Does REI Sell Used Bikes? (This Is Why Nobody Is Talking…)

Does REI Sell Used Bikes

Do you know if REI sells used bikes? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

This question is somewhat tricky to answer because at the time of writing, REI does not sell used bikes in most of their markets. However, by the time that you read this, REI will likely seel used bikes in your market.

On this page, we are going to walk you through everything that we know so far about REI and the whole buying and selling of bikes. However, since this is a new venture for them, things may change.

Does REI Sell Used Bikes?

In early 2022, REI announced that it would expand the sale of used equipment, including bikes, across the entirety of its store portfolio. Previously, it was something that was only available in limited markets.

This means that if you head to your local REI, or if you shop online, then you are likely to see used REI products for sale. 

It is important to note that REI is only selling used versions of products that they already had in their product range. This means that you can’t head on over to REI and find a massive selection of products that they didn’t have before.

It is unknown whether this is something that may end up being changed in the future. However, for now, don’t expect to find random bikes for sale in REI.

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How Much Does REI Sell Used Bikes For?

It does appear that there is no standardized pricing for used bikes at REI. Although, this is likely to change as it becomes more of a settled service for the company.

At the moment, it is likely that the price of a used bike through REI is dictated by the location of the bike, as well as the condition of the bike. So, you expect something in a better condition to cost more.

All we can tell you is that the cost of a used bike at REI will be less than if you purchased it new. You will also be able to enjoy the same benefits that you would normally get if you purchased from REI, which some people absolutely love.

Can You Sell Your Old Bike to REI?

You can. However, there are a couple of things that may want to bear in mind.

Firstly, they are not going to accept every bike. At the time of writing, REI is purchasing bikes that they would normally stock anyway. This means that you cannot just waltz into one of their stores with a random bike and get some cash for it.

Secondly, the price that you sell your old bike to REI for will likely be a lot less than you could get if you sold it yourself. However, this is something that applies to the vast majority of stores that deal with trade-ins.

Trading the bike to REI is all about convenience. Since you are selling it to REI, you don’t have to jump through the same hoops that you would need to do so if you were selling to a private person, and some people absolutely love that idea.

If you do sell your bike to REI, then you may be able to get a bit of extra cash by selling it for store credit instead, which is nice if you were planning on picking up a new bike from the company, or if you spend a lot of time shopping at REI.

How Do You Sell an Old Bike to REI?

This part is pretty easy. If you want to sell an old bike to REI, you just take it to your closest REI store. They will then make you an offer on it.

If you are happy with the offer, they will pay you. If you aren’t happy with the offer, then you are free to leave. You cannot haggle on their pricing.

REI will likely need to carry out a quick inspection of your bike to ensure that it is in a condition that they can sell it in. 

They tend to only want to buy bikes that are in a condition where they can be sold almost as if they were new. 

Is It Worth Buying a Used Bike From REI?

Now, the prices at REI are going to be much higher than if you purchased your bike from a private seller. However, for most people, this is fine.

If you go to a private seller, you can assume that bike is untested. Unless you know what you are doing, you could end up spending a good chunk of cash on a dud.

Since REI won’t sell any bike without inspecting it first, it means that all of the products sold at their store are going to be in brilliant condition. This means that you can feel confident knowing that you are spending your cash on something that is worth your money. 

Secondly, the major benefit of shopping with REI is that you get to enjoy all of those benefits that you would normally get with REI. This means that you can get to enjoy their great customer support, their warranty period, etc.

This is something that you are not going to be getting if you opted to work with a private seller. For most people, spending the extra few dollars buying the bike from REI is going to be more than worth it for this alone.

Remember, you can also pick up any additional accessories that you may need from REI.


REI does sell used bikes, but it is a fairly recent development. This means that they may not have rolled the program out to your local REI store yet. If they haven’t, then you will be able to pick up used REI bikes online.

They are going to be a bit more expensive than if you opted to buy the bike from a private seller, but the extra cost is more than worth it when you know that you are dealing with a team as great as the team at REI.


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