Walmart Broken Bike Return Policy (What´s Covered + More)

Walmart Broken Bike Return Policy

So, you have a new bike from Wal-Mart. For the few days, it rode beautifully. But, after a time, it broke down and is completely defunct. But, will Walmart allow you to return the broken bike?

We’ll discuss WalMart’s broken bike return policy and this will detail what’s covered and more. In general, no matter how badly the bike sustained damage, they will oftentimes allow you to return it with or without a receipt. However, you have 90 days to do this and the type of bike will determine Wal-Mart’s acceptance of the return.

WalMart’s Standard Bike Return Policy

You can return almost all bikes purchased from Walmart within 90 days of buying it. While they will accept the return without the receipt, it’s best to have it if you wish you receive a monetary refund. If you don’t have the receipt, they’ll issue you a store credit.

This is true for both in-store and online purchases. Any kind of proof of purchase will suffice.

However, gas-powered or dirt bikes are never eligible for a return. In the case of an electric bike, you have 30 days to return it.

But, by all accounts, you could tie your bike to a freight train, lay it in front of a semi-truck or drop boulders on the thing and Walmart will honor your return.

Having said all that, it’s imperative that you understand such returns are at the discretion of the store manager.

This means not every Walmart location will accept your bike return. But, the chances of them accepting it are incredibly high.

For Returning a Bike without a Receipt

In the event, you do not have a receipt to return a damaged or broken bike, understand that Walmart will only honor you an in-store credit.

For those cases where the bike was a gift, you can use the gift receipt or the gift-giver’s email address along with the packing slip. But this latter instance means they bought it online.

If you purchased the bike yourself and lost your receipt, Walmart will require you to have a valid and official photo ID.

They will then run your refund through their verification system. If it accepts your return, you’ll get store credit. If it doesn’t accept your return, you are left to the whim and judgment of the store manager.

Returning a Bike In-Store

Whether you purchased the bike online or in-store, you can take it to a brick-and-mortar Walmart to initiate your return.

The only caveat is that you have to take it during normal business hours. So, this means you can’t make your return after 9 or 10 pm (if your location runs for 24 hours).

Make sure any additional accessories or parts that came with the bike are part of the return as well.

This will ensure you get the most out of your return with the least number of problems or issues. If you had to assemble the bike, do not disassemble it. However, you should bring the box along too.

Returning a Bike via Shipping

If going to an in-store location to return a broken bike isn’t possible, you can do it via the mail or other carrier. This will require having an online account, however.

You simply go to your account and find the link that says, “Return by Mail.” From here, you printout the free return shipping label, box up the bike securely and arrange to ship it back to Walmart.

You can do this via the United States Post Office, FedEx, UPS or some other carrier. This means you will have to schedule a pickup with the shipping company. Either give them a call or submit your request online.

Some Caveats

However, understand that doing the return this way means your refund or in-store credit will take a lot longer to happen; about 30 days to be specific.

So, this is time consuming. Also, you will not receive a refund for any initial shipping charges, just for the price of the bike itself. 

Once Walmart receives the bike, an associate will confirm the details that include the make and model along with the date of purchase.

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Can I return something to Walmart after 2 years?

Walmart’s standard return policy typically allows customers to return items within 90 days of the purchase date. However, after this 90-day window, returning an item becomes increasingly challenging.

If attempting to return a product two years after the purchase date, it is highly likely that the store manager may refuse the return or offer a store credit rather than a refund.

While Walmart does have the discretion to make exceptions to their policy, customers should be aware that returning an item after such a significant amount of time may result in the store declining the return altogether.

Can you trade in a bike at Walmart?

Yes, you can trade in a bike at Walmart. One way to do this is by returning a bike that is faulty or not what you wanted, and then replacing it with a similar model.

This process allows you to exchange your current bike for a different one at Walmart.

What does Walmart do with their returns?

1. What is the general process for returns at Walmart?

Walmart usually offers a refund to customers who return products within the 90-day limit, and items that are returned can be resealed or found in the clearance section for a discounted price.

2. Where can customers find returned items that are resealed or discounted?

Typically, items that are returned can be found at a discounted price for being resealed, or in the ‘clearance’ section.

3. How long is the timeframe for customers to return products and receive a refund?

Typically, Walmart offers a refund to those who return products within the 90-day limit.

4. What happens to items that are returned in good condition to Walmart?

Walmart may choose to re-sell the items that are returned in a fit condition to their stores.

Can Walmart ban you from returns?

Yes, a Walmart location can reserve the right to ban a customer for many reasons, which can include banning a person due to too many returns.

1. How does the discretion of the management at a particular location play a role in banning customers for excessive returns?

The discretion of the store manager is crucial in determining if a customer can be banned for excessive returns. Each Walmart location may have different policies and thresholds for accepting returns, so it ultimately depends on the specific location’s management.

2. What factors determine if a customer can be banned from returning items at Walmart?

The decision to ban a customer from returning items at Walmart is at the discretion of the store management. This decision can be influenced by reasons such as too many returns.

3. Is there a set limit on how much one can return to Walmart in their official returns policy?

There is no set limit to how much one can return to Walmart in their official returns policy. The decision to ban a customer for excessive returns is based on the discretion of the management at a particular location.

Can Walmart refuse a return?

Is a sale receipt required for returns at Walmart?

Yes, items must be returned with the sale receipt to meet Walmart’s return requirements.

Is there a time limit for returning items to Walmart?

Yes, items must be returned within the 90-day time limit to be eligible for a return at Walmart.

What conditions could lead to Walmart refusing a return?

Walmart can refuse returns even if they meet all the return requirements, based on their discretion.

Does Walmart reserve the right to refuse returns?

According to Walmart’s website, the company reserves the right to refuse any returns brought to their location.

What are the return requirements set by Walmart?

Walmart’s return requirements include returning items within the 90-day time limit and providing the sale receipt.


Returning a broken bike to Walmart is pretty easy and hassle free. However, it’s important to note their exceptions and understand what you can reasonably expect.

Remember, having a receipt and keeping all the accessories together will be the best way to ensure a seamless and uneventful return.

Regardless, you could bring the thing back with paint chipped off, dents, dings, and other clear signs of user damage.

The chances of Walmart accepting the return are incredibly high. But, if you have any doubts at all, contact your local store to see what they have to say about it.


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