. Prices for one day average at around $55, but the final price will depend on the type of bike you will be renting and whether or not you hold REI membership.

Within this article, we will cover everything you need to know about renting a bike with REI, including:

  • How much does it cost to rent a bike with REI?
  • Price for REI bike rentals for members
  • Price for REI bike rentals for non-members
  • Which REI stores offer bike rentals?
  • Can I reserve a bike with REI online?
  • How long can I rent a bike with REI for?
  • Can I change the bike I rented for a different REI bike?
  • Why go to an REI
  • Final thoughts

How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Bike With REI?

There are two different sets of prices for REI bike rentals depending on whether or not you are a member. We will break these down below.

It should be noted that included in the price of a bike rental is a helmet, a lock, and a flat repair kit.

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Price for REI Bike Rentals for Members

Rental GearFirst NightAdditional Night
Hybrid bikes$30$20
Full suspension mountain bikes$65$42
Basic hardtail mountain bikes$40$26
Premium hardtail mountain bikes$50$33
Youth bikes$15$10
2-bike racks$28$8
2-bike extension racks$7$2
Bike travel cases$35$7
Tailgate pads$15$5

Price for REI Bike Rentals for Non-Members

Rental GearFirst NightAdditional Night
Hybrid bikes$45$30
Full suspension mountain bikes$100$62
Basic hardtail mountain bikes$60$40
Premium hardtail mountain bikes$75$50
Youth bikes$23$15
2-bike racks$42$12
2-bike extension racks$10$3
Bike travel cases$53$11
Tailgate pads$23$8

For non-members, a deposit of $100-$200 will also be needed when you pick the bike up.

Which REI Stores Offer Bike Rentals?

Whether or not you can rent a bike with REI does depend on the store that you go to. Some, such as the Las Vegas Boca Park and Colorado Springs stores do offer full rentals on cycling gear.

Along with that, a lot of the stores are full-service bike retailers. This means that not only do they offer a wide range of bike brands, accessories, and components but they are also staffed with highly-trained industry professionals.

This results in friendly experts who are both trained to help guide you and to evaluate your specific bike needs. 

However, not every store offers the opportunity to rent a bike. For example, Glenwood Springs in Colorado only offers rental on paddling gear, bear canisters, and camping and hiking gear.

Similarly, Santa Fe only offers rental on bear canisters, snowshoes, and also camping and hiking gear.

Can I Reserve a Bike with REI Online?

Yes, you can reserve a bike with REI online. However, this does depend on the location of the store that you will be picking the bike up from. 

In order to see whether or not your local store allows you to reserve bikes online, check out their list of rental locations. If you are able to reserve with them online, you will see a small button which says, ‘reserve online’.

Unfortunately, if you cannot see that button then you will need to visit the store in-person or phone them in order to make a reservation. 

How Long Can I Rent a Bike with REI For?

The amount of time that you can rent the bike for depends – the best way to figure out rental periods for the model, make, and type of bike that you are planning on renting is to just go in person to your local REI or phone them.

Bear in mind that the minimum rental period is one night – for those who are looking for half-day rentals, REI might not be the best option.

Can I Change the Bike I Rented For a Different REI Bike?

If you began to rent out one type of bike only to realize that perhaps it isn’t the right one for you, all you need to do is phone your rental location and ask them whether or not you can swap it out.

The answer will then depend on availability.

Know that if you do decide to swap bikes, you may be charged extra.

Why go to a REI?

One of the main benefits of going to an REI is the fact that if you sign up for a membership, you will get a 20% discount on all cycle shop services, along with a free flat-tire repair.

Just bear in mind that this repair is labor only and that the parts are not included.

There are many REI stores across the country, and you will likely find that your nearest store isn’t too far away. For those who are looking at short-term rentals, REI can be a great option.

However, if you want to rent a bike for longer than a couple of days then it might be worth adding up the numbers and seeing whether it may just be cheaper to purchase a bike of your own.

Final Thoughts

REI can be a cheap and convenient way to rent bikes and can be a great alternative to purchasing a bike of your own for those who are low on space or money.

If you plan on taking a day trip with family or friends, or perhaps are planning to purchase a bike but first want to see how it works on the road, then renting out a bike with REI is a great option.

It is simple to rent a bike with REI: all you need is a local REI store and an enthusiastic attitude for cycling.


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