7 Common Problems With Stromer E-Bikes (Honest Review)

stromer e bike problems

Stromer is known for producing some tremendous e-bikes, and it is rare that you will run into issues with them. However, there are some issues that may be worth knowing about.

It is important to remember that it is unlikely that you will be dealing with any of these issues, and none of them are particularly hard to fix.

So, here are the 7 common problems with Stromer E Bikes:

  1. Battery Issues
  2. Power Cable Issues
  3. Torque Issues
  4. 3G Connection Issues
  5. Display Unit Issues
  6. Lack of Power To The Display Unit
  7. Charger Issues

1. Battery Issues

This is a common issue that everybody who owns an e-bike, Stromer or not, may end up dealing with.

Battery technology isn’t perfect. There have been cases where a completely new battery from Stromer has been unable to hold its charge.

In some cases, the battery may appear to work fairly well at the start, but it very, very quickly stops working.

Stromer is aware that this is an issue. Assuming that your battery is within warranty (which it should be if the problems occur almost as soon as you purchase the Stromer e-bike), then you can make a warranty claim and receive a replacement battery. 

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2. Power Cable Issues 

In early versions of the Stromer bike, there was a chance that the power cable could be knocked loose. It was held in by a small clip.

When the power cable had been knocked loose, it managed to work its way in front of a lot of different moving parts. These parts then started to cut into the cable. If you didn’t catch the problem early enough, then it could cause some motor issues.

Thankfully, this is another issue that Stromer is more than aware of. They have now replaced the cable with something a little bit better.

However, if you have purchased your e.bike used, then it may be worth checking them power cable to ensure that there is no fraying in it. if there is, then it may not be worth making that purchase.

This is because if you are buying a used e-bike, you are not going to be covered by the warranty.

3. Torque Issues

Some people have noted that their Stromer e-bike doesn’t have a huge amount of torque. Again, this is a common problem with some models, but it is very easy to fix.

It does not mean that you have an issue with your e-bike (in the vast majority of cases).

The manual for your Stromer e-bike will walk you through the process to reset the torque sensor on your bike. This is something that should only take a couple of minutes to do. You do not need to use any tools to do this.

Every so often, Stromer e-bike owners may notice that their e-bike loses torque. You will always have to go through this process to reset it. However, it should eventually become part of your standard bike maintenance, so it shouldn’t be too much of an issue for you to deal with.

4. 3G Connection Issues

Many Stromer e-bikes will have a 3G sensor in them. This allows the e-bike to upload data to the mobile networks.

However, 3G in the United States has now been phased out, or at least it is going through the process of being phased out. This means that there is a non-small chance that your e-bike may no longer connect to the mobile network.

This is an issue that can be dealt with by heading to a Stromer e-bike service center where they can install the new module for you. However, you can also do it yourself. It isn’t a particularly difficult thing to deal with, but it does require you to tinker about with the circuits a little bit.

Do bear in mind that this is not going to be a free upgrade from Stromer. You will need to pay. It is also something that is only going to apply to their older e-bikes.

All of the more recent e-bikes that they have produced will be compatible with modern cellphone towers.

5. Display Unit Issues

This is probably one of the most common issues that Stromer bikes have had to deal with.

There are many, many stories of the display unit just failing on the bike.

It is a problem that can only be dealt with by replacing the display unit. You may be able to get a replacement if your e-bike is still in warranty. It shouldn’t be too tricky to fix yourself. 

6. Lack of Power To The Display Unit

Sometimes, the Display Unit may say “No Batt”. If this happens, it means that there is an issue with the power supply to the display unit.

This tends to be an easy problem to fix. You will need to clean any of the exposed connectors. In most cases, there is likely to be a short somewhere on the circuit. 

7. Charger Issues

Stromer Bikes have one of the most convoluted charging processes of all of the e-bikes. It isn’t uncommon for people to deal with charging issues on them.

This isn’t really a problem with Stromer, since all e-bike chargers will eventually fail.

If you do have a Stromer bike, then we encourage you to read through that manual to know exactly how you should be charging your Stromer bike.

Follow it to the letter. If you don’t, then you may end up with a broken charger that can be rather costly to replace. 

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While the Stromer e-bikes are great, they are not without their issues. Most of these issues will be related to either the battery or charger, which can both be easily fixed.

In other cases, you may find that there is a drop in torque. Stromer has been an option in their display unit to fix that problem.

If you have any other issues, then you are encouraged to visit a Stromer e-bike dealership. They will be able to get to the bottom of the problem and help you with any warranty claim. 



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