6 Common Problems With Rogue Echo Bikes

rogue echo bike problems

Working out at home can save you money on gas and membership fees, but you still have to get the right equipment. That’s where the Rogue Echo air bike comes in.

Air bikes make great HIIT machines and are well-loved in the CrossFit community. As a matter of fact, the Rogue Echo is the official air bike of the CrossFit Games.

But does that mean it’s perfect? Maybe not, as we are going to explore six common problems athletes have with the Rogue Echo bike:

1. The Echo Is Too Large

The Rogue Echo is “overbuilt,” which means that everything is designed above what’s necessary to achieve the best possible exercise machine. One design feature is the sheer size of the bike.

While some athletes like that the Echo is so large, others may find it unwieldy. For smaller athletes looking to stay in shape, the reach from the seat to the arms may be a bit of a stretch. The seat is adjustable, but some customers still find it too big.

For home gym rats working with limited space, the Echo may take up more space than they can afford to give up to just one piece of equipment.

Coming in at almost four feet long and two feet wide, the bike does require some room.

This is the only problem on our list that is incurable. Because the bike only comes in one size, customers may find themselves in a bind.

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2. The Belt Squeaks

Whether you’ve owned your Rogue Echo for a week or a year, you may notice that your fan is starting to squeak. An annoying squeak can take you out of the zone and make you think twice about hopping on to exercise the next time.

This can be a problem with lubrication or too much tension in the fan belt. 

To lubricate your fan belt, unscrew and open the cover over the right pedal. This should give you access to the belt.

Take a wax candle and rub it over the grooved side of the belt. Use the pedal to move the belt and continue applying the wax. Don’t use oil or other lubricants or you could damage the belt.

Reattach the cover and give your bike a spin. If that doesn’t solve the problem, you may need to contact Rogue to see what they can do to help.

3. Wobbly Arms

Assembling your Rogue Echo is fairly straightforward, but some customers exercising at home have experienced wobbly arms after assembly.

Having responsive arms is critical for ensuring you aren’t being held back for fear of damaging your equipment.

The arms should be firm to the touch. If either of the arms feel loose when you push against them, you’ll want to readjust them to get a better grip.

The best way to tackle this problem is to adjust the arms’ screw attachments.

Start by loosening the foot pegs. Then loosen up the arm screws. Once loose, begin tightening both sides in an alternating fashion. First, tighten one screw somewhat and then tighten the other side.

Once the screws are back in, tighten the foot pegs again. Check the arms to see if they still wobble. You should be good to go!

4. Pedals Click When Rotating

For the price of an air bike, athletes want a smooth ride. So, what do you do when the pedals start clicking as they rotate?

Luckily, this is an easy fix. Start by kneeling close to the pedal so you can hear which side is making the clicking noise as you rotate them with your hand.

Once you’ve identified the culprit pedal, go ahead and unscrew its cover and remove it. You can then adjust the crank assembly to try and get a better fit. 

Reattach the pedal and give it a spin. If the sound is gone, you’re golden. If it’s still bothering you, try cleaning all of the bolts to the crank assembly. Debris can cause a loose fit, causing a clicking sound from movement.

5. Console Drains Batteries

The console runs on two AA batteries. If you need to change your batteries out after two to three weeks of usage, the console may be draining your batteries faster than intended.

Typically, your console should stay powered for several months. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the LCD console, you likely won’t be able to address this problem at home.

If you find yourself constantly swapping in new batteries, you’ll need to contact Rogue to get a replacement, as it’s likely a problem with the console itself.

However, customers have reported that Rogue is quick to replace the console if you send in the old one.

6. The Belt Slips

When you’re hitting your stride and breaking a sweat, the last thing you want to have to happen is to have the belt slip. Unfortunately, this can happen as you pick up speed if the belt is not gripping the gears correctly.

The reason for this is something of a mystery. Some athletes reported that the problem went away after a few weeks.

Other Echo users contacted Rogue and were sent a belt replacement. It may have something to do with a manufacturing error, as this cleared the problem up.

One of the benefits of the Rogue Echo is that it has a belt instead of a chain, requiring much less maintenance. But the belt has its cons, too. If it’s interfering with your workout routine, make sure to get it fixed.

Rogue Echo Bike Wobbly Arms | Simple Fix! >> Check out the video below:


The Rogue Echo air bike is considered one of the best air bikes on the market. Many users report that it’s sturdy and built for a punishing routine to get you closer to your fitness goals with every set.

Problems do happen, though. Luckily, Rogue has an excellent reputation for customer service. Any issues that do arise that you don’t feel prepared to handle yourself can be addressed by reaching out to their support team at team@roguefitness.com. 



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