Hero Bike Return Policy (What´s Covered + More)

Hero Bike Return Policy

Do you have your heart set on a new motorcycle or scooter from Hero Bikes? So many fun options–not to mention all the other accessories and gear you can buy from Hero.

But what if you change your mind? The Hero return policy is somewhat difficult to navigate. And can you even return a bike to Hero?

What is the Hero Bike Return Policy? Hero two-wheelers (motorcycles and scooters) are not eligible for a return, but orders may be eligible for cancellation before they are invoiced to the customer. Other Hero Bikes gear and accessories may be eligible for return within 10 days of delivery. 

Yes, the Hero Bike return policy is fairly limited and strict, so read on so you know the terms before you buy. 

What Can I Return to Hero Bike?

Hero products are sold from a variety of third-party sellers, and for all return issues, the policies of each seller may dictate the terms of your return.

Make sure you check all return policies before you complete your purchase. 

Some items purchased on eshop.heromotocorp.com are eligible for return within 10 days of delivery. 

Eligible items are found in the following categories:

Lifestyle Items

This includes all footwear, travel accessories, and other merchandise items. 

Automotive Items

This includes any accessories for bikes or autos, bike lights, bike care items, bike breakdown equipment, bike electronics, and bike styling accessories. 

Other Eligible Items

Replacement parts include spare and performance parts, tires, alloys, helmets, and riding gear. 

Can I Return A Hero 2-Wheeler?

All 2-wheelers are not eligible for return. If you have an issue with your 2-wheeler, you will need to look at your Warranty Clause in your user manual.

What is Not Eligible for Return to Hero Bikes?

In addition to 2-wheelers purchased from Hero Bikes, some other categories are not eligible for return.

This includes consumables such as oil, lube, cleaning products, grease, wax, glue, and various other consumables.

If you are purchasing these items, make sure you check the return policy if you think you might need to return them.

In addition, anything delivered by cash on delivery (COD)  is only eligible for exchange. 

Can I Return Sale Merchandise to Hero Bikes?

No. All discounted merchandise is not eligible for return. If you received a defective item that was discounted, you will need to contact customer service at eshop.support@heromotocorp.com or 971-778-5190. Returns of defective sale merchandise will be at the company’s discretion. 

How Do I Make Returns to Hero Bikes?

If you made your purchase on eshop.herobikes.com, you can have your return picked up for processing.

In order to get started, you will need to contact customer service at eshop.support@heromotocorp.com or 971-778-5190 in India.

If you made your purchase at a third-party seller, you will need to contact that company to determine their return policy. 

Can I Return the Used Product to Hero Bikes? 

No. All items must be in unused, unworn, and original condition.

To return to Hero, you will need to make sure of the following:

  • Make sure you include all the parts of your product, including any combos and freebies (as applicable).
  • All products must be unworn, unwashed, clean, and in original condition with all warranty seals/tamper seals in place (as applicable). 
  • All products must not be damaged. This includes tears, holes, scratches, dents, and the like. 
  • Products must be in original packaging and packaging must not be damaged. 
  • Verify that the product you are returning matches the barcode on your return processing claim so you return the correct product.  

Your return may not be accepted if you do not meet all of the above criteria. 

Your return will be processed when the items are received by the seller. Your refund will be made to the original form of payment.

Can I Return a Defective Hero Bikes Order for Replacement or Exchange?

Yes, but you must return it within the applicable return period, and the item must still be in stock with the seller. 

In addition, you can only make a free replacement/exchange order if the item was defective, missing parts, different from what was ordered, or does not work. 

Your exchange or a free replacement will be shipped to you once the original item is received by the seller. 

You can only replace an item one time. 

Can I Cancel a Hero Bike Order?

Hero Bikes has a pretty strict return policy, so what can you do if you change your mind after making an order? 

You can cancel an order for products other than 2-wheelers within 10 days of placing the order. Your refund will be available within 21 days. 

For 2-wheelers, you will need to cancel within 24 hours if you paid the full showroom price. If you did not pay the full showroom price (you paid the booking amount only), you can cancel any time before the full amount is invoiced. 

Once any 2-wheeler is in your name, it is no longer eligible for cancellation. 

How Do I Contact Hero Bikes Customer Service?

If you need to start a return or exchange for any products bought on eshop.heromotocorp.com, you can contact the support department at eshop.support@heromotocorp.com.

In India, you can also call directly at 971-778-5190 (9 am to 5 pm).

You can also contact customer service on the web site at https://eshop.heromotocorp.com/contact.


How do I exchange my hero bike?

Some bikes are eligible for an exchange through Hero’s Wheels of Trust 2-wheeler exchange program. You can find more info on the program here, and maybe even turn in your old bike for a brand new model. 


If you have purchased Hero merchandise, you will have to figure out a few things if you want to make a return.

You will need to determine whether you bought directly from Hero’s online shop (eshop) and then determine if your product is even eligible for return. 

Time is of the essence, though, since you only have a 10 day window to return your merchandise. 



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