When Does Rei Have Sales? (Coupons, Codes, Discount + More)

When Does Rei Have Sales

John, do you know when REI has sales? This is one of the questions my readers ask a lot. Well, I´ve got you covered.

Rei is a popular American outdoors retailer that has over 150 stores throughout the nation. They offer a range of goods associated with the outdoors, and you can pick up various products at a discounted rate during one of their primary sales. But when do their major sales happen?

Rei has at least four main sales per year, including Members’ sale in March, an Anniversary Sale in May, a Labor Day Sale in September, and Holiday Sales in the late fall. Each of these sales will have its own range of great deals and savings, and it is a great time to shop at Rei.

This article will discuss the various sales that occur during the year at Rei. So keep reading! We have everything you need to know about the significant sales at Rei throughout the year. 

Rei: An American Outdoors Retail Store

Rei is one of the most popular outdoor and adventure retail stores in the United States. The company was founded in Seattle, Washington, back in 1938 and has remained a popular and high-quality retailer ever since. 

Rei specializes in a plethora of items and gear, including hiking, climbing, cycling, camping, running, fitness, water sports, snow, and travel equipment for women, men, and children. 
They are seen as a retail company that sells high-quality performance gear that is worth every cent. 

You can find a range of high-quality goods across the United States at one of their 165 retail stores in 39n states. They have an entire catalog on their website if you’d prefer to order online for convenience. 

Being a company that primarily focuses on outdoor equipment, they also do their fair share for sustainability.

They release comprehensive suitability regulations for a wide variety of their products, ensuring that they make an impact.

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When Does Rei Have Sales?

Rei is known for having major sales at various parts of the year, which give its loyal and new customers a chance to buy numerous products at a discounted price.

However, one of the best ways to ensure you get the best prices is to purchase a lifetime membership.

Membership entitles you to a percentage back on each of your purchases which is given out in annual dividends. Typically these dividends will be placed into your account around the start of March each year, just before one of their largest sales. 
The March Dividend Sale

One of the largest sales of the year for Rei is their annual dividend sale which typically occurs around March.

This is known as the Members Sale, as it occurs shortly after the year’s dividends are given out to all of the consumers who have signed up for their $20 lifetime membership. 

This sale will last for around ten days and gives customers a chance to purchase camping equipment and gear for the coming warmer months.

To truly make the most of this sale, it’s suggested that you sign up for their lifetime membership. 

Memorial Day Sale In May

The next major sale that arrives on the Rei calendar is the Anniversary Sale, also known as the Memorial Day Sale.

During this sale, you have an opportunity to purchase various summer essentials, such as lightweight hiking gear and footwear. 

This is generally seen as one of Rei’s biggest sales of the year, as everyone is ready to get back to camping and hiking as the warm summer months are setting in.

Sleeping bags, tents, and bed mats are all reduced in price, so it’s not to be missed if you’re someone who enjoys spending summer outdoors. 

Labor Day Sale In September

The Rei Labor Day Sale occurs during the autumn month of September and brings with it the chance to snag some fantastic camping and hiking equipment that you noticed you needed during the summer. 

It also begins reducing some winter gear which will be essential for the months ahead. The sale includes warmer jackets and sweaters, waterproof clothing and boots, and everything that’s needed to ensure that you can still enjoy a little piece of the outdoors during the dark and colder months.

Holiday Sales Around Christmas

Rei’s fourth most significant sale of the year falls around the Christmas holiday period, as this gives their loyal customers a chance to splash out for someone in their family or friend group. 

Christmas is one of the best times of the year, especially in the United States, and Rei is happy to support the feel-good feeling of gift-giving during this period.

So, during the holidays, you’ll see a wide selection of reduced prices all across the board, with something for everyone having anywhere from 20 to 50% of the price reduced. 

Does Rei Have A Black Friday Sale?

Rei is one of the few companies that does not participate in the Black Friday sales. Instead, they encourage their customers to enjoy this time at home or outdoors with their family and friends.

However, the retailer does offer a milder alternative to the Black Friday sale, Rei’s Gear Up Get Out Sale, which typically runs through November 21 and offers a wide variety of discounts all across their stores and website. 

Whether you’re looking for an early Christmas gift, ski or snowboarding equipment, essentials for this year’s camping trips, or simple accessories for your hikes, there’s something for everyone in these sales. 

Can You Return Items Purchased On Sale At Rei?

Rei offers an excellent return policy, even for discounted items bought during one of their great sales. They state on their website if you’re not happy with your purchase, you have up to 90 days to return the item for a replacement or full refund. 

If you’re a lifetime member, then you have up to a year to make your decision; however, the product must be returned without any damage and must not be worn or used. 

What benefits do members receive, such as free U.S. Standard shipping and discounts on bike & snow shop services?

Members receive a range of exclusive benefits including free U.S. Standard shipping without any minimum purchase amount required. Additionally, members are entitled to a 20% discount on bike & snow shop services.

It is important to note that certain exclusions may apply to these benefits.

How can members save money with the Co-op Member Reward program and by buying and trading in used gear?

The Co-op Member Reward program offers members a way to save money by providing an annual 10% return on eligible purchases, although the exact percentage may vary.

This rewards program allows members to receive back a portion of what they spent on qualifying items, providing a direct savings on their purchases. Additionally, co-op members can engage in the Re/Supply program which allows them to shop for used gear, offering an opportunity to save money by purchasing pre-owned items at a lower cost.

Furthermore, members can trade in their used gear through this program, enabling them to receive value for items they no longer need and providing them with additional savings towards future purchases.

By combining the Co-op Member Reward program and utilizing the options available through Re/Supply, members have multiple avenues to save money on their purchases and contribute to a more sustainable consumption model.

What are some current deals available at REI.com and REI Outlet?

At the present moment, there are enticing discounts and offers awaiting you at both REI.com and REI Outlet. Please visit their websites to discover the latest deals and save on your purchases.

What are some examples of deals and savings available specifically for REI Co-op members on outdoor gear, clothing, and footwear?

REI Co-op members can access exclusive savings on outdoor gear, clothing, and footwear through various perks. Members can take advantage of special member coupons that offer discounts on a wide range of items such as hiking gear, camping equipment, tents, sleeping bags, and backpacks.

Additionally, there are deals specifically tailored for members, including offers, discounts, and Member Bonus Cards that provide savings on outdoor gear.

These deals extend to popular clothing brands for women, men, and kids, offering discounts on jackets, base layers, hiking footwear, and more.


So, now that you know all about the major sales held by Rei throughout the year and when to expect them, you’re ready to go out there and get some discounted goods to help you on your next camping or hiking trip. 

Remember, if you sign up for Rei’s lifetime membership for a one-time payment of $20, you’ll be entitled to yearly dividends that make your purchases even cheaper, and you’ll be able to return the products as late as a year later. 



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