Trek Marlin 6 Review (Stop: Read This Before Buying!)


Are you looking for a Trek Marlin 6 review, or would you simply like to buy best cheap mountain bike for your next trails? If so, the Trek Marlin 6 could be the perfect solution!

First unveiled in 2010 Trek’s Marlin series has become a staple of the line. A first-class performer, the Marlin 6 is a hybrid mountain bike that’s great for street and trail. 

If you haven’t been on a bike in a while and you’re itching to get out for a ride, The Marlin 6 is a solid entry-level option. Perfect for commuters, retirees, or folks just looking for a dependable ride, this bike from Trek packs a lot of punch. 

Everyone is dying to get out of the house these days and Trek has makes it easy with Marlin 6.

Perfect for a ride to the coffee shop, dirt roads, or down a forest trail. This is a bike that’s built to make riding accessible to anyone, almost anywhere you want to go.

This Trek Marlin 6 review is an in-depth detailing of its features and capabilities. Let’s take a closer look and see what it’s all about.  

My Opinion About Trek Marlin 6

The Trek Marlin 6 is a great bike if you’re on a tighter budget. It’s built with best quality components and also equipped with features like rack and fender mounts that make it a great choice for daily commuters.

The bike is an excellent choice and definitely worth buying. The Marlin 6 packs it all into one versatile package that’s a lot of fun to ride.

Purchase: If you are interested in this Trek Marlin 6 Mountain bike then just follow the link to Trek where you can see promos and current pricing.

 ? Alpha Silver Aluminum w/semi-integrated head tube, rack & fender mounts, G2 Geometry on 29ers

 ? Shimano HG20, 12-32, 8 speed

? Available in seven sizes from XS  (27.5” wheel) up to XXL (29” wheel)

 ? Trek Marlin 6 Price: Approx. $649

? Weight: M – 14.70 kg / 32.40 lbs (with tubes)

About Trek: The Brand

When making a bike purchase, you want to choose a quality manufacturer. it’s hard to go wrong with a company like this one.

Trek has established itself as a leader in the biking industry since the very beginning.

Established in rural Wisconsin in 1976 and made in the USA, TREK found its humble beginnings in a small red barn with only 5 employees.

They have maintained a singular demand for excellence, and integrity, working hard not only to make bikes but to protect the environment, supporting such movements as the people for bikes program and the #GoByBike movement aimed at combating fossil fuel emissions by promoting the use of bikes.

In the last 40 odd years, the company has risen to become one of the world’s most respected bike makers having forged partnerships with the likes of Gary Fischer, known for inventing the mountain bike, and world champs like Greg Lamond, Lance Armstrong, and others. 

Built Tough

As pioneers in MTB tech and aluminum frame manufacturing, TREK frames guarantee strength and a comfortable ride with minimal weight.

The Marlin 6 is built with TREK’s proprietary Alpha Silver Aluminum, a new upgrade from the traditional use of T6 or ‘aircraft’ aluminum for its frames.

Each bike endures testing to ensure quality and performance off the line.  

Trek Marlin 6 Features 

The Frame

The frame is the heart and soul of any bike, and really what makes this bike special.

The frame of the Marlin 6 is constructed with TREK’s super strong, proprietary Alpha Silver aluminum and features low-profile, internal routing for cables, disc brake mounts, kickstand mounts, and chainstays. 

Hubs & Rims

A pair of Bontrager double-wall Connection rims with Formula DC-22 hubs keep the wheels spinning and provide extra protection against rocks and bramble on the trail.

Wheels & Tires

The tires are Bontrager, the same ones that come stock with most TREK bikes. Bontrager may be the in-house brand but there’s no corner-cutting here, It’s an excellent quality tire that grips well on a variety of surfaces.

Wheel sizes range from 27.5” to 29” which means there’s a comfortable size for everyone.  

Cranks & Gears

Shimano has been making high-end bike parts for years and they provide the powertrain for this Crosscountry bike with an M315 crank and the Altus 310 and 315 for the front and rear gear plates.

The gear ratio is just perfect, no more clunking through slipping and grinding, this set up provides a perfect gear for any situation.


Performance braking is stock on the Marlin with disc brakes from Tektro, the HD M-275, and 276 respectively.

If you’ve never ridden a MTB with disc brakes before, prepare to be impressed with the stopping power. 


This is a really cool feature. Definitely not the silverware that sat on your mother’s table, TREK provides an amazing ride on the Marlin.

It’s a coil spring front shock from Suntour. The XCT 30 comes equipped with hydraulic lockout. That means this baby gives you on-demand shock absorption.

Activate for a smooth ride down the trail or disengage for the pavement to provide for more efficient pedaling. 


Bontrager all the way, and why not? As TREK’s in-house accessory brand, they have the tech to make a very comfortable seat.

This one does the trick with minimal flare. The bottom line here? If you find yourself needing more cushion this may be one feature you will want to upgrade.

While this seat provides great support for the downhill runs, climbs aren’t as comfortable as they could be. 

Rack Mounts, and Rear Kickstand 

Attention to detail is always nice and that’s what you can expect from TREK. The Marlin frameset is designed for utility, and that’s what makes this an awesome crossover bike.

The frameset has been fitted with generous rack mounts for extra gear like water bottles and pumps. If you need a rack on the back to carry a backpack there’s a mount for that too.

In addition to the gear mounts TREK also decided to add a rear kickstand mount too.

Most riders will appreciate the ability to keep the bike standing, and the stand, up and out of the way.

The Bontrager Blendr Stem System

The Blendr stem system from Bontrager is a practical biker’s best friend.

No need to scramble for space on the stem. An incredible innovation, the Blendr provides space and a mount for just about everything and does it without any bulk.

From lights to phones and cameras, the Blendr system has you covered.

Are there any notes regarding potential changes to the product information or compatibility of parts?

The passage emphasizes that changes to the product information on the site can occur without prior notice. These changes may involve various elements such as equipment, specifications, models, colors, materials, and pricing.

Additionally, it mentions that due to supply chain challenges, compatible parts may be substituted without notice.

What drivetrain components are included in the bike?

What is the maximum chainring size supported for different drivetrain configurations?

The maximum chainring size supported is 34T for 1x configuration and 36/22 for 2x configuration.

What is the spindle length of the bottom bracket?

The bottom bracket features a 122.5mm spindle length.

What is the chainline measurement for different sizes of the bike?

The chainline measurement for XS, S, M sizes is 55mm, and for ML, L, XL, XXL sizes, it is 55mm.

What is the gear range of the cassette?

The cassette included in the bike has a gear range of 11-46 teeth.

How Much Does The Marlin 6 Weigh?

How much does the Marlin 6 weigh? It weighs around 32 lbs or 14.5 kilos. Not to bad when you stack it up next to it’s nearest competitors from Cannondale and Giant.

In fact, almost exactly the same. A pretty average weight across the board actually.

While racing bikes get lighter and lighter, hybrids have to sacrifice a little weight for extra options. 

Trek Marlin 5 Vs Trek Marlin 6

Are there discussions or comparisons available regarding the Trek Marlin 5 and Marlin 6 on forums or community platforms?

In an analysis of mountain bikes on a forum, individuals examined the Trek Marlin 5 and Marlin 6 models for a potential purchase to resume riding.

One user sought insights into the variations between the two bikes, specifically inquiring about the braking systems – mechanical disc and hydraulic – and the advantages and disadvantages of each. This inquiry reflects a common theme among riders looking to understand the nuances and distinctions between these two popular Trek models before making a decision.

Many forums and community platforms host similar discussions and comparisons, providing valuable insights for prospective buyers seeking to make an informed choice between the Trek Marlin 5 and Marlin 6.

How do the Trek Marlin 5 and Marlin 6 compare when it comes to their components and features?

When comparing the Trek Marlin 5 and Marlin 6 mountain bikes, there are a few key differences in their components and features to consider. The primary distinction between the two models lies in their braking systems. The Trek Marlin 5 comes equipped with mechanical disc brakes, while the Marlin 6 features hydraulic disc brakes.

Mechanical disc brakes are operated by a cable system, offering reliable stopping power and ease of maintenance. On the other hand, hydraulic disc brakes use a fluid-filled system for increased precision and better modulation, making them ideal for riders seeking more control and consistent performance, especially in challenging terrains like the woods.

In terms of pricing, the Trek Marlin 6 is priced slightly higher at $550 compared to the Marlin 5 at $450. For your height and weight (6’5″ and 250lbs), both bikes should provide a solid riding experience.

Considering your intention to ride both on roads and in the woods, the Marlin 6’s hydraulic disc brakes might offer you better control and performance in varying conditions.

Ultimately, the decision between the Trek Marlin 5 and Marlin 6 will depend on your personal preferences and budget, with the main difference being the braking system and the associated pros and cons of each option.

Is it worth the extra $100 to upgrade from the Trek Marlin 5 to the Marlin 6?

Certainly! When considering whether to upgrade from the Trek Marlin 5 to the Marlin 6, it’s important to evaluate the differences between the two models.

The primary distinction between the Marlin 5 and the Marlin 6 lies in the braking system. The Marlin 5 comes equipped with mechanical disc brakes, while the Marlin 6 features hydraulic disc brakes. Mechanical disc brakes rely on cables to activate the brake calipers, whereas hydraulic disc brakes use fluid to transfer force from the brake lever to the calipers.

Hydraulic disc brakes typically offer more precise braking and better modulation compared to their mechanical counterparts. They are also known for requiring less maintenance and providing consistent performance in various conditions.

Considering that you plan to ride both in the woods and on the road, the hydraulic disc brakes of the Marlin 6 would offer you better control and stopping power, especially as a rider who is 6’5″ and 250lbs.

Given your stature and intended terrain, the enhanced performance and reliability of hydraulic disc brakes may be worth the extra $100 investment. Additionally, the Trek Marlin 6 may provide a more enjoyable riding experience and better long-term value compared to the Marlin 5.

In conclusion, if you prioritize braking performance, control, and reliability in your rides, the upgrade from the Trek Marlin 5 to the Marlin 6, with its hydraulic disc brakes, is likely to be worth the additional $100.

What are the pros and cons of mechanical disc brakes versus hydraulic disc brakes for mountain bikes like the Trek Marlin 5 and Marlin 6?

What factors should be considered when choosing between mechanical and hydraulic brakes based on the intended use of the bike?

The choice between mechanical and hydraulic brakes should consider the intended use of the bike. For light XC or road riding, mechanical brakes are sufficient. However, for more challenging trail riding with hills, hydraulic brakes provide enhanced performance and are preferred for such conditions.

How does the complexity of repairing hydraulic brakes differ from mechanical brakes, and what is the general user experience in this regard?

Repairing hydraulic brakes is generally more complicated compared to mechanical brakes. Most people may need to visit a local bike shop for repairs on hydraulic brakes, highlighting the higher level of expertise and tools required for such maintenance.

3. What are the advantages of hydraulic brakes, particularly in terms of not requiring adjustments and performance on real trail riding with hills?

Hydraulic brakes are noted for not requiring adjustments and performing well on real trail riding with hills. They provide consistent performance without the need for frequent adjustments, making them ideal for demanding trail conditions.

What type of riding are mechanical brakes suitable for, and why?

Mechanical brakes are suitable for light XC or road riding, as well as easy single-track riding. They are recommended for these types of riding due to their simplicity and ease of maintenance.

How do mechanical brakes compare to hydraulic brakes in terms of adjustability, maintenance, and repair?

Mechanical brakes are preferred for their ease of adjustment, maintenance, and repair. They are considered easier to adjust, maintain, and repair compared to hydraulic brakes.

Comparing The Marlin 6 Against The Competition

TREK stacks up well against its competitors at Giant and Cannondale. The Marlin is very close in specs to the Talon 2 from Giant and the Trail 7 from Cannondale.

Aside from geometry, the quality of the hardware on these bikes is almost identical, That should be expected given the similarity in price.

What sets the Marlin 6 Trek apart from its competitors is its frame geometry.

The seat and head tube angle combined with a generous seat tube length (4 inches longer than the nearest competitor) makes for a very comfortable climbing machine. 

With a very approachable standover height, the Marlin also seems to be a little more accessible to the ordinary rider, especially smaller ones.

The XS and S Marlin frames are designed with a curved top tube and have a lower standover distance, oh yeah, and shorter brake levers for smaller hands.

While the Trail 7 from Cannondale and Talon 2 from Giant bill themselves solely as mountain bikes the Marlin 6 trek is a hybrid.

Its geometry and accessories provide a comfortable ride whether you’re commuting or hitting the trail. 

The suspension fork doesn’t set it out from its competitors though as both bikes come stock with the Suntour XCT.

This bike is made for the mountains and trails, but the rack and kickstand mounts combined with the Blendr stem system set this bike apart and make it awesome for the work commute.

If you’re new to trail riding and you want a great starter that doubles for the road and an urban setting, the Marlin 6 trek is a great choice.

A full gear range makes it easy to cover all kinds of terrain and the lightweight aluminum frame doesn’t hurt either.

You won’t get caught fighting the suspension with the lockout feature, keep it stiff for an urban ride or adjust when you hit the trail.

Full suspension bikes work great in the mountains but once you hit the street, they take a lot more muscle.  The internal cable routing keeps annoying cables out of sight, and out of the way. 

The disc brakes are a game-changer, especially on the trail, and the 2×8 drive train from Shimano means there’s a gear to make any climb doable.

When it comes down to it, it’s all about the little details. Super strong rims and hubs that spin like silk, the Marlin 6 is simply the best quality bike with the most features for an entry-level rider.  

Trek Marlin 6 Is Suited For… A Bike For Everyone

If you’re looking for a bike that works for both the city and trail, The Marlin 6 form Trek has all the bases covered. Here’s why I’m sure…

Great Hybrid Option

The Marlin 6 was designed specifically for crossover. Every element of this bike’s design works to give satisfaction to almost any rider whatever their skill level or the terrain.

Trek Marlin 6 Price: Is This Bike Worth Buying?

TREK makes this quality hybrid accessible to most folks. If you are on a tight budget, This bike gives you all the bells and whistles without breaking the bank.

It is very difficult to find a bike of this caliber at such a competitive price. 

How much is a trek Marlin 6 worth? For the Trek Marlin 6 you should expect to pay around $649

The Ride

The Marlin’s 2X8 drive train means you won’t get bogged down with gears you don’t use. Put an end to the guesswork and easily find a gear that works.

Whatever your age, this bike performs well. The gear system takes the work out of the ride so you can enjoy your time outside. 

Perfect For Smaller Riders Too.

The Marlin 6 is available in S and XS sizes, and TREK went the extra mile here too. Curved top tubes make mounting and dismounting a dream for smaller riders.

Don’t forget the shorter brake levers that make this bike a very accessible, high-performance machine. Pick from one of five different frame sizes for the perfect fit.

Don’t Forget The Mounts.

The Marlin comes complete with lots of mounts for accessories. That means there’s always space for your water bottle or pump.

The rear kickstand mount is awesome for urban riding. No more worry about scratching the paint, you don’t have to set the bike down on its side.

The rear mount kickstand is out of the way and so is the bike. 

Customer Reviews (Marlin 6 Owners)

Solid option for getting started in MTB

“I’m very happy with the bike. It’s a great starting option to get introduced to MTB and start hitting the trails. One thing I just noticed is that having 2x front change is good to get started with but I wish I got the Marlin 7 just to get that 1x and be done and ready. Things would get simpler with that. Other than that the bike is awesome!”

— Reviewed by: Chris (Santa Clarita, CA)

Love the Marlin 6 for on and off road adventures!!


“Needed something to get me on the trails and I would upgrade as needed. While I have some upgrades I want to do to make it better for me the bike performs well the way it is and I put this bike through things it was not meant to do and no major failures yet”

— Reviewed by: Carl (San Antonio)

Legendary Customer Service

As an avid biker, I hear bike shop stories everywhere I go. While most bike shops do a great job, TREK retailers have always seemed to be a cut above the rest.

Whether it’s going the extra mile to make sure the bike fits and the rider is safe or educating folks on best practices, there seems to be no shortage of great reports. 

What About The Warranty?

Since the company’s very beginning in the mid-’70s, TREK stands behind their products with a simple, straightforward lifetime warranty.

“We’ll take care of you and do what’s right”  A warranty like that speaks volumes.

TREK puts each bike through heavy testing to make sure it can stand up to whatever abuse you throw out it.

That being said, the Trek customer service department is ready to help should you need repairs or replacement. 

Bike Size Chart

I love this part. These days lots of folks are purchasing bikes online. Trek really went the distance to make sure a comprehensive sizing chart is available.

No one wants to ride an uncomfortable bike, and this makes getting the fit right a whole lot easier.

What’s the right Mountain bike size for me? 

In the table below you will find a detailed Mountain bike size chart:

Your HeigthYour HeightYour Leg InseamYour Leg InseamBest Frame SizeBest Frame Size
Feet and InchesCentimetersInchesCentimetersInchesSizes
4ft10 to 5ft1148cm to 158cm24 inches to 29 inches61cm to 73cmLess than 14 inchesExtra small
5ft1 to 5ft5158cm to 168cm25 inches to 30 inches63cm to 76cm15 inches to 16 inchesSmall
5ft5 to 5ft9168cm to 178cm26 inches to 31 inches66cm to 78cm16 inches to 17 inchesMedium
5ft9 to 6ft178cm to 185cm27 inches to 32 inches68cm to 81cm17 inches to 18 inchesLarge
6ft to 6ft3185cm to 193cm28 inches to 33 inches71cm to 83cm18 inches to 19 inchesExtra large
6ft3 to 6ft6193cm to 198cm29 inches to 34 inches73cm to 86cmOver 19 inchesExtra extra large
Mountain Bike Size Guide

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Trek Marlin 6 Women´s Review

For the female riders out there looking for a frame more suited to the anatomy of a woman, the Trek Marlin Women´s is the solution.

The Trek Marlin 6 Women´s is a women-specific model in the Marlin lineup. 

Marlin 6 Women’s is a cross country mountain bike built to give you an efficient off-road ride with a suspension fork that locks out, and smoother-shifting 2×8 drivetrain.

This cross country bike is equipped with great features like rack and kickstand mounts and therefore the perfect solution for adventurous daily commutes.

FrameAlpha Silver Aluminum, internal routing, chainstay disc brake mount, rack and kickstand mount, 135x5mm QR
ForkSize: S
SR Suntour XCT 30, coil spring, preload, hydraulic lockout, 42mm offset for 27.5” wheel, 100mm QR, 100mm travel
Front HubFormula DC-20, alloy, 6-bolt, 5x100mm QR
Rear HubFormula DC-22, alloy, 6-bolt, Shimano 8/9/10 freehub, 135x5mm QR
TiresBontrager XR2, 29×2.20˝ front, 29×2.00˝ rear (13.5 & 15.5: 27.5×2.20˝
ShiftersShimano Altus M315, 8 speed
Bottom BracketVP BC73, 73mm, threaded cartridge
ChainKMC Z8.3, 8 speed
PedalsVP-536 nylon platform
SaddleBontrager Ajna 1 Women’s
SeatpostBontrager alloy, 2-bolt head, 31.6mm, 12mm offset
HandlebarBontrager alloy, 31.8mm, 5mm rise, 720mm width (13.5, 15.5: 690mm width)
GripsBontrager XR Endurance Comp, lock-on
StemBontrager alloy, 31.8mm, 7 degree, Blendr compatible
BrakesetTektro HD-275 hydraulic disc (13.5 & 15.5: Tektro HD-276 short reach lever)
Semi-integrated, 1-1/8”
M – 14.37 kg / 31.67 lbs (with tubes)
Limit weightThis bike has a maximum total weight limit (combined weight of bicycle, rider, and cargo) of 300 pounds (136 kg).

What’s the right Mountain bike size for me? 

In the table below you will find a detailed Mountain bike size chart:

Your HeigthYour HeightYour Leg InseamYour Leg InseamBest Frame SizeBest Frame Size
Feet and InchesCentimetersInchesCentimetersInchesSizes
4ft10 to 5ft1148cm to 158cm24 inches to 29 inches61cm to 73cmLess than 14 inchesExtra small
5ft1 to 5ft5158cm to 168cm25 inches to 30 inches63cm to 76cm15 inches to 16 inchesSmall
5ft5 to 5ft9168cm to 178cm26 inches to 31 inches66cm to 78cm16 inches to 17 inchesMedium
5ft9 to 6ft178cm to 185cm27 inches to 32 inches68cm to 81cm17 inches to 18 inchesLarge
6ft to 6ft3185cm to 193cm28 inches to 33 inches71cm to 83cm18 inches to 19 inchesExtra large
6ft3 to 6ft6193cm to 198cm29 inches to 34 inches73cm to 86cmOver 19 inchesExtra extra large
Mountain Bike Size Chart For Women

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Customer Reviews (Marlin 6 Owners)

I would buy this again

“Ive always been a fan of Trek. My first mountain bike was Trek so I knew getting a new bike meant getting the same brand. I was looking for a bike that I can use for mountain trails and road too with a baby. Nowadays its so hard to find a good bike because everything is sold out. Glad I chanced upon this Marlin 5! Im not into purple but I absolutely love the purple blue gradient. I love this bike!”

Reviewed by: Jane (New Jersey)

Good Value


“I use this for doing dirt bike jumps and just going on rides anywhere ~ it’s so useful!! It’s really good for doing trails in bush land and the speeds are amazing! I’ve stuck with Trek bikes my whole life and this one is my favourite!!”

Reviewed by: Carolina (Tennessee)

“Sharing is caring! Share the women’s bike size guide with all the ladies out there”.

Moutain Bike Size Chart For Women

Trek Marlin 6 Vs 7

The Trek Marlin 6 and Marlin 7 are both great mountain bikes with aluminum frame hardtail.

The Marlin 7 has a better fork and with a price of $799 is about 20% more expensive than the Trek Marlin 6.

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Trek marlin 6 vs 7 which one is better? I will recommend the Marlin 7, if you can afford to pay $799. If not, then take the Marlin 6. Both bikes are great

In the table below you can see the main differences between Trek Marlin 6 vs 7:

Trek Marlin 7Trek Marlin 6
ForkRockShox 30 Silver TKSunTour XCT
Wheel Size27.5″ / 29″27.5″ / 29″
Brake TypeHydraulic BrakeHydraulic Brake
GroupsetAcera, AltusAltus, Shimano
Drivetrain2 x 92 x 8
Front Travel100mm100mm
Trek Marlin 6 Vs 7

3 Alternative For Trek Marlin 6 Bike

The Trek Marlin 6 is a stand-up bike. But that’s no guarantee that it’s the perfect bike for you.

You might be looking for something more or something less, or just something different. 

It’s important to find the perfect bike for you! The more amped you are about your ride, the more likely you are to hit the trail.

And getting after it is what it’s all about it. We’ve taken a detailed look at the Trek Marlin6, but now we’re here to offer three alternatives.

1. Specialized Pitch 27.5

This entry-level mountain bike by Specialized is s great choice for beginners and light riders. Don’t think that this is some dinky department store bike.

Far from it! It’s high quality, equipped, and ready to ride. There’s no saying you can’t take this thing to a race or two. 

Like the Marlin 6, the Pitch features a lightweight aluminum frame, front suspension, and hydraulic disc brakes.

The wheels on the Pitch are 27.5” (smaller than the Marlin 6 trek) but 2.3” wide (wider than the Marlin 6).

So, for that lack of diameter, you get a touch more width. 

Though those wheels are smaller, they’ll come equipped with Flak Jacket Flat protection, which sustains 40% fewer punctures! Overall, this is a great budget option for a more beginner-friendly mountain bike.

? Shifters: Shimano EF505, hydraulic 2×8 speed

? Fork: SR SunTour XCE 28, coil spring, 80/100mm travel

? Tires: Ground Control Sport, Flak Jacket protection 27.5 x 2.3”

? Brakes: Shimano BR-MT200, hydraulic disc


2. DiamondBack Overdrive 29

With this Diamondback bike, you’ll get great performance for and rockin’ price.

The first thing that stands out about this bike is it’s 29” wheels! With that size, you’ll be tackling boulders without a blink.

It also means a bit less human-effort is required to travel further. 

The Overdrive is still equipped with disc brakes, however, they aren’t hydraulic. You’ll be getting mechanical brakes here.

They’re a bit cheaper and slightly different. Mechanical disc brakes won’t be performing quite as well as hydraulic brakes in wet and icky conditions and they’ll probably be needing more regular adjusting. 

? Shifters: Shimano Altus 2×8 speed

? Fork: SR Suntour SCT30 29”, Coil Spring, 100mm travel 

? Tires: Vee Rubber Mission 29×2.25/2.1

? Brakes: Tektro Aries Mechanical Disc 180mm/160mm 

Will a great price point like this bike, you can easily upgrade your tires later on when you need a bit more tread contact for stability.

The Overdrive is an excellent choice for an upper-level beginner bike. 


Raleigh Talus 3

This bike by Raleigh is ready to adapt to the trail, path, pavement, or wherever you want to take it.

It’s a great value for the price and you can plenty of adventure out of it. The sizes will accommodate a wide range of riders, from 5’1 to 6’4. 

The aluminum frame comes in two colors, albeit slightly boring ones: white and black.

You get fewer gear options than the Marlin 6, but with beginner work, you probably won’t notice it.

The Talus also has those hefty 29″ wheels for total trail destruction!

? Shifters: Shimano M310 3×7 speed

? Fork: SR Suntour XCM-DS 100m 

? Tires: Vee Tire Co Rubber Rail Escape 27.5/29 x 2.25”

? Brakes: Tektro M275 Hydraulic

The Talus has some expected features compared to others in its class, like the 100mm travel fork, hydraulic disc brakes, and frame eyelets for mounting racks.

It’ll function great as a commuter bike that’s capable of hitting the trial too. 


Which One To Choose?

Your three alternatives above are all stellar options. Great bikes for some low bucks. And that’s about the best you can ask for when it comes to beginner bikes!

Study through those features listed in case anything jumps out at you. 

To find the right bike, you’ve got to go with your heart….and your mind and your wallet.

Nevertheless, any of the above alternatives will surely make a trusty trail steed! 

Trek Marlin 6 Blue Book

If you want to know how much your Trek Marlin6 bike is worth, then you can check that at Bicycle Blue Book (

Bicycle Blue Book make it simple and easy to trade-in your old Trek Marlin 6 bike toward the purchase of a new bike.

The Wrap

This Trek Marlin 6 review offers you relevant information available about the trek marlin6.

At the end of the day, the decision to purchase any bike comes with a lot of considerations, most having to do with comfort and fit.

The Marlin 6 Trek is a perfect choice for a huge range of riders.

With the Marlin, not only will you find a quality frame and wheelset that fits your size and ability, you’ll get a ton of little extras that make the riding experience fun and enjoyable.

Remember why you’re buying a bike in the first place. It’s for fun, exercise, and utility.

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Check out the video below >>Trek Marlin 6 Review and Buying Your First Mountain Bike:


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