Jenson USA Bike Return Policy (What’s Covered & More)

Jenson USA Bike Return Policy

Do you know what Jenson USA bike return policy is? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

If you’re in the market for a new bicycle, there’s a good chance that you’ve heard of Jenson USA. They’re one of the largest bicycle retailers in the United States, stocking various bicycles and bike-related items. But, if you purchase a bike from online retailers, you may want to know about their return policy. 

Jenson USA is known for its excellent return policy, which gives customers a 90-day full refund if the bike is not up to their standards or is not what they wanted. Ensure the item is in the original packaging, including the tags. 

This article will discuss everything you need to know about Jenson USA’s return policy. So keep reading! We have all the answers you’ll need concerning Jenson USA’s return policy.

Jenson USA Online Bicycle Retailer

Jenson USA is one of the most popular online bicycle retailers in the United States and has been providing quality bicycles and gear since 1994.

The company started as a project by one man, Mike Cachat, and thanks to his belief in quality bicycle gear, the company has grown into the powerhouse it is today.

Jenson stocks just about any bicycle-related item you can think of, from quality bicycles to bike components, accessories, apparel, and gear stroke. If you’re looking for a complete bike, then Jenson USA is the best option. 

They offer a wide selection of bicycles, each built and intended for different purposes; thus, there’s something for everyone in Jenson, USA. The best part is their diverse price range, as they start at quality budget-friendly bicycles and work right up to the best bikes available on the market. 

You can start with nothing in the online basket and find yourself fully kitted out for the next event or race within just a few clicks.

From the above information, you can see why Jenson USA has become one of the leading bicycle retailers in the nation in a little over two decades. 

Jenson USA Return Policy

Jenson USA are one of the largest online bicycle retailers in the United States; however, they do have a few stores scattered throughout the state of California; they mainly focus on online retailing. 

When purchasing a new bicycle or piece of equipment, people prefer the convenience of ordering it online and getting it delivered straight to the door. However, with this convenience often comes a slight uncertainty that the product you ordered will be exactly what you want or need. 

In this scenario, you’ll typically hope that companies like Jenson USA have some kind of return policy that gives you a small amount of time to decide whether or not this is the product you need, and if not, return it for a refund. 

A Full Refund Up To 90 Days

Jenson isn’t only leading the way in nationwide bicycle retailing but also in its refund policies. Jenson offers all customers who have purchased an item from their online retail stores a 90-day return policy, meaning that if the product is not up to your satisfaction or delight, you are entitled to a full refund. 

If you have purchased the bicycle or accessories from one of their few retail stores, you will have to return it in person. However, you’re entitled to the same 90-day return policy. 

Before you plan to return a bicycle or bike frame, you’re directed by the Jenson USA website to contact them directly via phone.

This will ensure that you are given a list of complete instructions by one of their professional advisors to make the return process as smooth as possible. 

The Processing Of Your Return

As Jenson USA is mainly an online retailer, they have a pretty simple and well-laid-out return process, which is available in simplistic terms on their website. Jenson is known for their excellent customer service and has a plethora of reviews centered on this fact. 

They state that all returns will take anywhere from 10-14 days to process from the moment they receive your package in the mail. After the products have been checked to ensure no severe damage and that the labels and the original packaging are intact, it’ll move onto the refund phase. 

A typical refund will take anywhere from one week to ten business days to process. This will vary depending on your bank or financial institution, and it may take as long as one billing cycle for the money to arrive back in your account. 

Your refund will be placed back into the original payment method; this could be a pay pal account, bank account, gift card, or various other methods of payment. 

What Makes A Return Ineligible?

Jenson USA has an excellent return policy. However, you must ensure that you follow the return instructions carefully as if your return is considered ineligible, you may have your package returned to you and your refund forfeited. 

Luckily, Jenson USA’s website provides you with all the information you need regarding their refund process and what will make your package ineligible. A list of the following factors will follow below. 

Returns By Mail Should Ensure That They: 

You’ll want to ensure that any products purchased from Jenson USA are returned in their original manufacturing packaging; this includes boxes, coverings, tags, and all everything that came with the product. 

The product must be shipped in a genuine shipping box. Jenson recommends that you re-use the original box that your products came in, saving both time and hassle. You must also include the order number within the package. 

If your product is sent back to Jenson with significant damage to the manufacturing packaging, this will cause them to send your product back to you and will forfeit the refund. 

Items Cannot Be Returned If They:

  • There are various reasons why your return may not be eligible, and these include the following: 
  • Food or nutritional products cannot be returned as they pose a health and safety hazard.
  • Any item or product which has been exposed to the elements, including; rain, dirt, sand, etc., cannot be returned as they are deemed well used. 
  • Custom-assembled products, such as complete bikes and wheels with various custom-selected components, are ineligible for full returns. 
  • If the product has clearly been used numerous times or worn down, it will be ineligible for a refund. This also includes any product that has been clearly damaged via use by the consumer. 
  • Gift card sales are not eligible for a refund, nor can they be exchanged for cash; however, in some cases where it’s required by law, this is applicable. 

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Has anyone dealt with JensonUSA for a return that was covered under the 365-day policy but would now fall outside of the 90-day policy?

According to a conversation with a representative from Jenson, the return policy has been changed to 90 days, as mentioned on the website. However, it was also mentioned that previous orders are subject to being ‘grandfathered’ under the previous 365-day policy.

If someone has experienced an issue with a return that was initially eligible under the 365-day policy but would now exceed the 90-day limit, it appears that Jenson may honor the original terms for such cases.

What are some users’ reactions and thoughts on JensonUSA’s updated return policy from 365 days to 90 days?

Users had diverse reactions and thoughts about JensonUSA’s updated return policy shifting from 365 days to 90 days. The discussion initiated by high_desert_mud highlighted the importance of the previous 365-day policy in their decision-making process when choosing Jenson.

Another user, Pisgah, shared information obtained from a Jenson representative that while the new policy stands at 90 days, older orders would still be honored under the previous 365-day terms.

Cleared2land expressed disappointment at the update, mentioning how the older, lengthier return policy was appealing for those who may be less inclined to deal with returns promptly.

On a more lighthearted note, phantoj jokingly questioned what to do with excess toilet paper and hand sanitizer they had purchased under the previous policy. A contrasting viewpoint was presented by jimmytang, who stated a lack of understanding regarding businesses offering a 365-day return policy, suggesting that as a buyer, the return policy did not significantly influence their purchasing decisions.

Despite this, they acknowledged the 90-day policy as still being favorable. Overall, users showcased a variety of perspectives ranging from disappointment to understanding and even humor in response to the alteration of JensonUSA’s return policy duration.

How do the time frames for returns at JensonUSA work, especially in the context of when the items were ordered or received?

1. Are old orders subject to the same return policy as current orders, or are there exceptions for older orders (“grandfathered” orders)?

Old orders are “grandfathered,” suggesting that there might be exceptions to the current return policy for older orders.

2. Are the details provided by a representative of Jenson consistent with what is stated on the website?

Yes, the details provided by the representative and the website align, indicating a 90-day return policy.

3. How long is the return policy duration at JensonUSA?

The return policy duration at JensonUSA is 90 days according to a representative and the website.


So, now that you know all about Jenson USA’s return policy and that you can return almost any product up to 90 days if it’s unsuitable or unusable, you’re ready to head over to Jensen USA.

Here you can browse and purchase many of the various high-quality bicycle products they have. 


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