8 Common Problems With Himiway Bikes (Updated List!)

Himiway Bike problems

Have you ever asked yourself or your friend what the main problems with Himiway bikes are? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Electric bikes are a perfect mobility solution for many people. They don’t take up much space in your garage, but with assisted pedaling, they can provide a decent range for commuting or running errands.

If you are pondering on getting one of their models, you should be interested what are the 8 common problems with Himiway bikes.

The most common problems are related to the fact that the company doesn’t have a very strong presence in the US. But there are also some technical problems that are not unusual with their models.

So, let’s cover them in more detail.

8 Common Problems With Himiway Bikes

Every product of any kind can have certain common problems, no matter how well-designed or produced it is.

It’s the reality of mass production, it is not possible to have affordable products and quality control that checks each and every unit.

But, Himiway also has some problems that are related to logistics and business models, the world is so big and the miles are that long. Let’s start by just naming the problems:

  • long delivery times,
  • China-based,
  • long waits for support,
  • no repair shops,
  • missing parts on delivery,
  • electronic parts hot glued,
  • faulty controller,
  • acceleration settings.

Let’s dig into the details of each of these problems.

1. Long delivery waiting times

When you are purchasing Himiway bikes from their website, you will see expected delivery times stated as 2-7 business days. But, this is a very misleading statement and the problem experienced by practically every customer of this company.

The company does have a distribution center in the US, so delivery problems are unexpected.

A more realistic delivery time is 6 to 8 weeks, which is just simply too long. Most people do get bikes within this period of time, and if you are ordering their bike, you should arm yourself with patience.

2. It is a China-based company

While Chinese manufacturing is often unreasonably maligned and bashed as sub-par, that is not the real problem of the Himiway company. The real problem is that you as a buyer are here and the company is all the way on the other side of the World. All their support and production is just simply very far from you.

If you have any problems, the support and help are too far away to be useful. If you need replacement parts, they are located halfway around the globe.

3. Long waiting for support

As we have mentioned, the company is based in China, and besides their production facilities that is the location of their customer support.

We are not saying that Chinese people are bad at customer support, or that Himiway support agents are not competent. But the distance does make a difference.

We are talking about quite a few time zones of difference. And the natural consequence of this is that when you are in need of help, very often it is not just minutes away.

4. No local shops

Bikes are machines, and electrical bikes are electrical devices plus mechanical machines. This level of complexity only increases the chance of having problems with them.

And when you have a problem that can be fixed, you should just take your bike to the authorized bike shop. Well, not in the case of Himiway bikes.

Because they do not have authorized shops, you will have to announce to them that you are doing so, and basically ask for permission if you wish to not void the warranty. And this process can stretch over a few days.

While eventually they will OK it, and refund the expenses, you will be without the bike for longer than necessary for repairs to be done.

5. Some assembly needed

This is a problem for many people. Himiway bikes don’t come to your doorstep fully assembled. And no matter how good and easy-to-follow instructions are, some people are just not very skillful when it comes to putting things together.

While other people are not capable for some other objective reasons.

6. Missing parts on delivery

When you order a bike online, you would expect to get all the parts in the package, especially because you are expected to put it together.

But sometimes the package will not contain the accessories bag, with all bits and pieces that are needed for putting the bike together. Sometimes it can happen that you have the accessories bag, but not everything in it.

The company will send you a new one, free of charge. But delivery is still slow.

7. Electronic parts buried in hot glue

One of the easiest ways to protect various electric components from the shocks from riding the bike on dirt and rough roads is to smother them with hot glue.

This will prevent those components, such as resistors, fuses, and so on; from being damaged or loosened.

This is an easy, quick, and dirty solution, though it works. But it makes repairs very messy.

8. Faulty controller – Code 30

The most common problem that is happening with Himiway bikes is Code 30. While the company never divulges what is the exact problem, and their documentation is not very helpful, it seems that it is a catch-all error code that covers all big problems with the bike’s controller, or a code for a major fault.

And this is evident from the fact that it goes away only with the complete replacement of the controller unit.

9. Too sudden acceleration

Practically all people experience this problem, but it can be a bit subjective whether it is a real problem or not.

The acceleration of the pedaling assist coming from the electric motor is rather strong. And the initial kick can be a problem for many people.

Fortunately, it is a setting that can be changed by the user.

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Electric bikes are good all the way until they are not because of some problem cropping up.

This is the reason why you should know what problems you can expect to be. One of these 8 common problems with Himiway bikes you might experience yourself, and better to be prepared when it does happen.



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