7 Common Problems With Ancheer Electric Bikes (Do This Before)

ancheer electric bike problems

John, do you know what are the main problems with Ancheer electric bikes? This is one of the questions my readers ask a lot. Well, I´ve got you covered.

E-bikes are taking the cycling world by storm, but they are usually still quite a significant investment. You want to know what you’re getting yourself in for when you do take the plunge, even with a relatively low-cost option, and there are many potential problems to watch out for.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at some of the most common problems that people have with their Ancheer electric bikes so that you can decide whether or not they might be the right choice for you.

What Is Ancheer?

Before we get into any of the issues that people have with their bikes, we should take a quick look at the company and what they are all about.

Ancheer has been producing electronic bikes for around five years, most of which are manufactured in Taiwan and China before being shipped to warehouses in the US or EU.

They carry out a lot of their sales online, although they do have a number of affiliate stores and distributors as well.

Ancheer is all about providing electronic bikes at competitive prices, and the company has grown significantly in size in the last few years. The question is: are their low prices a reflection of low quality?

What E-Bikes Does Ancheer Sell?

If you’re shopping with Ancheer, you do have quite a selection of different bikes to choose from. They sell mountain bikes as well as city commuter options, and you can also buy various parts through their online store.

Among the bikes that Ancheer currently offers, you will find:

  • Folding electric commuter bikes
  • Electric cruiser bikes
  • Mini folding electric bikes
  • Electric mountain bikes
  • Fat tire electric mountain bikes

There is also a range of different battery types available, which can affect charge times, longevity, and power.

7 Common Problems With Ancheer Electric Bikes

1. Battery Recall

This problem definitely needs to be at the top of the list, as it is the most serious issue by far. In October 2022, Ancheer announced a recall of all of their batteries for e-bikes with the model number AM001907.

This is because the lithium-ion batteries can, in some circumstances, catch fire, release sparks, or even explode.

Obviously, this is a grave and serious safety concern that does bring up questions about the quality and reliability of their products, however, the issue has only occurred with this one particular battery model.

If you do have one of these e-bikes then you should remove the battery from the bike and store it in a safe, ventilated, and dry space.

Then, contact the company toll-free at 888-661-1330, through email at service@ancheer.shop, or online at https://www.ancheer.shop/pages/recalls. Ancheer is offering a free replacement battery and mount for all of these bikes.

2. Chargers Failing

Multiple users have reported that the chargers on their Ancheer bikes have failed after a relatively short amount of time, which is a real pain for an electric bike.

Without a functioning charger, the batteries are essentially useless, but Ancheer will replace these if you can get in touch.

3. Battery Life Depleting

Another significant battery problem that some Ancheer customers have found is that they don’t always hold their charge over time.

After a few months, some people have reported a notable drop in battery life, which means you won’t be able to make it as far on a single charge.

4. Undergeared Drivetrain

Quite a few riders have reported that actually cycling on an Ancheer bike can feel a little loose.

The 14-28 tooth cassette can leave your legs spinning without much resistance, which means that you’re not able to drive forward with as much momentum as you might like.

This is made slightly worse by the heavy weight of the bikes, although this is a pretty common complaint with any e-bikes on the market.

5. Faulty/Damaged Parts

Most Ancheer bikes are shipped directly to your home, and some have reportedly arrived in less-than-perfect condition.

For example, a few customers have complained that the rear derailleur was bent when they got their bike out of the box, and some found that their controller was faulty, which blew the fuse in the battery.

6. Cheap Parts

Some of the parts on these Ancheer bikes are a little cheap, which explains the low price tag. Unfortunately, this can mean that they fail over time.

In particular, users complain that the suspension fork can twist or even snap under hard braking, and the tires need to be replaced pretty quickly.

Overall, they are not the most durable bikes on the market, but they do usually come with a warranty.

7. Communication

One of the other significant issues that Ancheer customers have found is due to the fact that much of the company’s operations happen abroad.

The instructions and manual are not written in very clear English, and it can be difficult to communicate with customer services.

What Are The Main Issues With Ancheer E-Bikes?

Putting aside the obvious recall problem, Ancheer electric bikes have generally received relatively positive reviews online and a lot of riders are pretty happy with their purchase.

With that being said, the main consensus is that you are getting a cheaper product and, as such, you shouldn’t expect too much.

The component parts aren’t going to be top-quality and, while they don’t feel cheap, the bikes aren’t going to feel very premium either. They’re reasonably attractive, relatively easy to use, and offer decent performance for the price.

The main issues are where the slightly cheaper manufacturing lets the bike down: electrical failures, mechanical parts becoming damaged, or the batteries losing charge over time.

This is coupled with the fact that Ancheer is essentially a foreign company, which means that it can be hard to get in touch with customer service and some of the documentation is a bit confusing.

Ancheer Electric Bicycle Hub Motor PROBLEM >> Check out the video below:


So, are Ancheer electric bikes too problematic to be worth it? Ultimately, they’re about what you would expect for the price tag, and most customers are pretty happy with their purchase at the end of the day.

Although the recalled batteries are certainly a cause for concern, most of the problems that people find with Ancheer bikes are down to their relatively cheap manufacturing – which is to be expected when you’re shopping for a budget ride.



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