4 Common Problems With Nordictrack Bikes (Do This Instead…)

nordictrack bike problems

Nordictrack is one of the top names in household exercise equipment, so it’s no surprise that their bikes are very popular. They have continued to improve and update their offerings as the home fitness world has evolved over the years. 

Even though Nordictrack is one of the most popular and reliable brands for home exercise bikes, they aren’t perfect. There are some common problems you might encounter if you purchase a Nordictrack bike, so it’s important to know what to do about them. 

To help you decide whether you want to invest in a Nordictrack bike or not, we are going to walk you through some of the common problems and issues that Nordictrack owners have reported. 

What is Nordictrack? 

Nordictrack is one of the most popular home exercise equipment brands in the United States. They have been in business since 1975 and they have continued to be on the cutting edge of home fitness technology. 

Nordictrack has a long history of making high-quality treadmills, exercise bikes, elliptical machines, rowing machines, and more. 

Are Nordictrack bikes reliable? 

As a general rule, Nordictrack bikes are very reliable. The company has been in business for a long time and they create high-quality exercise equipment including bikes.

Their exercise bikes are some of the most reliable bikes on the market and they have competitive pricing and good customer service.

What are the 4 common problems with Nordictrack bikes? (Troubleshooting)

Despite the fact that Nordictrack bikes are a great option for anyone looking for a home exercise bike, they do have some issues from time to time. 

They definitely don’t have as many issues as some of the other brands, but there are some little issues that are becoming more common especially as the bikes become more technologically advanced. 

If you are thinking of purchasing a Nordictrack exercise bike, here are some of the most common problems or issues that you might run into. 

1. Issues adjusting ride settings 

From time to time, Nordictrack bikes may give you some trouble when it comes to adjusting some of the settings like the incline or resistance.

This can be quite frustrating if you are trying to get a quick workout in, but it is a pretty minor problem. 

You mostly see these issues with setting adjustments in the newest Nordictrack exercise bikes because all of the settings are digital.

With the digital settings, you have to rely on the system working properly to make the adjustments. If the system is buggy or in need of an update, this can happen intermittently. 

2. Wi-Fi connectivity problems 

Because Nordictrack bikes are almost all outfitted with a Wi-Fi-capable system, you may have some problems with connectivity from time to time.

Many users noted that their system lost connection to their Wi-Fi, which made it difficult to use the bike. 

Wi-Fi problems can be attributed to the actual Nordictrack system malfunctioning or possibly your home wireless router acting up as well.

You should be able to quickly identify if this is happening and it shouldn’t happen all the time when the system is working, and the wireless connection is strong. 

3. Squeaking or grinding noises while in use 

Sometimes you might find that your Nordictrack bike is making some strange sounds during use. If you notice squeaking, grinding, or any other noise while riding you may have a belt misaligned, worn bearings, or another mechanical issue. 

Depending on your comfort level with assessing the inner workings of the bike, you may or may not be able to identify what is causing the problem on your own.

Reference your manual for pictures and descriptions of how it should look and sound when in use. 

Typically, Nordictrack customer service is the best way to fix issues with unknown sounds or possibly faulty mechanicals. 

4. Incorrect or missing data on the display console

The perk of having the computer screen console on all the new Nordictrack bikes is that it will display all your ride stats throughout and give you a nice summary after your ride as well.

When you rely on this information to track your rides, it’s important that it is accurate.

Some Nordictrack users mentioned that sometimes their system doesn’t seem to be displaying the correct data (or even any data at all).

If this is the case, you may just have a buggy system that can be remedied with a quick system reset or it may be something more complex if the issue persists.

How can you fix common Nordictrack bike problems? 

Most of the problems you might find with your Nordictrack exercise bike can be solved by resetting your system, installing an update, or just turning it off and trying again later.

Sometimes the system just needs to cool off and reset itself and will be working fine on the next use. 

If your problem seems more related to the mechanicals of the actual bike itself or if the problem is constant, you might have something more serious going on. 

Check your manual for troubleshooting tips and don’t be afraid to reach out to Nordictrack. Usually, they can walk you through fixes or get a repair person out to fix it for you. 


Nordictrack exercise bikes are a favorite in the home fitness industry for a good reason. They are made well, stand the test of time, and are affordable.  

With that said, there are some common problems you might encounter with a Nordictrack exercise bike.

You may experience Wi-Fi connection issues, digital console problems, or even just issues using the settings on your bike.

Typically, these problems can be resolved quickly and easily with tips from your manual (or this article!), but if your issues don’t seem to be going away you might need to have Nordictrack come take a look at the problem for you. 

As frustrating as it can be to miss a workout due to an exercise bike not performing, this shouldn’t deter you from buying a Nordictrack exercise bike.

They are one of the best on the market and chances are you will be happy with your purchase even if you intermittently experience any of the issues described here. 




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