5 Common Problems With Evelo Bikes (Do This Before…)

evelo bike problems

According to a fair number of consumers, Evelo has one of the best customer service departments in the world. Unfortunately, many have less positive things to say about their e-bikes. But what are the most common issues they encounter?

Based on complaints made to forums and to Evelo themselves, the pedal assists, brake sensors, and battery display all tend to malfunction easily. Additionally, their e-bikes are prone to bad connections at the rear wheel hub, as well as clicking and rattling sounds throughout.

 Fortunately, at least a couple of these issues have easy solutions for those in need of them.

1. Bad Connections at Hub

Some users complain that Evelo bikes are prone to loose connections around the rear wheel hub. This complaint seems particularly prevalent with Evelo’s Aurora model.

The main cable running into the rear wheel hub becomes loose or dislodged, sometimes creating problems with the throttle or controller. Sometimes the cable frays, revealing loose wires.

In the event that the cable becomes damaged, it often needs replacement. Since this particular cable can cost as much as $60, those who encounter this issue tend to find it particularly frustrating.

Fortunately, you can still use what’s left of the old cable and merge it with the new one. Repairs require just a few simple steps.

  • First, disconnect the shifter and see where the cable passes through the down tube.
  • Find a thin, durable rope and tie it to the end of the problem-causing cable.
  • Pull the cable through the down tube, leaving a visible length of rope exposed on the end facing the handlebars.
  • Tie the exposed end of the rope to the new cable and tighten it to hold fast while merging the cable ties.

If the cable is simply loose but undamaged, you can begin with the first step and simply tighten the connection yourself.

You may still wish to use a bit of rope to hold it in place and prevent the issue from reoccurring.

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2. Clicking and Rattling Sounds

A number of Evelo’s customers have complained about clicking and rattling sounds emanating from their bikes, particularly while accelerating. Unfortunately, this complaint takes far too many forms to accommodate a single diagnosis.

For instance, one complaint details a ticking sound from the rear axle on one of Evelo’s Compass trike models. Another complains of rattling sounds in the motor component of the Galaxy 500, possibly from a loose screw.

In both of these cases, Evelo replaced the bike entirely. Unfortunately, both users complain that the replacements suffered further issues.

The lack of a unified diagnosis or solution makes it virtually impossible to recommend a single course of action.

Those who lack mechanical knowhow will need to consult with an e-bike mechanic or contact Evelo’s customer service and hope for better luck with their replacement.

3. Delayed Pedal Assist

This issue only occurs in certain Evelo models that utilize cadence sensors as opposed to torque sensors. When the pedal assist system operates on a torque sensor, the motor puts out more power as the rider pedals harder.

A cadence sensor does the opposite. In theory, this should make for an easier riding experience, as less pedaling is required.

However, Evelo bikes that operate on a cadence sensor don’t always kick in as soon as the rider stops pedaling.

This issue isn’t technically unique to Evelo as a brand, but the complaint stems from the fact that this delay will specifically occur just after the rider pedals enough to activate the sensor.

To understand why this is a problem, imagine pedaling uphill. You pedal hard to engage the motor, yet the pedal assist isn’t quite kicking in as you’re mounting your seat, leaving you unprepared if you momentarily slide backward.

Some experienced bike users will argue this is simply a matter of knowing how to work with the type of pedal assist your bike utilizes. Essentially, it’s a matter of taste.

The best solution is to simply know your own riding style and avoid models with a sensor that doesn’t suit your preferences.

4. Faulty Brake Sensors

Evelo bikes contain sensors on each side of the brake lever. This sensor’s purpose is to disengage the motor when squeezing the lever. Unfortunately, this sensor does not always work as intended. It may fall out of adjustment or may simply be faulty.

The good news is you don’t need to crash in order to diagnose this issue. It will show on your bike display as Error 25.

Note that some users have complained of receiving new bikes with air in the brake lines. However, Error 25 indicates you should check the sensors before looking at the brakes themselves.

If releasing the brake lever after powering up the bike clears this code, it may be a malfunction in the display itself. In the event that the code persists, try these steps:

  • Disconnect one of the two brake lever plugs and power on the bike again. If the problem goes away, you’ve discovered the root cause.
  • If the problem persists, reconnect the plug and disconnect the other one to see if the error is resolved.
  • Having identified which plug is causing problems, contact Evelo to have it replaced.
  • If the error continues to present itself after testing both plugs, take the bike to a mechanic or contact Evelo for further assistance and potentially a replacement bike.

5. Inaccurate Battery Display

Some customers complain that the battery indicator and bike display do not always align. While the battery light indicates a full charge, the display will show a charge of below 100%.

Evelo claims this is normal for newer bikes, and that the solution is to run the battery down to 0% before charging it fully again, which should resolve the issue.

If this solution fails, there may be a problem with the battery itself. Battery issues are actually one of the more common hassles with electric bikes in general. They sometimes fail to hold a charge, especially when damaged or exposed to extreme temperatures.

It may be worth checking for a blown fuse or another issue before having it replaced outright.


Evelo dedicates themselves to customer service and rarely charges restocking fees on replacements. However, a number of users complain about replacing a bike with one of the above issues, only to receive a bike with the same issue or others.

If the above hassles seem reasonable, stick with a brand that values customer service.

If, however, you’re a new customer looking for a consistently dependable brand, or a frustrated Evelo user who encounters these issues frequently, the solution may simply be to take yourself out of the game.

Some of these issues won’t be going away any time soon.




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