Sport Chek Bike Return Policy (What’s Covered + More)

Sport Chek Bike Return Policy

If you purchased a bike from the Sport Chek company but need to return it, you will be wondering what the Sport Chek Bike Return Policy covers!

The Sport Chek Return Policy does cover returned bicycles, as long as the products are undamaged, returned in their original packaging with all of their accessories, and delivered to the company within thirty to sixty days of the original purchase date.

In this article, we’ll go over what’s covered in the Sport Chek return policy as well as some frequently asked questions!

What is the Sport Chek Bike Return Policy?

The Sport Chek Bike Return Policy includes two main ways to return a bike to their possession and leave you with credit for an exchange or a full refund! These two methods of returning are listed below:

  1. Return in Store
  2. Return By Mail

Let’s take a closer look at each of these methods of returning a bike to Sport Chek so that you can stay informed on everything you’ll need to get return credit!

1.   Return in Store

To return your Sport Chek Bike, you’ll need to make sure you are aware of all of the following rules in the Sport Chek Return Policy:

  • Photo ID – If you purchased your bike from the convenience of the Sport Chek website, your photo identification needs to match the address that the product that was shipped and billed. Then, you’ll be asked to present it to the associate at your nearest Sport Chek location. You will also need your phone number and postal code for a refund.
  • Undamaged Bike – If you do decide to return your bicycle, it is important that it not have any signs of wear, tear, or other use. This maintains the resale value of the item and gives you the opportunity to return it for a refund.
  • All Original Packaging and Paperwork Must Be Included – As proof of purchase and a way for Sport Chek to retain the full value of the product you are returning, you must be certain to keep the original receipt, additional accessories, and bike parts in the packaging it came in when you return it!
  • Return within 30 Days – If you want a full refund for your bike, you will need to return it to the Sport Chek store within thirty days from your original purchase. If you need longer than that, Sport Chek may still give you a card for merchandise credit until 60 days have passed. After 60 days, you won’t receive any refund for your bike.

2.   Return By Mail

If finding a Sport Chek location near you isn’t an option or you simply prefer using the postal system, there is an option to return a purchase by mail! Follow the list of rules below to achieve this:

  • Print an Authorization Form – Sport Chek insists that it’s merchandise be returned using a RMA that can only be printed from their website. This should be placed inside the packaging with the item.
  • Undamaged Bike – As previously stated, all of the bike’s parts and accessories should be in a clean, unscuffed, and undamaged state with no signs of being used. 
  • Place Return Label on the Box – In addition to the RMA, you’ll need to print out the return label that Sport Chek emails you and put it on the outside of the box you are mailing. Make sure you strip away all other labels that might be present on the outside of the box!
  • Send the Return Package to the Warehouse – The address for the warehouse owned by Sport Chek and accepting refunds is available on their website! Take note that Sport Chek will not accept any returns made in person to this warehouse location.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve still got questions about what is and is not accepted when trying to return your bike, we’ve got you covered in our frequently asked questions section below!

Can You Return a Bike to Sport Chek?

As previously stated, it is encouraging to know that you can return a purchased bike to Sport Check!

 As long as you follow the rules put in place by the company, like making sure the merchandise remains in the packaging it originally came in and is brought back within 30 days of your purchase, you should have no trouble with your return.

Can you return to any Sport Chek?

The good news is, bikes make fantastic gifts; however, the bad news is, those gifts can sometimes come to you from out of town.

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to return a bike but do not live near the Sport Chek location it was originally purchased from, it is perfectly natural to wonder if you can return it to any Sport Chek store.

Luckily, it is absolutely possible to bring your bike in to a Sport Chek, even if it is not the precise location that bike came from originally.

Even if you do not have a Sport Chek near you, the company allows you to return to their warehouse, also, using the mail system.

Can I return a clearance item to Sport Chek?

Sometimes items that are placed on clearance are not up to customer standards.

If you find yourself wanting to return an item you bought at a discounted price from Sport Chek, you will not be allowed to return it to Sport Chek and you will also not receive a refund. 

The best way to learn whether or not Sport Chek will allow you to return an item is to check on their website for the item in question.

If Sport Chek is likely to refuse a refund, the item will be marked “Final Sale” on the website.

How do you exchange at Sport Chek?

To exchange an item at Sport Chek, you will have to follow a set of specific guidelines for the easiest returning process! Check out the list below for a step-by-step guide on how to navigate those guidelines.

  1. Look for a Store Near You – Looking for a Sport Chek location near you is one of the easiest, quickest ways to get your item exchanged. You will not have to worry about mailing the item in the proper packaging, and it helps to have the personal touch of a Sport Chek associate.
  2. Gather the Packaging – Even if you go the in-person route and don’t need to find proper stamps to mail your returned item, you will still need the original packaging that your bike or other product came in. Sport Chek may refuse to allow an exchange or a return if you do not follow this particular rule!
  3. Check the Date – As previously mentioned in this article, Sport Chek stores only accept returns, exchanges, and offer refunds if the items you bring back are brought back within thirty days of the original purchase. 
  4. Go to the Website – You’ll need to print a merchandise authorization form from the Sport Chek website to return an item through the mail if that is what you choose to do! Once the item is packed up with all of its original packaging and labels, along with this return, you can find the warehouse address to mail it to on the website.

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In Conclusion

To sum it all up, Sport Chek does allow two generous methods of returning bikes to them for a full refund.

As long as you make sure your return stays within thirty days of the first time you bought the bike, you’ll get your money back.

Even if you return the item sixty days out, you will still receive merchandise credit.

Simply make sure that you choose the best method of return for you, whether it is in person at a Sport Chek location or by mail, and keep your bike in pristine condition within it’s original packaging!


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