5 Common Problems with Rambo Bikes (Do This Before …)

rambo bike problems

John, do you know the main problems with Rambo bikes? This is one of the questions my readers ask a lot. Well, I´ve got you covered.

While electric bikes were a hot invention in the 1990s, modern e-bikes are ordinary bicycles used everyday, like the Rambo bike. Whether it be for commuting or a fishing trip, people flock to Rambo bikes for their mobility and ease.

If purchasing an e-bike has crossed your mind, the Rambo bike may be recommended but has downfalls to consider. As an all-terrain e-bike, heavy Rambo bikes are a costly mode of transportation with clunking noises, steep prices, and battery issues. 

Here are the 5 issues with Rambo bikes:

  1. Noise Complaints
  2. Heavy Weight
  3. Battery Issues
  4. Steep Price
  5. Code 21

In this article, you’ll learn the basics of Rambo bikes and investigate the reported problems real customers have complained about. 

What is a Rambo Bike? 

According to its company motto, Rambo bikes “know no limits” and will “take you places you’ve never been.” With a promise like this, it’s hard for consumers to resist Rambo bikes, especially nature lovers that hardly spend any time at home.

While Rambo isn’t the first company to introduce an all-terrain e-bike to the market, the bikes are fit to satisfy your needs.

Rambo produces two out of three e-bike classes. They decided against making Class 1 e-bikes in favor of Class 2 and 3 e-bikes, which are the most capable of handling outdoor activities.

As an American-born brand, Rambo currently has sixteen different e-bikes on their website. Each e-bike is categorized differently based on their defining features. 

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The 5 Common Problems with Rambo Bikes

Like all e-bikes and other modes of transportation, Rambo bikes aren’t perfect. There are some flaws with Rambo bikes that real customers have reported as being dealbreakers.

If you’re uncertain about purchasing a Rambo bike, refer to this list of common problems consumers encountered when putting their new e-bike to use.

1. Noise Complaints

Even Rambo’s quietest e-bike isn’t that quiet. Rambo bikes have noisy internal hubs to help bikers through tough terrain like muddy areas, sharp hills, and tall grass.

When pedaling, you’ll notice an incessant clicking from the clutches used to activate gears.

While an all-terrain bike is certainly a benefit, the noise can ruin stealthy hunting experiences and calm bike rides. 

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2. Heavy Weight

Given its motor and battery, it’s no surprise that Rambo bikes are heavy. For example, the Rambo Rampage is one of the heaviest e-bikes Rambo offers.

With its Bafang 1,000W Ultra Drive motor and 48V 21AH battery, the Rampage weighs in at nearly seventy pounds.

While carrying this bike won’t be difficult for everyone, it may be an unbeatable obstacle for some. 

3. Battery Issues 

There are many reported battery problems with Rambo bikes. If you forget to charge your bike and need it in a crunch, you’ll have to wait four to five hours for it to be fully charged.

Additionally, if you don’t use the bike frequently and forget to charge the battery, you run the risk of your battery going into “safety mode” and needing a replacement or jumpstart.

4. Steep Price

Like its electric bike competitors, Rambo bikes come with a high price tag that many aren’t willing to entertain.

Rambo’s cheapest bike is The Rooster, and it’ll still cost you $2,000 for the bike without any accessories.

Coming in at a whopping $8,500, Rambo’s most expensive bike is The Venom with a 14 gear speed rear hub to get you through the toughest terrain. 

5. Code 21 

Code 21 is an error code that Rambo warns its customers about firsthand.

Rambo advises bike owners that the error code can be resolved by readjusting the magnet on the spoke of the rear wheel to realign it with a sensor.

If this issue still isn’t fixed, then Rambo suggests checking the sensor cable for damage and contacting them for help. 

What are the Different Categories of Rambo Bikes?

If you’re a first-time buyer with little experience, it may be tricky to know which bike will best suit your needs.

Rambo organizes its many e-bikes by category and provides the nitty gritty on each of their products for customer convenience. Listed below are Rambo’s four categories of powerful e-bikes.

1. Hunting 

For habitual hunters with a passion for the sport, hunting doesn’t have to be an exhausting experience with the assistance of a Rambo e-bike.

Rambo credits its hunting bikes for getting its riders to areas inaccessible by foot. Rambo uses flatter, fatter tires on its hunting bikes to help hunters navigate to the best vantage spot, even if it’s miles away and up steep hills. 

2. Fishing 

If you love to fish, you know the struggle of walking miles to your favorite spot with your heavy fishing gear in your hands. Rambo claims its fishing category compiles its quietest e-bikes for the calmest fishing trip of your dreams.

Thanks to its versatility, Rambo e-bikes certainly get you to your destination faster than on foot, so you can enjoy the outdoors for extended time. 

3. Camping 

There’s no better way to relax than in the wilderness by a toasty campfire.

Rambo knows camping is adored as a stress-relieving activity, so the company created a camping category for its best camping e-bikes.

Whether you need to haul wood to your site or stop by a friend’s camper for a quick hello, Rambo boasts about how simple it is to hop on the bike and go.   

4. Commuting 

If gas has become too expensive for your wallet to bear, you may have looked into purchasing an e-bike as a cost efficient way to travel locally.

Rambo’s commuting category is perfect for those who want to lower their monthly expenses and reduce their carbon footprint. With e-bike commuting on the rise, Rambo’s weather-resistant e-bikes are recommended for a quick trip.

Final Thoughts

As a prominent company in the electric bike industry, Rambo offers four different categories of e-bikes.

Whether you’re a casual commuter or an avid hunter, the Rambo bike is certainly appealing. 

However, heavyweight Rambo bikes have common problems that should influence your decision to spend thousands, like poor battery life, annoying error codes, and noisy rides. 




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