10 Common Problems With TRS Trials Bikes (Do This Before…)

trs trials bike problems

Do you know what the common problems with TRS Trials bikes are? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Trials bikes are a very special breed of motorcycles with their own sets of technical requirements and challenges. But, after all, they are still machines and can suffer from more or less common problems. So, what are the 9 common problems with TRS trials bikes?

When it comes to trials bikes, TRS models are practically bulletproof, and not known for suffering from engineering or manufacturing defects. But, due to some reasons, you can expect certain things to be not as expected or break at some point.

So, let’s get into the details of those.

Who makes TRS trials bikes

TRS is a Spanish company founded in 2013 by, former 7 times world champion trials rider, Jordi Tarrés, and businessmen Ricardo Novel, Marc Arañó, and Josep Borrell.

With Tarrés’ experience of riding and Arañó’s experience of building motorcycles, the company was well equipped with the know-how needed for success.

Today, their bikes are some of the most popular ones among amateur and semi-pro riders for their reliability and exceptional engineering that makes them very easy for maintenance.

10 Common problems with TRS trials bikes

TRS trials bikes are well known for being very reliable and without any major problems. They are well-engineered and put together with exceptional attention to detail.

While there are some cases of TRS bikes constantly exhibiting serious issues, such are very rare cases of “cursed” units.

Compared to other trails motorcycle brands, TRS bikes are practically free of problems. Most common are just certain peculiarities for this brand, and things that you should expect due to the way they are used.

1. Starting

Some models have just kickstart and some have an additional electronic starter. But, when kick-starting them, all of the models can be said that they start a bit harder.

This is not strictly a problem, it’s just a thing characteristic of this brand. If you are used to other brands like Gas Gas or Beta, you could think that there are some issues with the starter.

But actually, everything is fine with it, it will always start on the second kick and never on the first.

2. Stiff front suspension

Many people complain that the front suspension feels very stiff and not very comfortable, out of the crate.

But also that after just a couple hours of riding the situation improve to the point of the front fork working as you would have expected.

This is also not a real problem and is present on practically all TRS bikes imported to the US.

The issue is with the long transport time from the production facility in Spain to North American shores.

The hydraulic oil flows out of some components of the suspension, and it takes a bit of break-in to get everything up to specs.

3. Air in the clutch line

When you get your new TRS bike, it is not uncommon to have certain problems with the clutch, namely a very sudden bite with unpredictable slipping.

You could lose days and weeks trying to troubleshoot it and failing to find the cause.

Problem is that bikes are shipped with handlebars inverted. And this allows air bubbles to form in the clutch line. Just bleeding and refilling the oil will fix this.

4. Air in the brake line

Just like with the clutch line, the same problem exists with brake lines, making brand-new bikes have spongy brakes.

Again, the problem is the way they are shipped, which causes air bubbles in lines. Bleeding and replenishing the brake fluid always fix it, and that should be the standard procedure when uncrating a new trials bike.

5. Clutch drag

There is a reason why certain gearbox oils are recommended while others are not. If you use heavier or fully synthetic gearbox oils there will be an undesirable clutch drag.

The problem is that such oils have both higher viscosity and also stick much better to clutch plates.

While in gearboxes that is a non-issue, it leads to over-lubrication of clutch plates and improper function. Using only the recommended oils prevents this problem.

6. Clutch plates deterioration

Clutch plates on TRS trailers bikes, similarly to practically all motorcycles of this type are made of organic materials.

And this makes them very sensitive to chemical changes that happen when water and synthetic gearbox oils combine.

Trails are not easy terrain, and water ingress in various parts does happen. When water is combined with synthetic gearbox oil it creates a milky white and very acidic liquid that corrodes the engine and eats away clutch plates material.

7. Kill switch/CDI

This is probably one of just two real problems with TRS trials bikes, particularly older models, the kill switch going dead on you all of a sudden.

The issue is the construction of the CDI connector, as they can very easily let water in. Especially if you use a pressure washer to clean the bike after a ride.

Water can enter the connector and simply short it, leading to a complete failure of CDI. This can be easily prevented by applying dielectric grease on the CDI connector.

8. Water pump impeller

Depending on your riding style, the OEM plastic water pump impeller may not be sufficiently robust for you. It can be overstrained to the point of breaking.

This is not a real flaw, as much as the case of pushing a mechanical part beyond its design capabilities.

Such failure can be prevented by installing a replacement metal impeller.

9. Fuel cap vent

Depending on the area where you ride, the ability of the fuel cap vent to allow the gas tank to “breath” can be insufficient.

This is the other of two real problems with TRS bikes. Fortunately, it is very easy to fix, as the fuel cap vent can be widened.

10. Skidplate nuts

This is a problem you should be aware of for any brand of trails bikes. Skidplate gets a beating, and this loosens the bolts. So, after each and every ride you should check them and retighten them.


They are well-built and exceptionally reliable. This list of 9 common problems with TRS trials bikes is more of a list of peculiarities compared to other brands, which could seem like problems if you don’t have previous experience. but once they are sorted, you can expect these bikes to surprise you with how reliable they are compared to other brands.



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