Walmart Electric Bike Return Policy (What´s Covered + More)

Walmart Electric Bike Return Policy

Do you know what Walmart’s electric bike return policy is? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Walmart is the largest retail chain and also the largest private employee, but those two facts do not mean that you will certainly be happy with the electric bike bought from their store or website.

Which is the reason to become familiar with the Walmart electric bike return policy. So, what it is?

The electric bikes, when it comes to the return policy by Walmart, are deemed as electronic devices. In other words, it is limited to 30 days after the day of purchase.

But, there is more to this subject. So, let’s get on with everything you need to know about this question.

Walmart electric bike return policy

Many people would presume that Walmart is treating returns of electric bikes as, well, bicycles. And find themselves in the wrong, because Walmart applies to them rules concerning the returns of electronic devices. Which actually makes a lot of sense.

What this means is that you can make a return within 30 days of the purchase. Depending on whether you have a receipt or not, you will be refunded to the original method of payment or with store credit, respectively.

And exchanges are accepted, but we will cover those details later on.

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Can you return a used electric bike?

Many retailers start their return policies by stating that “unopened items can be returned…” and so on. This could lead you to believe that if you open the packaging, and/or assemble your electric bike; you would not be able to return it. But, that’s wrong.

You can return your electric bike if you have used it, but only if you are making the return within 30 days of purchase.

It doesn’t matter whether you ride a mile or a hundred with it, as long as it doesn’t show any damage from improper use.

Can Walmart deny a return?

Walmart can and will deny you a return under certain conditions. First, if you are attempting to make a return more than 30 days after the purchase.

Then, if there is some obvious damage from improper use of the electric bike, but not if the damage is caused by some possible manufacturing defect or damage caused by improper handling during delivery. In those two cases, a return will be accepted.

And the third case is if you do not have a receipt and are unable to provide some alternative proof of purchase.

Do I need a receipt?

It is easiest to make a return if you have a receipt, but it is possible to make a return if you don’t have one, as Walmart’s policy is accepting other proofs of purchase.

If you have purchased online, all the needed information can be found on your account.

Also, your credit/debit card can be used for tracking the purchase, gift receipts, purchaser’s email, and delivery slips; are also accepted. The only limit is that you will be refunded in store credit.

Making the return of the online purchased electric bike

To return the electric bike bought online, you need to log into your account and find it in the history of purchases.

There you will be able to start a return process and print a shipping label. After this, you can either take it to the nearest store, or arrange a free pickup by USPS, UPS, or FedEx.

Either way, you will need to pack it in the original packaging it came in.

Making in-store return

If you wish to make a return in-store, either just because, or because you have bought it in-store, all you need to do is to pack it back in the original box and take it to customer service at any Walmart store during work hours.

Making sure that you bring any proof of purchase.

Do extended holiday returns apply?

Whether you have purchased it online or in-store after the 1st of October, you have time until the 31st of January to make the return.

If you have purchased the bike as a gift or got it as a gift during the holiday season, the return date is extended until the end of January.

But be careful that items bought on August 30th, or the original 30 days window partially overlaps with the holiday season, do not qualify for this extension.

Are exchanges accepted for returned electric bikes?

Yes, if you are returning the electric bike because it doesn’t fit the size or for any other reason you wish to exchange it for a different model or a completely different item, you can do it.

Depending on the price difference between returned and exchanged items, you will either have to pay or will be refunded the difference.


Many people make the error of thinking that they are covered by the bicycle return policy, but Walmart’s electric bike return policy is a bit different.

You can make a return within 30 days after purchase, and the receipt is not strictly necessary for it. Though, the original packaging is required.


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