Bajaj Bike Return Policy (What´s Covered + More)

Bajaj Bike Return Policy

Purchasing a new motorbike can often be an exciting but tedious task as you want to ensure you choose the correct bike. However, many people will select a motorcycle only to decide later that this is not the one for them and will search for a refund.

If you were to purchase a motorbike from Bajaj Auto, you might be curious about their return policy.

Bajaj Auto has a return policy that’s similar to various auto dealers in that once you have made the final payment and taken the motorcycle home, you cannot get a full refund. However, a refund is possible if the bike is faulty or has parts that are beyond repair. 

This article will discuss the return policy of Bajaj Auto. So keep reading! We have everything you need to know about Bajaj Auto and its return policy.

Bajaj Auto Motorbikes

Bajaj Auto is an Indian automotive company that manufactures several motorcycles, scooters, and three-wheelers.

It was founded in the early 1940s by Jamnalal Bajaj and has grown to become the third-largest manufacturer of motorcycles worldwide and the second-largest in India. 

Bajaj Auto is the world’s largest three-wheeler manufacturer. In December 2020, they reached a market capital of 1 trillion rupees, equal to around $13 billion, making it the most valuable two-wheeler company in the world. 

Major Motorcycles 

Bajaj Auto produces a variety of motorcycles, scooters, cars, and three-wheelers that are generally considered to be exceptionally well-priced and affordable.

If you are in the market for a new motorcycle, the best-selling options include the following:

Motorcycles include 4-stroke models with sport performance engines such as the 150cc and 180cc Pulsar. Other motorcycles include their renowned CT Platina 100, The Avenger, Dominar, and Pulsar models. 

They are also known for their Auto Rickshaw, often referred to as tuk-tuks, a three-wheeled motorcycle that is popular around the world from Asia to South America. Their three-wheelers account for almost 60% of the total market in India. 

Bajaj Auto has recently branched out into the electric motorcycle market, first launching their electric scooter in India back in 2020.

The model is known as the Chetak, and they plan to build over five million of these scooters in the near future. 

The Refund Policy Of Bajaj Auto

For those living on the Indian subcontinent, chances are if you’re going to purchase a motorcycle, there’s a high chance that you’ll go to Bajaj Auto for one of their bikes.

As they have one of the largest selections in Asia, there’s something for everyone, and they ensure that the bikes are of the highest quality. 

If you decide to opt for a motorcycle or one of their various vehicles, yet after a few test rides, you have decided that this particular model isn’t for you, what is the process for seeking a refund? And you may even be curious about what kind of warranty comes with new purchases.

The Refund Policy With Bajaj Auto

Suppose you recently purchased a new or semi-used motorcycle from Bajaj Auto, and you’re curious about the bike’s refund policy.

In that case, you’ll be happy to know that a refund is possible in specific scenarios. If your bike is faulty or has parts that cannot be repaired, you will be able to receive a full refund under warranty. 

Bajaj Auto offers a part payment service where you can pay installments in the lead-up to receiving your brand-new motorcycle. Thus, you have until the final payment to decide whether or not you’d like to take the vehicle, as after the final payment, you cannot cancel the purchase of the motorcycle, i.e., no refund is possible. 

So, the part payment service works as a medium because it gives you a little more time to think about whether or not you’d like to purchase the bike.

If you decide to cancel your purchase before you submit your final payment, you can receive a refund; yet you will be subject to various service charges and may lose a portion of your deposit. 

Exchange Policy

If you’ve made the final payment on your motorcycle and the dealership has released it into your hands, you cannot receive a full refund. However, you may be interested to know that Bajaj Auto has a great exchange program. 

So, if you’ve recently purchased a new motorcycle and after a few months you decide that it no longer suits you, you’re able to take it into Bajaj Auto and exchange it for something else. They will exchange any kind of Bajaj motorcycle, and according to their website, they offer the best exchange rates. 

Thus, they will give you a final price for the bike, which can be redeemed against any of the motorcycles or vehicles in their dealership.

They also assure potential customers that all of the formalities will be done in the shortest time possible. 

The Warranty With Bajaj Auto

When you purchase a new motorcycle from Bajaj Auto, it will come with a warranty that lasts for up to three years or 36,000 km.

This ensures that you’ll have plenty of time to make sure the motorcycle is in full working order and that none of the factory parts are faulty. This warranty also includes up to four free services. 

If you were to buy a refurbished or used vehicle, the warranty is slightly less at one-year or 12,000kms, whichever comes first. This also includes two free services, ensuring that the bike will be up to a high standard when sold by Bajaj Auto. 

Conditions Of The Warranty

The warranty of any vehicle purchased from Bajaj Autos could be transferred to a new owner if you were to sell the bike before its expiry.

All that’s required is that the customer keeps the original owner’s manual, as this can authenticate the motorcycle. 

Items that are available for replacement on warranty include fasteners, bulbs, washers, shims, rubbers, oil seals, plastic or glass components, spark plugs, hoses, oil filters, brake shoes, tires, air filter, brake pads, lock sets, head or taillights, the battery, and various other accessories. 

The warranty will also cover any premature wear and tear of the engine components, such as piston valves, bearings, and cylinders.

It also covers various defects which may not have been noticed at the time of purchase, including fluid seepage and imperfections.

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So, now that you know all about the refund policies of Bajaj Auto, you’re ready to go out and purchase a new motorcycle for yourself.

Just remember that once the final payment is made, you cannot receive a full refund unless the motorcycle is faulty or damaged beyond repair. 


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