Walmart Exercise Bike Return Policy (What´s Covered + More)

Walmart Exercise Bike Return Policy

Have you recently bought an exercise bike from Walmart and want to return it but don’t know what their return policy is? Stay with us to find out everything you need to know and more.

Walmart is a place that has it all: utilities, kitchen essentials, tools, gadgets, gizmos, and more. Their stores are widespread throughout the country and their items are even available online for purchase if you’re not living in the close vicinity of a Walmart outlet. However, their return and exchange policies can be hard to navigate through, even with the big 90-day return window.

So, what exactly is Walmart’s exercise bike return policy, and how do you return one? Walmart’s return policies allow for you to exchange a purchased exercise bike into 2 things: cash, or store credit in case of absence of receipt. For the electric bikes with a receipt, the returns are easier than when you don’t have a receipt.

We recommend that you either keep the receipt safe or if the bike was received as a gift, keep the gift receipt and remember the purchaser’s email.

Otherwise, you’d have to use your photo ID to get a refund, which is a more tedious process and only gets you to store credit in return.

What Does Walmart Say About Its Exercise Bike Return Policy?

Walmart has a standard return policy for all of its products, save a few; return the item via mail or by visiting the store within 90 days or three months of its purchase.

If you’re purchasing the exercise bike online through Walmart’s official website, your purchase history will have a record of this purchase and will also tell you what the eligible date to replace the item is.

If you purchase the exercise bike from Walmart’s store, it will have to be returned at the same store 90 days from purchase.

The packaging, tag, and receipt will have to be intact for your bike’s steady refund. If the exercise bike is defective, it can be returned to any Walmart store outlet across the country.

You can’t return an exercise bike bought by dealers or resellers, as Walmart does not take responsibility for third party purchase refunds of their own items.

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How Do You Return an Exercise Bike from Walmart?

Walmart’s in store returns can be made by mailing the product back if it’s too heavy or delivering the product to the store yourself.

In either case, the refund will be deposited to your original form of payment; cash, debit card, et cetera. For online purchases, shipping charges are not refunded, however, you’re given a method to follow on their site under “returns and refunds.

If you don’t have a receipt or proof of payment, you won’t be able to refund the product back to cash amount, but instead will be given store credit that you can use on your next visit to Walmart. 

Walmart’s Return Policy for Items with a Receipt

For online items, your receipt is recorded within your order history. To initiate the return process, open the Walmart app or and select the items you’d like to return. In addition, you should also give the reason for returning that specific item such as an exercise bike. Click ‘Return to store’ to get a return barcode using which you can track your returned items.

Afterward, submit the return and bring the email confirmation with you to the store. To return stuff by mail, click and select ‘return by mail’ to get your return label and print it out.

Then package the item you want to return and drop it along with the return label at the nearest FedEx or USPS. You can also schedule a pickup from your house for the returning item.

Walmart’s Return Policy for Items Without a Receipt

If you don’t have a receipt for your exercise bike, contact Walmart’s site or their customer service and they will look through their sales archives to find and generate your order receipt using a phone number or email you gave while purchasing.

Walmart may also ask for a photo ID of yours, in case you don’t have a receipt. The item can be refunded into cash if it’s less than 10$, or a gift card (store credit) if it’s above 10$. You can also exchange the exercise bike for another item. 

Refunds without a receipt usually go through a verification process, and there’s a chance that the refund might be rejected because of insufficient purchase information, as Walmart reserves the right to do that. 

Walmart’s Return Policy for Gift Items

Gift items such as Christmas gifts can be returned within one month after Christmas, or till the end of January next year, by showing the gift receipt.


Walmart has a very lenient and user friendly return policy, so the next time you’ve bought something that doesn’t suit your taste or has a defect, you can easily contact Walmart to get it returned within 3 months. We suggest you return the items within the months to get speedier refunds.


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