5 Common Problems with Carrera Electric Bikes (Do This Before…)

Carrera Electric Bike problems

Electric bikes are incredible machines that make getting around town easier and better for the environment. Carrera has been making bikes for over 25 years and recently got into the ebike scene.

Carrera electric bikes are known for some common problems. The electric power goes in and out sometimes. The bikes don’t all have throttles, meaning they’re only equipped with peddle assist. Users also complain there is nowhere to put a water bottle or any sort of pump. These bikes are quite heavy, as well.

In this article, you’ll find out what the five most common issues are with Carrera electric bikes. We’ll also touch on a few tips for how to resolve these issues. Read on to find out all you need to know.

What’s the Biggest Problem with Carrera Electric Bikes?

The biggest issue customers complain about with Carrera ebikes is the cutting in and out of the electric power when they’re riding.

A problem occurs because users are riding along using electric power and it seemingly cuts out.

There’s no way to know exactly what causes this without having your bike looked at, but there are some considerations for things you can check. 

First, check the physical connections. It could be that something has come loose and simply needs to be reconnected.

You also need to make sure your electric bike is fully charged each time you take it out to get an optimal ride.

4 More Common Problems with Carrera Electric Bikes

There could be several other problems we won’t discuss here, but these are the most common ones that customers encounter. So, keep reading to find out what they are.

1. The Bike Has No Throttle

This isn’t so much a problem with the bikes themselves. This is more of a misunderstanding than anything else. 

See, many people shopping for an electric bike expect that it will go into full-on electric bike mode, meaning you can control it with the throttle once it transitions into ebike power. That isn’t always the case, however.

In fact, for the most part, Carrera ebikes are only equipped with peddle assist. Peddle assist is much different than having a throttle. With peddle assist, the rider must still peddle in some fashion to keep the bike moving.

Using a throttle is different because it works like a motorcycle would where there is no peddling involved once it’s engaged.

One example of a Carrera electric bike has three levels of peddle assist, but no throttle. The bike’s battery will engage to give 25%, 50%, or 75% peddle assist to riders depending on the setting selected.

The lack of throttle causes confusion with many riders. It also limits the level of speed you can expect to go.

2. No Place to Store Anything

While many bikes come with built-in storage sites for water bottles, pumps, or other tools, Carrera bikes aren’t known for this. It’s a major complaint from many consumers who’ve purchased these electric bikes.

Typically, people don’t think about storage for these items until they’re heading out for their first ride. They get out their tools, fill their water bottles, and go to pack things up.

Then, they’re disappointed when they find there is nowhere to put these items. 

Carrera did not do the best job with considering what riders would want to have with them when they’re out.

Your best remedy is to wear a backpack with the tools you need and keep a Camelbak inside for your ride.

3. Carrera Electric Bikes Are Heavy

Some of the Carrera electric bikes are quite heavy. They’re not always easy to maneuver in and out of a vehicle or on and off the back of one. 

This problem can be resolved by choosing the right bike for your needs. For instance, the Carrera Crossfire-E electric bike is quite heavy for some people. But the Impel is regarded as being quite light in comparison to other electric bikes. 

You also need to consider the right size of bike. Like regular bikes, electric bikes also come in different frame and wheel sizes.

Choosing the correct size will help keep the weight down to something more manageable for the rider.

4. Sensors Are a Common Problem with Carrera Electric Bikes

With any electric bike, there are sensors that are used to configure when the battery and motor should kick in. Those sensors are based on the technology available at the time of manufacture. 

Carrera electric bikes are known to have some issues with sensors not working properly. Users have reported settings on the control screen indicate the bike is in electric mode when, in fact, it is not. 

While this isn’t always a sensor issue, it often is. This type of problem would warrant having a bike expert look at your electric bike’s sensors to see if you’ll need to replace them.

Carrera Electric Bikes Aren’t Exceptions to the Rules

Reading this article may have you thinking Carrera electric bikes have more issues than other brands of e-bikes. This isn’t necessarily the case, though.

The truth is electric bikes haven’t been around in the capacity they are now for very long. The first electric bikes were solely peddled assist. There was a push by one inventor in the 1990s.

It wasn’t until into the 2000s that electric bikes started originating from multiple companies. They started as extremely expensive novelties that most people couldn’t afford.

Segway started using the technology to launch different mobility vehicles.

Today, there are many more electric bike brands with price tags that aren’t so exorbitant. Since most of them are developed with the same kind of technology, they have many of the same problems.

Carrera Vengeance ebike, Motor fail >> Check out the video below:

Final Thoughts

Carrera electric bikes have some common problems. They’re not unique to this brand, however. Much of what users’ report can be easily rectified or solved in some simple manner. 

Make sure you understand what you’re getting with your electric bike and keep it well maintained. By doing so, you may fend off some of the common problems many people experience with ebikes.



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