4 Common Problems With Wattbikes (All You Need To Know)

wattbike problems

Wattbike is one of the countless indoor stationary bike brands that have risen in popularity in recent years.

Although Wattbike is a favorite among many cycling enthusiasts looking for an indoor option, these stationary bikes are not without problems. 

The British-based company Wattbike has been around since 2007 and its bikes have an avid following. If you’re going to get a Wattbike for yourself, it’s important to be prepared for common issues that might arise so you know how to fix them should you encounter any problems. 

So, what are the most common Wattbike problems you should prepare for? Keep reading to learn how to spot these problems and how to fix them so you can get back to riding your Wattbike ASAP. 

What is a Wattbike? 

A Wattbike is an indoor cycling exercise bike that is made specifically to mimic the experience of outdoor cycling.

The company specifically targets outdoor cycling enthusiasts who are looking for an indoor option for foul weather, convenience, or any number of other reasons. 

The Wattbike originated in the UK, although now you can purchase them in the US as well. It is similar in popularity and business model to the US-based Peloton. 

4 Common Problems with Wattbikes? 

Wattbikes are great for many people. They are convenient, fun, and offer a great workout. But as with any large investment, there is some degree of frustration that can happen when things go wrong. 

If you’re thinking about springing for a Wattbike any time soon or are waiting for yours to be delivered, here are a few things to look out for when your bike arrives.

Most of these issues can be rectified, but it can help to set your expectations of what Wattbike ownership might entail. 

1. Technical Issues

Many people specifically invest in something like the Wattbike for the app connectivity aspect that allows them to sync their data with their favorite cycling app, access specific workouts, and more.

Many Wattbike owners have expressed frustration that the Wattbike’s interface with these apps can be frustrating.

Wattbike seems to be aware of this problem and is making an effort to fix it. The company has made improvements to its app connectivity with each new release, so this may only be an issue on older models. 

2. Slow Gearing Concerns 

Sometimes even the best simulated cycling rides can’t substitute for the real thing. 

Avid cyclists (especially outdoor cycling enthusiasts) have long complained that the gearing on the Wattbike leaves something to be desired. 

Depending on whether you are using your Wattbike to train for your upcoming race, improve your form and speed in the off-season, or just to get a good workout, you might not even notice this issue. 

Also, as with some of the other issues mentioned here, Wattbike is actively making updates to the newest models with these things in mind. 

With something like slow gearing and sluggish performance, the underlying problem is often a combination of software and hardware.

It may take some time to recalibrate and fix these issues, and the fix might not even be available on existing bikes. 

3. Customer Service Frustration

As with anything, the moment you purchase something it is “outdated”. In this highly technological world, there are new versions of all kinds of products and devices being released all the time. 

Whether these are just natural progressions of an existing product or much-needed improvements, companies are always trying to stay on top of the trends and respond to customer feedback. 

Many Wattbike owners have expressed frustration at having just recently purchased the Atom bike that had some issues only to find that a few months later a new version was released that fixed the issue.

In these cases, fixes were not offered to current Wattbike users unless they purchased add-ons or wished to upgrade. 

It’s important to know that if you buy a bike that is replaced by a new version, you may not have access to the new features offered on that model unless you’re willing to shell out the money for it. 

4. Can you return a Wattbike if you have problems with it? 

Wattbike prides itself on customer satisfaction. Happy customers are the hallmark of their business because happy customers become the best marketing for products like in-home fitness equipment. 

Although the goal is that all customers will love their Wattbike, they do offer returns. If you are unhappy with your Wattbike purchase within 30 days of delivery, you can return it for a full refund. 

If you have had your Wattbike longer than 30 days and the problem is due to a mechanical or software defect, you may be able to reach out to the company and see what they can offer as a solution. 

Why do people love Wattbikes? 

Wattbikes are a great exercise equipment investment because they offer the ability to get as close to an outdoor cycling experience as you possibly can without ever stepping foot outside. 

Many people love the convenience of a Wattbike because they just have to go into their basement or spare bedroom to get in a great workout rather than taking a bike out onto the road.

In addition to the convenience factor, many cyclists love the ability to track their cycling data on the Wattbike. You have access to detailed statistics of every ride you do on your Wattbike so you can focus on making improvements. 

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Wattbikes are a great investment. These bikes are high-quality fitness equipment that offers world-class cycling workouts right in the comfort of your own home. 

Because these bikes are full of advanced technology, it’s to be expected that there are some issues along the way. Most customers expect some issues with something like an indoor cycling bike, but the most important thing is how the company goes about fixing them. 

Some of the common issues with Wattbikes seem to be taking care of themselves as new software updates come out, which is great. 

The problem lies in the bigger problems that Wattbike owners are facing like hardware problems and technical compatibility issues. 

With these issues, the problem is usually not rectified until Wattbike releases the newest version of the bike itself. This often leaves existing Wattbike owners feeling a bit frustrated at the lack of a solution for them after having invested in a bike. 

The best thing to do is do your research on the problems that are currently happening with the newest Wattbike model and perhaps wait to purchase until the newest version comes out. 



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