SCHEELS Bike Return Policy (What´s Covered + More)

SCHEELS Bike Return Policy

Retailer SCHEELS peddles a wide variety of products, but what if a customer’s unhappy with those involving actual pedals? How open or restrictive is SCHEELS’ bike return policy?

Luckily, SCHEELS offers one of the most forgiving return policies in the industry. Returns or exchanges can be made any time after purchase, and there are a few exceptions to SCHEELS’ policy. Customers must simply ensure that any product received in good condition is returned unscathed.

While this should resonate well with customers looking to make a return, it would still benefit such consumers to read on for more detailed information.

Is There a Time Limit on SCHEELS Bike Returns?

Thanks to SCHEELS’ guarantee of 100% customer satisfaction, there is no time limit on exchanges or returns.

The company’s stated goal is to ensure that all customers receive a product to their liking, and they leave it to the customers themselves to determine whether that means exchanging a product or simply returning it for a full refund.

In the case of refund requests, however, it may take some time for the money to appear in the customer’s account. Once SCHEELS receives the product, whether in person or by mail, it will take at least two or three days to process before they issue the return.

Then, it will take three to five additional days for the money to reach the customer’s bank.

The lack of time constraints on SCHEELS’ return policy does create potential concerns. For instance, if the account used to make the original purchase is no longer active, SCHEELS will not be able to refund the money.

In such cases, they will issue an electronic gift card for the same amount.

Returns will also take longer for customers paying with Slice by FNBO. In this case, Slice will send the customer an email requesting further information about the return.

Once this information has been provided, it will take anywhere from 10 to 12 business days for the return to be completed.

Are clearance or sale items eligible for return or exchange at Scheels?

According to Scheels’ return policy, clearance or sale items are considered final sale and cannot be changed or exchanged. This means that these items are not eligible for return or exchange at Scheels.

Exceptions to SCHEELS’ Open Return Policy

Despite SCHEELS’ relatively open bike return policy, some restrictions do apply. Customers must adhere to the following guidelines in order to remain eligible for refunds or replacements:

  • Bikes received undamaged must still be undamaged at the time of return. If the product was received with damages, be sure to return the bike immediately and note the damages on the return form.
  • If a damaged bike is under warranty, the return must be declared as a warranty replacement in order to remain eligible for exchange.
  • Bikes purchased as special orders must be returned to a SCHEELS store location. They can still be returned by mail if necessary.
  • Items must be shipped in a proper container to ensure the product remains protected.
  • SCHEELS will not refund the initial shipping costs. This restriction applies to the surcharge placed on the shipment of large items such as bikes to a SCHEELS location.

How to Return a SCHEELS Bike in Person

When returning a SCHEELS bike to an in-store location, head to the customer service desk and explain your needs.

If you’re making an exchange for an item valued at less than the original bike’s cost, you can have the rest of the cost refunded to the account you used to pay. You can also pay the difference to exchange for a bike of greater value.

Since refunds are credited to the original payment amount, bikes purchased with a gift card will not be eligible for cash or bank account returns. In these cases, you will only be able to receive a refund in the form of store credit.

For purchases made in any other fashion, however, you will be able to recuperate the full cost, minus any shipping fees incurred.

You need the original receipt in order to make a return in person. However, you can technically still return a bike without a receipt in hand, provided the bike still has the original tags.

However, in such instances, SCHEELS will only be able to process the return as an exchange for store credit or an item of equal or lesser value to the bike you’re returning.

Online purchases can be returned to a SCHEELS location as well. Since online customers will not have a formal receipt, you will need the online order number.

How to Return a SCHEELS Bike by Mail

Bikes may be returned by mail whether purchased online or at a physical location. First, we’ll look at the process for returning online orders.

Go to SCHEELS’ return page and locate the order for which you require an exchange or refund. Select which items you intend to return and explain your reasons for doing so.

Use the “Additional Notes” section of the form to list any damages to the product at the time of receipt. If making an exchange, use this section to note which item you wish to receive instead.

Upon completing this form, customers will receive a prepaid shipping label. However, this form will not be available to those who purchased their bikes at a SCHEELS location.

In such instances, the product must be shipped back to the store at the customer’s expense, along with the original receipt and a note explaining the reason for the return or exchange.

If requesting an exchange for an item SCHEELS does not currently have in stock, a full refund will be granted for purchases made online. For purchases made in store, SCHEELS will send a gift card in the amount of the item’s base price to the customer’s return address.

A gift card will also be mailed in the event the customer does not include the original receipt.

Additional Notes on SCHEELS Bike Returns

Because SCHEELS claims to put customer satisfaction ahead of all else, customers should not hesitate to reach out to their customer service department with questions or concerns regarding their return policy.

This holds especially true in the case of lost receipts, bikes without their original tags, or customers who have relocated since the time of purchase.

Also note an easy trick to avoid attempting to exchange your bike for an item not in stock. When purchasing online, only items currently in stock may be added to your cart.

This means that you can easily check to see if an item is in stock before attempting your exchange by simply looking to see if you are able to add it to an online purchase.

As for the issue of prepaid return labels, customers without access to a printer can still acquire a label if necessary.

Simply contact SCHEELS with your concern, and they will have a label mailed to you free of charge.


Returning a bike to SCHEELS is a relatively painless process, although it is certainly recommended that returns be made in person wherever possible.

Given the hassle of packaging a bike and paying the shipping costs for large items, many customers may find returning a bike through the mail to be far more trouble than it is worth.

That said, the lack of a time constraint is a huge bonus. This gives customers time to fully investigate their purchase and determine whether the bike they’ve bought is truly the bike for them.

In this regard, SCHEELS truly puts customer satisfaction first.


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