5 Common Problems With Pendleton Electric Bikes

pendleton electric bike problems

Pendleton Electric Bikes are currently the pinnacle of bicycle technology, but what problems should you know about before purchasing an electric bike?

The 5 most common problems Pendleton electric bikes have are:

  1. Battery life
  2. Loud noises
  3. Loosened wires
  4. Malfunctioning control systems
  5. Slow speeds, or skipping gears

A complicated machine like an eBike is bound to run into problems much like a car would. This article discusses the most common issues that arise in eBikes, how to diagnose them, and tips to fix them.

What are the common problems with the battery?

Though battery technology has advanced significantly, there are still limitations to batteries’ half-life. In most bikes, you can get 500 charges before you start noticing a decline, at which point the battery will be working at 80% capacity.

However, if your battery life is dwindling before the 500 charges, these may be the reasons:

  • Short circuit in the battery, motor, or wiring
  • Overcharging or undercharging
  • Consistent uphill biking
  • Motor assist at a maximum 100% of the time
  • Charger is not properly working

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1. What if my bike is making noises?

After time or maybe after hitting a huge pothole, your bike may begin making concerning noises. This can be a result of things like worn-out bearings, disk breaks, or gears.

The number one way to maintain your bike and keep it running smoothly (and quietly) is to ensure the chain is lubricated every 100 miles and check the break cables for rust.

If you are suddenly hearing loud creaking from friction somewhere near the motor, there may be a loose or missing bolt somewhere near the chain, gears, or motor. Grab an Allen Key or wrench and tighten up any visible bolts.

If the problem persists, you may need to replace a part or two. At this point, you may need to bring your bike to a professional to diagnose this issue.

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2. How can I tell if there is a wiring or connection issue?

It is inevitable that you’ll hit bumps or curbs on your biking journey, and after a while, this may jostle some of your wires loose.

Though Pendleton offers sleek and relatively minimalistic eBikes, frayed connections to the control system, battery, and motor may go unnoticed. 

Checking the wires on the outside of the bike should be done often in order to ensure your bike is running properly.

If you feel there may be a shorted circuit somewhere in the bike, you can check the connection by using a voltage tester to see where the electricity is not reaching.

Some wires may even need to be replaced if they have shorted.

3. What if there is an issue with the Control System?

If the battery is the heart of a Pendleton eBike, then the control system is the brain. This device’s smart control system stops the battery from short-circuiting or overcharging, sending the correct amount of power from the battery to the motor.

Because this device serves an important and sensitive role, it can also be affected by the smallest technical glitch.

If you are noticing that the motor has stopped spinning, there may be a loose connection or the wiring may be damaged. This can happen from a small knock or water getting into the Controller.

Check that the wires are matching their color-coded outlets or if there is some discoloration of the wires and wipe down the device with a dry rag any time it gets wet.

If the Control System still isn’t working, it may be a good idea to double-check the obvious: is the power switch on? Sorry, we had to make sure!

The last thing to do is check the fuse. Remove it from the battery and check if there’s smoke inside. This would indicate that it’s blown out and needs to be replaced 

4. Is my eBike moving too slowly?

The first thing to note if you think your eBike is moving too slowly is the cap in speed. By law, your eBike’s motor will stop helping you at 20 mph, so don’t be surprised if the engine kicks off when you’re going downhill.

There may be more technical issues slowing you down as well. For example, your feedback magnets can get dirty, slowing or completely stopping the motor’s response to the peddle being cranked.

This is located on the pedal crank and may need a simple wipe-down with a rag. If your Pendleton is old and has been through a lot of wear and tear, this may need to be replaced. 

5. What if my chain is skipping when I change gears?

If you are experiencing phantom shifting, gear shift refusal, a double or triple gear change, or your bike is simply taking time and making a grinding noise when you change gears, there may be a few adjustments you have to make to the chain.

This is usually caused by a cable stretch, and the biggest stretch happens in the first few rides, though it can gradually stretch over time.  

The easiest way of adjusting the tension on your gear changer is through the front and rear derailleurs. You want to gradually tighten the rear derailleur barrel adjuster, the small screw that attaches the medal cable to the back of your gear-changing mechanism.

Turn the barrel adjustor clockwise ⅛ of a turn and see if the gear change is smoother, continuing to do so until the gear changes smoothly.

If adjusting the front or rear derailleurs does not get the job done, you can remove a single chain link or replace the chain altogether.

However, it is best to bring your bike into the bike shop, and a professional should have no problem fixing the issue for you.


Whether you are commuting daily or riding once a month, proper maintenance is the key to keeping your Pendleton Electric Bike safely on the road.

Though many of the issues listed above can be fixed at home, if there is ever an issue that is above your pay grade, be sure to bring it to a professional.



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