5 Common Problems With Swytch Bikes (Updated List!)

Swytch Bike problems

Swytch bikes offer plenty of conveniences, but they sometimes require troubleshooting. Thankfully, the straightforward design makes that process pretty easy to do.

Common problems with Swytch bikes that you might experience include a loose handlebar mount, a motor wheel without power, and a bike range that’s lower than it should be. Besides that, a motor that vibrates or only works intermittently is also problematic, requiring quick troubleshooting.

These problems might sound intimidating to deal with at first, but don’t worry. This guide will tell you everything you need to know to fix common issues and get back on the road.

How Do You Troubleshoot A Swytch Bike? (5 Common Issues)

It is crucial to learn to troubleshoot your Swytch bike to minimize any potential downtime while getting the most out of it.

Here are 5 of the most common problems with Swytch bikes, which parts to check, and how to fix them quickly:

1. Handlebar Mount Is Loose

A loose handlebar mount is one of the most common problems, especially when using the Swytch bike kit for the first time.

The mount is crucial as it keeps the power pack attached safely throughout your ride. Ideally, you’ll want to ensure it’s secured tightly and doesn’t move at all, especially when you go over bumps and other obstacles in your path.

Which part to check: When the handlebar mount is loose, you must inspect the mount, its screws, and any spacers you’re using.

How to fix the problem: The goal here is to ensure that the mount wraps around your bike’s handlebar perfectly. That means both halves of the mount should be touching each other and keeping everything in place.

Firstly, ensure that the screws are tightened just enough. They should be hand-tight, enough so there’s no movement but also without being too tight either.

Also, be sure to add or change out any spacers if that’s necessary to ensure a tight fit.

2. Motor Wheel Has No Power

The motor wheel is the heart of the entire Swytch bike setup. It’s designed to generate power that moves your bike depending on your input at the pedals.

As such, the motor wheel is connected by cable to the pedal sensor. When you start pedaling, the sensor will activate the motor wheel and the power will kick in.

Which part to check: Troubleshooting this problem requires your attention on the motor wheel’s cable connection with the pedal sensor. Also, you’ll have to make sure the pedal sensor is working as well.

How to fix the problem: This problem is typically caused by a loose cable connection. So, first ensure that the motor wheel and pedal sensor cables are connected firmly. 

The arrows on both cables should be touching each other, which indicates that they’re fully connected.

Then, check that the pedal sensor is aligned correctly. You’ll know that’s the case when the red light on the pedal sensor flashes as the magnet disc passes over. 

If that doesn’t happen, readjust the pedal sensor until it does.

3. The Bike Range Is Lower Than It Should Be

Swytch bike kits come in a variety of range options. Naturally, you’d expect to get the maximum range based on the kit you have.

However, it’s crucial to remember that the actual range you get with a Swytch bike depends on several factors. Those include the terrain, obstacles, how hard you’re pedaling, and how much weight is on the bike.

In other words, you’ll get more range on a perfectly flat surface with less weight than you would navigating an urban environment carrying a bag with you.

Still, there are several steps you can take to maximize the range you get from each charge.

Which part to check: When the lack of range is an issue, check that the power pack is in good working condition and that the power settings are set to the lowest acceptable level.

How to fix the problem: You can maximize the range on your Swytch bike by lowering the power settings and pedaling more. The pedaling input you provide will help save battery power, allowing it to last longer.

Aside from that, you can also pre-plan your routes and reduce the weight you’re carrying. Both of those methods will give you more range on your bike by reducing how much power is used.

4. Motor Is Vibrating While Moving

The motor on your Swytch bike should activate and run smoothly when you begin pedaling. As an electric motor, it operates silently without causing much feedback or vibration as you continue riding your bike.

Which part to check: The motor shouldn’t be vibrating while you ride your bike. If that happens, the likely culprit is the controller, which might be faulty.

How to fix the problem: Unfortunately, a faulty controller is not something that you can fix as a DIY task. Instead, the quickest solution is to contact Swytch Bike directly so an engineer can troubleshoot the issue with you.

Once they confirm that the controller is to blame, a replacement for that part will be necessary.

5. Pedal Assist Makes The Motor Work Intermittently

Earlier, you read that the motor should run smoothly as soon as you begin pedaling. Aside from vibrations, another problem that shouldn’t happen is the motor working intermittently.

The start-stop motor operation is not normal and requires troubleshooting.

Which part to check: This problem happens because of an issue with the PAS magnet disk at the pedal. So, that’s where you need to focus your attention when troubleshooting.

How to fix the problem: An intermittent motor happens because the magnet disk isn’t positioned correctly. So, adjust the disk to become straight and ensure that the sensor is pointing at its magnets.

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Final Thoughts

Swytch bike kits are pretty straightforward. So, the kinds of problems that can affect them are not too complicated to sort out.

Still, if you’re not confident about fixing the problems above yourself, never hesitate to call the company’s customer service for help.

That’s what they’re there for, and they’ll guide you to get the problem resolved.




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