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bajaj bike problems

Bajaj bikes are a popular brand of motorcycles and three-wheelers located in India. Although you may not recognize this brand in the US, they are one of the top brands for Indian motorcycles. 

Although Bajaj bikes have many fans, they have not always been known for reliability. If you are thinking about buying a Bajaj bike, you do want to be prepared for some of the common issues that you might run into during the length of ownership so you know what to do. 

In the rest of this article, we are going to break down everything you need to know before buying a Bajaj bike.

We will review the common problems you might run into and what to do about it so you don’t have to stress about your Bajaj bike’s reliability. 

What is a Bajaj bike? 

Bajaj is an Indian motorcycle brand that has been in business for over 75 years. They are sold in over 70 countries and proudly market themselves as “The World’s Favorite Indian”. 

Bajaj makes motorcycles and three-wheelers. The three-wheelers are very popular in India, Mexico, and South America. 

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What is the most popular Bajaj bike? 

Bajaj bikes’ most popular motorcycle is the Pulsar by far. It is their most recognized motorcycle and the favorite of countless motorcycle enthusiasts worldwide. 

A lot of effort is put into the Pulsar line as Bajaj consistently tries to improve this line when releasing new versions.

This sporty motorcycle is such a favorite because of its sporty styling, performance, and affordability. 

Are Bajaj bikes reliable? 

Depending on which online motorcycle forums you frequent, you might see some complaints about the reliability of Bajaj bikes.

While there are certainly some common reliability issues with Bajaj bikes, they are overall good-performing motorcycles. 

The best recommendation to optimize the reliability of your Bajaj bike is to keep up with regular service changes and overall maintenance. 

What are the most common problems with Bajaj bikes? 

If you are about to purchase a Bajaj bike and are worried about future problems to look out for, it’s important to be informed.

Some of these problems are more frustrating than others and they may not be important to you depending on your circumstances. 

When you plan ahead that you might encounter some problems over the course of owning a Bajaj bike, you might be able to prevent these things from happening or prepare more adequately for them so you aren’t caught off guard. 

Here are some problems you might encounter while you own a Bajaj bike: 

1. Inconsistent Customer Service

Many Bajaj owners complain that even though they love the performance and ownership experience of their Bajaj bikes, they consistently have issues with customer service. 

Some of the reports state that customer service is hard to get in touch with, argumentative about requests for replacement parts or fixes to known issues, and difficulty getting access to parts they need. 

2. Reliability Lower Than Other Popular Brands

If you are comparing Bajaj bikes to major motorcycle brands like Honda or Yamaha, you will be disappointed.

Bajaj simply doesn’t have the budget and resources to innovate as quickly and come up with solutions to common problems that these large brands do. 

Bajaj bikes are fun to ride and have a cult following but their bikes are just not built to last, especially if they are not well taken care of. 

3. No off-road capabilities

Some Bajaj bike owners have reported that they tried to take their bikes off-road and had issues. These bikes are made for on-road riding only and do not recommend that you take them off-road at any time. 

This can be frustrating for riders who want the option to be flexible between on-road and off-road riding. 

How can you buy a Bajaj bike?

You have to order your Bajaj bike through an authorized Bajaj dealership near you. Although they have a robust website where you can compare current models and decide on the right one for you, you can’t order anything directly through their site. 

Can you return a Bajaj bike if you don’t like it?  

Bajaj bikes are made to order. All orders are imported from India, so it may take some time for the order to be processed and delivered.

You have the option to cancel your order up until the point where you have made the final payment and your bike is ready to pick up. 

Once your Bajaj bike has arrived at the dealership and you have made your final payment, you are no longer able to cancel your order. 

If you are unhappy with your Bajaj bike purchase, you can contact customer service at Bajaj directly. 

Depending on the circumstances of your return, Bajaj may or may not accept your return. It’s also important to note that the Bajaj dealership may charge cancellation fees for your return at their discretion. 

What is the driving experience like with the Bajaj Pulsar N160 and what are some maintenance considerations?

The Bajaj Pulsar N160 provides an exhilarating driving experience with its agile handling, responsive engine, and sporty design. The vehicle offers impressive acceleration and performance, perfect for navigating city streets and highways with ease. Its nimble handling and precise steering contribute to confident maneuverability, while the sporty styling adds excitement to the overall driving experience.

In terms of maintenance considerations, regular upkeep for the Bajaj Pulsar N160 involves tasks such as oil changes, filter replacements, and occasional tune-ups. While some users have encountered concerns regarding the long-term durability of certain components, the overall reliability of the motorcycle tends to be satisfactory.

Like any vehicle, occasional mechanical issues may arise, but the Pulsar N160 is generally equipped with features that enhance its performance and safety. These features may include digital instrumentation, LED lighting, disc brakes, and a comfortable riding posture.

Additionally, some models may offer advanced features like ABS for increased safety on the road.

What are some key features and user reviews of the Bajaj Pulsar NS 200 bike?

Here is an overview of the Bajaj Pulsar NS 200 bike, highlighting several key features and user reviews. The Bajaj Pulsar NS 200 is renowned for its robust performance and striking design as a naked sports bike.

Equipped with a 200cc engine, this bike strikes a balance between power and fuel efficiency, appealing to riders seeking a dynamic riding experience. Users have praised the nimble handling and comfort provided by the bike’s riding position.

Some feedback notes a potential downside in the stiff suspension, although overall consensus supports the Bajaj Pulsar NS 200 as an excellent choice for individuals looking for an affordable and exciting ride.

What are some of the user reviews for Bajaj bike models like Pulsar NS200, Pulsar NS 125, and others?

Bajaj bike models like the Pulsar NS200 and Pulsar NS 125 have received positive feedback from users. One user review praises the Pulsar NS200 for its aggressive and sporty appearance, smooth and powerful engine, responsive suspension, and efficient liquid cooling system.

However, the bike was criticized for having an outdated instrument cluster, hard pillion seat, and subpar paint quality. On the other hand, the Pulsar NS 125 was commended for its stylish design, attractive features, and good fuel efficiency.

It was described as the best bike in India by one user who expressed their love for the NS 125.

What are the different Bajaj bike models available in the market with their respective engine capacities and mileage?

A comprehensive overview of the diverse Bajaj bike models offered in the market outlines their individual engine capacities and corresponding mileage.

The information provided covers a range of popular models including the Bajaj CT 110X (115.45 cc, 70 kmpl), Bajaj Avenger Street 160 (160 cc, 51 kmpl), Bajaj Avenger Cruise 220 (220 cc, 40 kmpl), Bajaj Pulsar F250 (249.07 cc, 35 kmpl), Bajaj CT 125X (124.4 cc, 61 kmpl), Bajaj Pulsar P150 (149.68 cc, 49 kmpl), and Bajaj Avenger 220 Street (220 cc, 40 kmpl).

Additionally, details about Bajaj electric bikes, specifically the Chetak starting at a price of Rs.1.15 Lakh in India, are included. The passage also hints at upcoming Bajaj bike models like the Pulsar NS400 and Avenger 400, and lists popular existing models such as the Pulsar NS200, Pulsar NS 125, Pulsar 125, Pulsar 150, and Pulsar N160.


Bajaj Bikes are one of the top motorcycle and three-wheeler brands in India. They are well-loved because they are affordable, stylish, and sporty.

They make fun motorcycles for enthusiasts and commuters and three-wheelers that are great for small businesses and many others. 

Although Bajaj bikes have many fans around the world, they are not without reliability issues and other problems.

If you purchase a Bajaj bike, be prepared for the potential for frustrating customer service scenarios, questionable reliability, and no way to ride off-road. 

Depending on what is important to you as a motorcycle owner, these issues may or may not affect your decision to purchase a Bajaj bike.

However, it’s important to consider the repercussions of these things and whether you want to deal with them over the course of your ownership. 

It’s also important to note that while there are Bajaj bike dealerships all over the world, all bikes are made and assembled in India.

If you are hoping to get your hands on a Bajaj bike in the United States or Europe, your best bet would be to purchase one used or off the showroom floor.

If you special order a Bajaj bike, you could be waiting a while for the import process. 



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