Amazon Bike Return Policy (What’s Covered + More)

Amazon Bike Return Policy

Do you know what Amazon’s bike return policy is? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Believe it or not, you can now purchase a bicycle from Amazon and get it delivered free with Prime. But with such a significant purchase, you might wonder what Amazon’s return policy is for bikes.

According to Amazon’s bike return policy, you have 30 days to return or exchange your bike if Amazon is the seller. If another vendor sold the bike and Amazon just fulfilled the order, you’d have to refer to that seller’s return policy before you can start the returns process.

Let’s examine closely the steps needed to return a bike to Amazon.

What Is Amazon’s Return Policy for Bikes?

For items sold and fulfilled by Amazon, you have 30 days to request a return or replacement. Amazon will provide you with a return shipping label, so you must put the bike in its original packaging and arrange a package pickup.

Additionally, bikes purchased between mid-October to Christmas Day have an extended return window up to January of the following year.

If your bike was from a third-party seller on Amazon, you could only request a return, not a replacement. Their return window is also seller-specific, so check that seller’s return policy before committing to a purchase.

Not sure how long you have to return your bike to the third-party seller? Send them a message before committing to a purchase.

The seller will tell you within 24 to 48 hours about their return policy, and you can decide whether to buy the bike or not.

Return Policy for Bikes Sold by Amazon

Any item sold by Amazon, including bikes, have a 30-day returns window. During these 30 days, you can request a return, exchange, or replacement. Simply go to “Your Orders,” look for the bike you bought, and click “Return or Replace Item.”

Replacements include exchanges for a different color or size and replacements of a defective item.

Not sure if Amazon or another vendor sold you the item? Go to the item’s listing page and look to the right. Below the “Buy Now” should be the words “Ships from” and “Sold by.” If both say “,” you bought the item directly from them.

Your return options from the order page should also clue you in on the seller. Items sold by Amazon have more choices than items sold by other vendors.

That’s because items sold by anyone other than Amazon are only eligible for returns and nothing else.

Return Policy for Bikes Sold by a Third-Party Vendor

If the “Ships from” and “Sold by” section has another company’s name on them, you’ll be covered by that seller’s return window instead of Amazon’s.

They usually follow Amazon’s 30-day return window to reduce confusion, but it’s better to check with the seller first just to make sure.

Unlike Amazon, third-party sellers don’t always have to provide you with a return shipping label. The least they’re expected to do is give you a return address. From there, it’s up to them whether to provide you with a prepaid label or have you pay for it.

For packages that weigh over 90 pounds, are longer than 96 inches, or have a total larger than 130 inches in length and girth, you’ll be issued either a postage-due label or a prepaid label.

You’re responsible for shipping costs if you have a postage-due label.

The main exception is if the item was eligible for Prime when you placed the order. If so, the item will have the same return policies as items shipped by Amazon.

Does Amazon Offer Exchanges and Replacements for Bikes?

Bikes sold and shipped by Amazon are eligible for exchanges and replacements. You only have this option if you bought the item directly instead of receiving it as a gift. If it was sent to you as a gift from someone else, you could only return it for a refund.

To exchange your bike, go to the order page of your item and select “Return or replace items.” Then, select the right reason when prompted on the “Reason for return” menu.

Once your exchange is ready, you’ll be given a prepaid shipping label to affix to your package. You have 30 days to return your bike, or you’ll be charged a second time for the replacement sent to you.

Remember that exchanges are limited to identical items with different sizes or colors. For example, if your bike has 24-inch wheels but you decide that 26 inches are better for you, you can arrange an exchange.

You must also remember that price differences do matter when exchanging the bike. If your original item is more expensive than the one you want, you’ll get a refund for the difference.

Conversely, you’ll be charged the difference if the other bike is more expensive than yours.

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When Is a Bike Not Eligible for Exchange or Replacement?

If another vendor instead of Amazon sold your bike, you could not request an exchange or replacement. You’ll be instructed to return the bike and then use your refund to purchase the correct one.

This policy applies to bikes sold by other sellers but fulfilled by Amazon. However, if you’re experiencing problems with the seller and they are refusing to abide by their return policy, you can ask Amazon to intervene.

Their A-to-z guarantee will cover your purchase.

What if Your Purchase Was More Than 30 Days Ago?

If you bought your bike over 30 days ago and you’re experiencing problems, you’ll have to contact Amazon’s customer service.

The automated returns process will no longer be available to you, so your return is at Amazon’s discretion.

The same thing applies to bikes sold by third-party vendors. You must contact them and explain your situation, then wait for their response on how to proceed.

Final Thoughts

Purchasing a bike from Amazon is an easy, convenient experience. Most items are Prime-eligible, meaning you don’t have to pay exorbitant shipping fees.

If you need to return the item, you usually have 30 days to request it. The specific return window depends on whether Amazon or someone else sold you the item, so make sure you check that first.

As long as your request is legitimate, you should have no problems sending your bike back for a refund.

It always helps to educate yourself first about the return policy to avoid headaches and confusion later.


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