How Much Does a Bike Cost at Walmart? (Cost Saving Tips!)

How Much Does a Bike Cost at Walmart

John, do you know how much a bike cost at Walmart? This is one of the questions my readers ask a lot. Well, I´ve got you covered.

The cost of living increases every day, which means daily expenses such as food and fuel are going up and up every day.

This is why when faced with a cost-saving measure such as riding a bicycle instead of driving, most people jump on the opportunity. But how much does it cost to buy a bike from Walmart?

Walmart sells adult bikes for as low as $98 and as high as $498. Electric bikes drive the price even higher, reaching up to $3,000 for one unit. Kids’ bikes, on the other hand, can be as cheap as $38 and goes up to $250. As with any product, the number of features available on the bike drives the costs higher.

Although the price range might seem as if it’s varying wildly, it’s easier to get an average depending on the kind of bike you’re planning to buy. Let’s learn more about the price ranges of each bike type.

How Much Does a Bike Cost at Walmart?

Walmart might not be anyone’s first choice when shopping for a bike, but their constant price rollbacks and ubiquitous presence make them a good option.

Where else would you find a kid’s bike for less than $50, just in time for the little one’s birthday?

Bikes from Walmart can range from $38 to $3,000, which can make planning overwhelming. To better help you decide what kind of bike you can get with your budget, let’s look at some of the most common bike types and their respective price ranges.

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Mountain Bikes Price at Walmart

Walmart carries a large variety of mountain bike brands, such as Schwinn, Mongoose, Kent, and Huffy. Most of them are 26-inch bikes, with a few 24-inch and 29-inch sprinkled in the mix.

Lower end models can be as low as $128 when not on sale, while higher-end bikes can go all the way up to $698. Some brands can be as cheap as $98 when there’s a price rollback.

Cruiser Bikes Cost at Walmart

Cruiser Bikes seem to have an average price of $168, with most models from Huffy making up the majority of Walmart’s selection.

They also have a few bikes that are lower than $168, such as ones by Kent for $98 or $148.

If you have a larger budget, Walmart also carries bikes by Micargi or sixthreezero; these brands cost of $418 and $498, respectively.

For a mid-ranged budget of about $200 or $300, the store has a selection of Kent and Huffy bikes.

Electric Bikes Price at Walmart

Because of the technology involved, electric bikes start at a higher price point than others.

When there isn’t any sale, the lowest prices you’ll find start at about $648, but prices do go down to $398 if there is a price rollback ongoing.

The average price for Walmart’s electric bikes seems to be between $648 to $798, and with a good variety of brands, too.

The most expensive bikes can go as high as $2,999 for a 9-speed bike. Mid-range bikes are available for just over $1,000, and brands include well-known names such as Schwinn.

Road Bikes Cost at Walmart

The lowest-priced road bikes cost $198, and they can go as low as $128 when they’re on sale. However, most of Walmart’s offerings have an average of anywhere between $300 to $400.

The brands do vary, which include names such as Kent, Hiland, and Eurobike.

If you want a well-known brand or just want to pick a bike in the middle range, set aside a budget of $500.

However, Walmart’s higher-end road bikes don’t seem too expensive either, with the most expensive model only costing $879 by Decathlon.

Commuter Bikes Price at Walmart

If your budget is $300 or less, then Walmart has quite a sizable collection for you. Their most inexpensive bikes are as low as $129, while most brands are between $228 to $298.

If you’re able to add another $50 to your original budget, then you can access brands such as Schwinn.

On the higher end, Walmart offers commuter bikes that are in the $500+ range. These bikes have extra options such as a rear cargo rack or multiple speed selections.

And if you want the most expensive commuter bike they have, that will set you back $1,198.

BMX Bikes Cost at Walmart

In the market for adult BMX bikes? As expected, Walmart has quite a few of them available as well. A budget as low as $200 can get you a decent bike, such as the Mongoose BMX Freestyle Bike with 20-inch wheels.

If you’re able to add another $100 to your budget, you’ll be able to browse Walmart’s mid-range offerings, and doubling your budget to $600 will bring you close to their most expensive offering – Eastern 20-inch Element Freestyle for $669.99.

Kids Bikes Cost at Walmart

Kids love to ride bikes too, and Walmart has no shortage of them in stock. When on sale, they can be as cheap as $38, but their regular price of $58 isn’t too expensive, either.

And if your kid is still learning how to ride a bike, Walmart also sells ones with training wheels still attached.

Feel like splashing out quite a bit for the child? Walmart’s most expensive bike is $250, which is the Huffy 24-inch Boys’ Mountain Bike.

Will I receive proper maintenance and service for a department store bike compared to a bike purchased from a specialty bike shop?

When considering maintenance and service for a Department Store bike versus a bike purchased from a specialty bike shop, several key factors come into play. Firstly, Department Store bikes may face challenges in terms of finding replacement parts due to not being designed with serviceability in mind.

This can lead to difficulties in repair and potentially higher costs at bike shops due to labor rates and parts availability. Additionally, Department Stores typically do not have dedicated service departments for bikes, meaning customers may have to rely on external bike shops for repairs. This can result in paying market rates for labor and parts, potentially adding to the overall cost of ownership.

On the other hand, specialty bike shops often offer more comprehensive services, including free adjustments for new bikes sold at their stores. Some may even provide extended service plans, enhancing the overall customer experience and ensuring proper maintenance over time. Moreover, the warranty coverage for Department Store bikes tends to be less robust compared to bikes from specialty shops.

Brands like Trek and Giant, commonly found in independent retailers, often offer limited lifetime warranties on frames and have designated service centers for handling warranty claims efficiently.

In conclusion, while Department Store bikes may be more accessible initially, customers may encounter challenges in receiving proper maintenance and service compared to bikes purchased from specialty shops with dedicated service departments, comprehensive warranties, and added perks like free adjustments and extended service plans.

Does Walmart Offer Bike Assembly?

Walmart doesn’t offer a bike assembly itself; instead, they’ve partnered with a company called “Angi.”

According to Walmart, Angi taps into its contact network of local professionals so they can connect you with someone right away.

The professional mechanic will then schedule a visit with you to help with the bike assembly.

However, the cost associated with this service can prove to be quite pricey for some. For example, Angi charges $79 for an adult bike assembly, except for complex ones such as mountain and electric bikes.

For those, the price is $132 and $134, respectively.

Angi even offers kids’ bike assembly services for $59, which can be more expensive than the bike itself.

Can You Buy a Pre-Assembled Bike From Walmart?

If you go to a physical Walmart store instead of ordering online, there’s a chance you’ll be able to buy a pre-assembled bike.

Walmart’s bike section has a display of multiple bikes already assembled, and you can buy them as they are. Of course, the model you want isn’t guaranteed to be available on display.

What are the drawbacks of purchasing a bike from a mass-merchant retailer in terms of assembly quality?

How can poor assembly quality impact the overall lifespan and performance of a bike purchased from a mass-merchant retailer?

Poor assembly quality can result in various problems like underinflated tires, loose headsets, and components that are not properly adjusted. These issues can lead to premature wear and tear on the bike, shortening its lifespan and affecting its overall performance.

What are the potential safety implications of poor assembly quality in bikes sourced from mass-merchant retailers?

Poor assembly quality can lead to safety hazards such as brakes not functioning correctly, wheels coming loose, or drivetrains mis-shifting. These issues can pose risks to the rider and increase the likelihood of accidents or injuries.

Why is it important to have a trained bike mechanic inspect and correct any factory-assembly problems in bikes purchased from mass-merchant retailers?

Trained bike mechanics can identify and rectify factory-assembly issues that may compromise the safety and performance of the bike. They have the expertise to ensure that the bike is properly assembled and functions correctly.

What are some examples of common assembly errors or issues that can be found in bikes purchased from mass-merchant retailers?

Examples of assembly errors include loose stems, improperly adjusted brake cables, and wheels that are not properly tensioned. These errors can result in safety hazards and performance issues for the bike.

How are bikes from mass-merchant retailers typically assembled, and what are the potential drawbacks of this assembly process?

Bikes from mass-merchant retailers are often sloppily assembled by employees who may not have the proper training or tools required for bike assembly. This can lead to various errors and safety issues in the assembled bikes.

Are department store bikes significantly cheaper than bikes from specialty bike stores?

How do specific models from department stores compare to those from specialty bike shops in terms of parts and pricing?

Specific models like the Titan Dark Knight men’s hardtail mountain bike from Target are compared to similar models from Trek and Giant sold at specialty bike shops. The comparison reveals differences in parts quality and pricing, showing that bikes from specialty stores may offer better components and value despite similar pricing.

Do department store bikes benefit from professional assembly?

Department store bikes do not benefit from professional assembly, unlike bikes from specialty bike shops which are professionally assembled, leading to potential differences in the quality of assembly and overall performance.

Are cheap department store bikes heavy and made with inferior parts?

Yes, according to Consumer Reports, cheap bikes are heavy and often made with inferior parts, which raises the question of whether it’s worth spending money on such low-quality items.

Final Thoughts

When shopping for a new bicycle, you should definitely include Walmart as one of your options. Their big box retailer status ensures a wide selection of bikes, and they can cater to budgets of all sizes.

What’s more, the number of Walmart stores around ensures that you can visit multiple stores before committing to one brand.

As long as you include the assembly fee in your budget, Walmart may not be a bad choice when buying a new bike.


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