Echelon Bike Return Policy (What´s Covered + More)

Echelon Bike Return Policy

Echelon is a worldwide distributor of exercise bikes that come highly recommended by professionals and athletes.

They are studio/gym quality and offer a host of models from which to choose. But sometimes people return them for a variety of reasons.

We’ll review Echelon’s bike return policy, what’s covered, and more. This will detail the amount of time you have to initiate a return and it will depend on whether you bought the bike online or at a physical store. Their policy is standard, but there are some things that make it confusing.

What to Do & Know Prior to Initiating a Return

Before returning anything to Echelon, you have first to determine how you bought the bike. If you bought it from an actual store, you have to return it to the store from where you acquired it.

In the event you made the purchase online, you will have to return it through the mail or another shipping carrier.

However, if you bought the bike from a third-party seller, you have to contact the third-party directly. Their return options are not going to be the same as what Echelon offers.

Regardless, the process is very self-explanatory.

Troubleshooting Prior to Attempting a Return

Echelon recommends attempting to fix or repair whatever issues you’re having with the bike prior to attempting a return.

They have a whole page on their website dedicated to common problems people have with their bikes.

Troubleshooting suggestions include things like:

  • Updating firmware
  • Reattaching the motor arm
  • AirPods not connecting
  • Knocking noises from the wheels, while pedaling or within the bike itself
  • Tablet screen not working or connecting
  • Lack of resistance on the bike
  • Loss of riding statistics
  • Poor connection to the app and connection issues in general
  • Unstable/wobbly bike
  • SPD clip issues
  • Loose wheel wires
  • Assembly and maintenance problems

The Bike’s Condition Matters

Once you’ve exhausted all the troubleshooting possibilities and still want to return it, you have to ensure the bike is in prime condition.

It must be brand new and not have any damage or defects along with the model being in re-sellable condition.

This means you must have the original packaging, any associated parts/accessories, the user manual, charger, and tags.

So, before making a return, be sure to inspect the whole bike for scratches, dents, chipped paint, and other such signs of damage. Ensure you go over the thing with a fine-toothed comb.

This is the best way to up the chances that they’ll accept the return and provide a full refund. If the bike has sustained some damage, including missing manuals and parts, Echelon will deduct money from the total of the return.

In cases of severe damage, Echelon reserves the right to refuse the refund altogether.

Echelon Can Refuse Any Return for Any Reason

Therefore, you are at Echelon’s sole judgment and discretion. It also means that your bike could be in tiptop shape and they may refuse to accept the return anyway.

When in doubt, you can email them directly at or call them at 833-937-2453.

Continuing with Initiating a Return with Echelon

If you know your bike is eligible for a return and you speak with Echelon prior to returning, you can log into your account, set up the return through their refund portal or go to the store from where you bought the bike.

Also, for both online and in-store returns, your bike should have an authorization number on the packaging.

Without it, you won’t be able to return the bike, even if it is in stellar condition. This means the original sale of the bike is final; you’re accepting it in “as is” condition.

In-Store Returns

For in-store purchases, you have seven days to make your return. Anything over $100 must have an authorization number on the packaging or they will not accept it.

Plus, most stores will require you to have a receipt or other document to provide proof of purchase.

Online Return Window

However, if you bought the bike online, you have a full 30 days after delivery to initiate your return. As long as you submit your return within that time, you won’t incur any fees, or experience deductions from your return and Echelon will refund any shipping costs you paid.

If it’s past the 30-day allowance, you’re out of luck. They will not accept any returns after that time. Your best chance to recoup losses is to sell the bike on places like eBay or Posh.

Initiating a Return Online

For online returns, login to your account, go to your purchases, and select the bike for a return. Echelon will then provide you with a free, prepaid shipping label.

However, if you received the bike as a gift, you can go directly to their return portal and fill out the necessary fields.

Ensure you box the bike securely along with documentation, manuals, and parts. Then, take it to the post office or another carrier.

Once Echelon receives the equipment, they’ll send you a confirmation email. If you have any questions during this time, be sure to call or email them immediately.

After the process has begun, you can expect your refund to appear in your account within 30 days after Echelon receives the bike.

When all is complete, they will send another confirmation email giving you all the details about the bike and the process of the return.

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While the return policy at Echelon is standard, it is a little confusing in its way. Therefore, when you choose to make a purchase with them, ensure that your bike is exactly what you want. Read everything about it in the description along with the details of the bike.

It may also be a good idea to surf the web and see what previous customers have to say about the bike you’re looking at.

You simply want to cover all your bases before making a purchase because initiating a return can be something of a hassle.


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