5 Common Problems With Coleman Mini Bikes (Do This Before…)

coleman mini bike problems

The 5 most common problems that you may experience with a Coleman mini bike are a clutch that engages too easily, a fork bolt that is too loose, a chain that has lost its tension, a pull start that does not function properly, and bits of debris trapped among the bike’s moving parts.

In the rest of the article, we are going to look at each of these 5 common problems with Coleman mini bikes in detail as well as learn about what you can do to fix them so that you can get back to riding in no time.


1. Problem With Clutch In Coleman Mini Bike

One of the most common problems that riders of Coleman mini bikes report is with the clutch. You may notice this as a grinding sound coming from the clutch even while you are idling with the bike.

If you want to confirm whether you have a clutch problem with your Coleman mini bike, have it idling and lift the rear tire into the air while it is doing so.

If the rear wheel spins while you are holding that side of the bike into the air, that means it is driven by the motor even though it is supposed to be idling.

You may have a more severe version of this problem, where the bike will drive forward while it is supposed to be idling. If you experience this, it is almost certainly the same clutch problem.


The first step you should take to solve the problem of a malfunctioning clutch on a Coleman mini bike is to change the oil.

If you have had this problem from the start, it might have been because the bike was shipped without oil to begin with.

If this does not solve the problem, you can contact Coleman for a clutch replacement. Many riders of the bikes will also replace the clutches with aftermarket clutches made by other manufacturers.

This allows them to continue riding their Coleman mini bike without dealing with the trouble of the clutches they come with.

2. Problem With Trapped Material In Coleman Mini Bike

You might be hearing the grinding noise that seems to be coming from your clutch, but it may not be caused by the same clutch problem that we just learned about.

Because of the construction of the Coleman mini bike, it may get bits of debris stuck between its moving parts.

This is especially true if you spend a lot of time riding on rough, rocky terrain, which can lead to little stones being kicked up into the bike’s gears and other mechanical parts.


Start by doing a visual inspection of your Coleman mini bike’s gears and the rest of its underside. If you see any little bits of material trapped in places where they should not be, remove them.

You can do this with your hands, but you need to remember to do so safely. Make sure that the bike is off completely since they are known for moving even when they are idling.

You can also use an instrument to clear out the debris while keeping your fingers safe. Even a hard stick will do the trick.

3. Problem With Loose Fork In Coleman Mini Bike

The fork bolts of Coleman mini bikes have a habit of coming loose. This makes the forks themselves loose, which you can hear in the form of a metallic clanking sound coming from the front of the bike as it is moving.


This is one of the easiest of the common problems that Coleman mini bikes have to fix. All you need to do is tighten the fork bolt, and it should correct the problem.

Because these bolts do loosen over time, you may have to do this on a somewhat regular basis. You can think of it as a form of regular maintenance rather than a true repair.

4. Problem With Chain In Coleman Mini Bike

The chains on Coleman mini bikes often become loose. This can be a bigger problem than it sounds since it creates an issue with safety if you are riding at the higher speed range of the bike.

Most of the time, you should not experience anything catastrophic from it, but you should also always be aware of chain issues so that you know how to avoid any dangers resulting from them.


The safest way to deal with the problem of a loose chain on a Coleman mini bike is to replace it with a new chain.

If you would prefer to try to repair the chain instead, you can try tightening it by cutting it down to a smaller length.

This may not be a permanent solution since the chains are prone to loosening and you can only cut them down so many times, but it can be a useful way to get back on the road really quickly.

5. Problem With Pull Start In Coleman Mini Bike

Some models of Coleman mini bikes have recurring problems with their pull starts. The good news is that if you are experiencing any of these, they can be fixed at home quite easily.


The first thing to do in this situation is to make sure that your motor is sufficiently oiled. It can be beneficial to confirm this even if you feel like you have oiled your motor relatively recently.

If this is not where the problem lies, your next step should be to replace or repair the pull starter. This can seem daunting, but the process is actually very simple and straightforward.


We have learned today all you need to know about the 5 common problems with Coleman mini bikes, why they are happening, and how to fix them.

Although it may be frustrating having to sort these issues out rather than ride, as we have seen today, the fixes tend to be quick, easy, and not very expensive, giving you some peace of mind.



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