Does Target Charge for Bike Assembly (All You Need to Know)

does Target charge for bike assembly

Buying a new bike can be an exciting time, especially for children, but it can become bothersome quickly if you need to assemble it yourself.

If you’re thinking of buying from Target, then you may be wondering if there are any hidden fees for bike assembly.

Target does not charge for the bikes that come assembled. Bikes ordered from utilizing Order Pickup can be constructed since they are drawn from stock in the store that is currently available (or you may ask for a bike that is 20″ or bigger to be completed and pick it up later). All bikes 20″ or bigger are constructed and placed on the rack when purchased in-store.

Here’s everything you need to know about bike assembly at Target and how reliable the in-store assembly is so you can decide if you want to buy a bike off the rake or choose somewhere else for bike assembly.

Does Target Charge for Bike Assembly?

Target doesn’t charge any fees for bike assembly since many of its bikes come assembled.

Bikes ordered from Target through and shipped to a store won’t be put together. Bikes ordered from utilizing Order Pickup can be constructed since they are drawn from stock in the store that is currently available (or you may ask for a 20″ or bigger bike to be completed and pick it up later).

Choose pick-up today eligibility from the availability filter to browse for bikes that are available for purchase utilizing our Order Pickup service.

All bikes 20″ or bigger are constructed and placed on the bike stand when purchased in-store. However, if you’d like to buy an unassembled bicycle, Guest Services will assist you in finding out if any are available in-store. All bikes 20″ or bigger are not sold until they are assembled.

If your local Target store only offers a boxed version of the model you’re searching for but not an assembled one, they may ask you to come back once they’ve put the bike together. 12″ to 16″ bikes come in boxes that are not assembled.

No specific bike is designated or kept by Target as a showcase model. On the sales floor, every bike is for sale.

After you’ve made a purchase, get in touch with the shop if you have any queries about bike assembly.

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Which Target Bikes Come Assembled?

The size of the bike and the method of purchase affect how Target bikes are assembled, according to the retailer’s website.

SizeMethod of PurchaseComes Assembled?
20” and upIn-store or pick-up at storeYes
20” and upDelivery or ship-to-storeNo
16” and downAllNo

Depending on inventory, Target could still offer unassembled in-store bikes upon request. If it is what you desire, ask at the customer service counter.

Is Target’s Bike Assembly Reliable?

Retailers still need to assemble a new bicycle after it is delivered. Fork installation and brake calibration are among the final tasks that are essential for safety.

Additionally, you must tune the drivetrain to experience accurate, snappy shifting.

There is no calling for the person who will assemble the bikes because Target (as of this writing) does not have a staff of designated bike mechanics.

Even if some employees may be better mechanically than others, it is likely true that they are not qualified, mechanics.

Unfortunately, this is evidenced by the average off-the-rack assembly quality.

Bicycles with the fork fitted backward, for instance, are dreadfully prevalent. While I don’t currently have any photographs of Target on hand, you can see one from a similar store here.

Is Assembling a Bike Yourself Difficult?

Assembling and maintaining a bike seems easy, but it’s not. While it may appear like assembling your new bike only requires reading a small instruction booklet and twisting a few screws, the process is much more involved.

Even if you don’t plan on assembling your bike, it can be helpful to know some things to check to ensure the bike is safe.

When constructing a bike for the first time, people make several frequent errors. Here are some mistakes that beginner riders frequently make:

  • Backward forks: Flipped forks shorten the lifespan of the bicycle and make handling more difficult.
  • Incorrect handlebars: A bike repair expert can assist you in determining the best configuration for your body type, so you should seek their advice.
  • Tilted saddles: Your bicycle’s saddle should always be equal and level. If it’s not, there’s a considerable risk that your bike won’t operate as it should, making the ride quite uncomfortable.


While Target doesn’t charge for bike assembly for its larger bikes and those you can find on the bike rake in-store, the assembly quality can be questionable since Target doesn’t have a set department of staff specializing in bikes.

However, the low price tag and the decent quality may be enough for the casual cyclist to get a bike quickly.


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