6 Common Problems With Glamour Bikes (What To Expect)

glamour bike problems

We all who own bikes occasionally experience issues with our vehicles. While some are small, others might leave us trapped on the sides of the road. 

6 common problems with Glamour Bikes

  1. Gearbox Sticks
  2. Doesn’t Like Speeds Above 70kmph
  3. Vibrations at Higher Speeds
  4. Seat is Stiffly Sprung
  5. i3S Technology Failing to Restart the Engine
  6. Not Getting Hero Service for Bike Problems

Let’s discover details about each of these issues as well as some solutions to try. 

6 Common Problems with Glamour Bikes

1. Gearbox Sticks

The Hero Glamour BS6 has a 5-speed transmission, becoming more and more common in this market. It is also provided by its main rival, the Honda SP125.

Although the clutch and gearbox are pretty smooth together, several individuals have reported that the latter sticks. 

The gearbox dislikes haste and occasionally could mistime a cog. We anticipate that people who purchase the Glamour won’t practice or engage in pseudo-racing, and there isn’t a problem while using it usually.

2. Doesn’t Like Speeds Above 70kmph

The Hero Glamour BS6’s engine dependability cannot be determined without a three- to four-year long-term test, even though it is not the greatest in rideability, top speed, or even NVH.

The bike didn’t overheat, leak oil, or do anything else untoward throughout our time. Everything works as it should, other than the mechanical dissatisfaction at speeds over 70 kmph. It achieved 74kmpl on the highway while being driven two-up.

You will need to break in the bike correctly. 

All motorcycles must be used safely within a range of engine RPM and speed during the first 1000 kilometers of travel.

After a long wait, you may find it challenging to do so, but if you want your computer to work and work effectively, you must.

Please don’t rent your bike to anybody else during this period because they might not be aware of it. If you have been diligent and followed the run-in correctly but still have poor efficiency, try warming up the motor each time you start the motorbike in the morning, preferably for approximately one minute, and then be cautious with your throttle until the engine warms up.

3. Vibrations at Higher Speeds

After less than a kilometer of riding at 40 kph with a GoPro, it was mounted to the windscreen, and the GoPro mount moved. The vibrations were the cause of this.

While the rider cannot feel these vibrations at low speeds, they become more noticeable at 70 kmph (albeit they are still neither unsettling nor invasive to the riding experience).

These may be seen in the handlebar, fuel tank, and to a lesser extent, the footpegs.

4. Seat is Stiffly Sprung

Not only is the seat spacious, but it’s also cozy. Both the footpegs and the handlebars are positioned in a commuter-style position. But as you climb aboard, you’ll see that the Glamour has stiffly sprung.

Although the ride quality doesn’t soften, the 180mm ground clearance is enough and won’t cause an issue over speed breakers.

5. i3S Technology Failing to Restart the Engine

Many people expressed dissatisfaction at how poorly the i3S technology seemed to function. In several cases, the i3S failed to restart the engine.

To start the engine, the i3S needs energy, and an electric or kick starter must be used to start the engine if it is low on fuel.

It’s possible that the battery ran out of acid, which would have decreased its effectiveness. Check the battery acid levels if you discover that the starting works after a lengthy period of riding but not when you attempt in the morning.

Keep it topped off at the first indication of difficulty because your bike charges the battery as you ride.

If you hear a “tick” noise from the starter each time you push the starter button, it could be either due to a low battery or a faltering starter relay.

This component of the electric system supplies current to the starter; occasionally, a failure of this component can prevent the starter from working.

6. Not Getting Hero Service for Bike Problems

The Hero Service center staff may not be able to give each bike and scooter they receive their complete attention. Hero bike users occasionally struggle with simple tasks like washing their bikes or resetting the service indicator.

The largest motorbike manufacturer in the world may want to pay more attention to the aftersales area. As several viewers pointed out, diagnosing a problem might sometimes be challenging.

However, it can be frustrating when you run into a problem you can’t solve yourself and can’t find someone who can service your bike for you. 

Performances Issues with Motorcycles

If you find that you aren’t getting the performance you want from your Glamour bike, here are some basic things to check that might negatively affect the performance. 

  • Air Filter: Given our dusty riding circumstances, the air filter should be cleaned each time the bike is serviced. If you bike through cities or dusty areas frequently, it becomes dirty after around 1000–2000 kilometers. If you observe low performance, clean the air filter. For further information on accomplishing this, go to your owner’s handbook.
  • Fuel Quality: Poor fuel quality may also contribute to poor performance. Different pumps advertise different fuel blends as having superior performance. Instead of relying on advice, experiment with several gas stations to discover the gasoline that best suits the feel and performance of your bike. The engine note may also alter as a result of the fuel quality. And once you locate a reliable station, you may stay with it.
  • Tire Pressure: Low tire pressure results in increased rolling resistance, which reduces economy and performance. Always keep it at its ideal levels, check it at least once every month, and top it off as necessary.


Hopefully, this list could give you some insight into why you might be having issues with your Glamour bike and provide you with somewhere to start finding a solution.

Getting a new bike always comes with a learning period where you need to learn how this bike is different and how best to use it. 



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