5 Common Problems With Easy Motion Bikes (Do This Before…)

easy motion bike problems

Easy motion bikes are one of the transports of the future! With their automatic function and smooth operation, it can be surprising to find that they actually come with 5 common problems.

The Easy Motion Bike, or E-Bike, commonly experiences problems with it’s electrical and wired functions, usually resulting from damage that the bike experiences while being driven. Most often, these problems must be solved by maintenance experts.

In this article we will go over the 5 problems most common with Easy Motion bikes and how to solve them, providing you with all you need to know!

5 Common Problems With Easy Motion Bikes

Below is a list of the problems that we have found to be most common when using Easy Motion Bikes:

  1. Cut-Off Switch Engaged
  2. Motor Does not Spin
  3. Low Battery Lifespan
  4. Loose Wiring
  5. Broken Throttle

Let’s take a closer look at each of these common problems with easy motion bikes and the reason they occur!

1.   Cut-Off Switch Engaged

It is no secret that these fantastic modes of transportation put the “ease” in “easy motion!” Thanks to that ease, it is not difficult to take your bike out so often that some mistakes and even accidents occur.

During these accidents, your easy bike can become damaged internally, even if it looks all right on the outside.

Many of these internal damages can cause a device called the “cut off switch” in your Easy Motion Bike to engage. The cut-off switch is also known as the Motor Inhibitor Switch.

It is meant to activate when the braking system on your Easy Motion Bike has been damaged.

Unfortunately, if your Easy Motion Bike experiences enough jostling on the brakes and brake levers, in particular, it can cause it to turn on and stop the Easy Motion Bike from operating properly.

When this happens, you may find yourself puzzled as to why the bike is not responding, especially if you have solved all other outward problems after any mishaps.

The truth is Motor Inhibitor Switches, while there for your safety, are just as prone to malfunctioning as any device. 

It can be tempting to try and change out your cut-off switch on your own once you realize the problem, but this can be dangerous.

Instead, take your Easy Motion Bike to a maintenance expert so that they can disengage the wires with the utmost safety and get your Easy Motion Bike moving again!

2.   Motor Does not Spin

Sometimes figuring out how the modern marvel of the Easy Motion electric bike works can seem too complex. However, the truth is, they operate on hub motors much like motorcycles or industrial assembly equipment.

These hub motors are prone to their own set of problems, such as loose parts causing loud noises or friction that wears on your equipment.

However, one of the most frustrating problems users have found with their Easy Motion Bike is a lack of being able to get the hub motor to spin. Without this spin, the Easy Motion Bike can stop working altogether.

The reason the spinning problem occurs is because the controller, an electronic circuit that controls the motor’s speed, is malfunctioning.

This happens whenever the controller is loosely connected or completely disconnected, usually caused by a jostling or rough treatment of the bike itself.

This will prevent the hub motor from getting any electricity pumped in and render it completely ineffective. To solve the problem, all you need to do is connect the motor to the controller again.

If the problem persists, the controller itself may be damaged beyond repair, and it would be wise to take your Easy Motion Bike to maintenance professionals to have it replaced.

3.   Low Battery Lifespan

One of the best things about an Easy Motion Bike is that unlike regular bicycles, you do not have to be the source of power moving the vehicle along! Instead, the crucial, beating heart of the energy bike is the battery.

Unfortunately, this all-important battery is located in a spot on the Easy Motion Bike that is easily exposed to damage.

When the proud owner of an Easy Motion Bike decides to wash their vehicle with a hose (which is ill-advised) or simply suffers an accident, the battery is often the first part of the Easy Motion bike to suffer for it.

A wet or damaged battery starts to lose it’s lifespan fairly quickly and can no longer hold a charge, leaving you with an Easy Motion Bike that slows to a stop prematurely.

Even hot weather or freezing cold seasons can cause your battery to lose energy more quickly. 

Finally, one of the other detriments to your battery’s health is that leaving it plugged in for too long can also lead to shorter charge.

You can check your battery’s life with a multi-meter tool or by taking it to maintenance experts. Getting a new battery for your Easy Motion Bike may seem costly, but they are easily replaced.

As long as you treat your Easy Motion Bike battery with care, it can last for as long as three years, according to an article on eBike News.

4.   Loose Wiring

This is a problem with any and all wired electronic equipment, but it is particularly true for the Easy Motion Bike.

Loose wiring throughout the E-Bike’s system can occur thanks to how often the bike is exposed to terrain that will jostle and jiggle it. 

For this common problem, the Easy Motion Bike has to have it’s external wiring checked for proper connections every few weeks, or more, depending on frequency and roughness of use.

5.   Broken Throttle

The throttle system that is used to keep the Easy Motion Bike in motion is useful but can break due to improper use.

Unless you are careful not to let go of your bike’s throttle too abruptly, the wire connecting it to the bike can break and become necessary to replace.

In Conclusion

To sum it all up, the Easy Motion Bike’s main five problems are all due to improper operation or the natural jostling that comes with riding any bike over outdoor terrain. 

This can cause the Easy Motion Bike to need to be checked for loose wiring or damaged connections. The commonality of these problems may lead you to need to take your E-Bike for maintenance every few months.



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