Giant Bike Return Policy (What´s Covered + More)

Giant Bike Return Policy

Do you know what Giant bike return policy is? this is one of the questions my readers ask a lot. Well, I´ve got you covered.

Giant Bicycles wants you to be happy with the product, but they’ll take it back if it doesn’t meet your expectations. Please be aware that once an order is placed, processing on it starts right away and cannot be stopped.

Bring your purchase and receipt to the nearby authorized Giant dealer who constructed your bike. Assume that any such bicycle is brand-new and unharmed. Then, you could be qualified for a full refund of the purchase cost minus the initial shipping and handling (S&H), destination, and applicable tax costs.

Let’s discover everything you need to know about basic return policies, how to return items to retail stores, and what qualifies gear and apparel for refunds. 

Giant Bikes Return Policy for All Items

Within 30 days of receiving the return, a credit will be applied to the primary credit account used for the transaction, less the initial S&H and/or destination costs.

Within 30 days of receiving the return, online store credits will be provided minus the original S&H and/or destination costs.

Giant will reimburse your initial S&H and/or destination expenses if there is a problem with your order, such as the wrong product being sent or damaged during shipment (if applicable).

The item will be returned to you if the returned item does not match the eligibility requirements mentioned above.

A digital gift card would be credited first if used as payment.

Email if you have any inquiries about your purchase or its warranty.

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Return for Refund at Giant Retailer Guidelines

  • Returns are allowed up to 14 days after the invoice date.
  • The product must be intact, like-new, and unopened.
  • Purchase documentation is necessary.
  • The first payment type used to complete the purchase will be credited, and if a digital gift card was used as payment, it would be credited first.t.
  • E-bikes must have fewer than 10 kilometers on them to be deemed idle.

Ineligible Items for Refunds at Giant Retailers

  •,, or were not used to make the transaction.
  • Over 14 days have passed since the item’s invoicing.
  • The thing has been utilized
  • The product is not brand-new.
  • “Final Sale” was written on the item.
  • The object was harmed by careless handling or accident.

How to Return a Bicycle

A 15% restocking charge may apply to any bicycle(s) sent from the Giant Canada Warehouse (i.e., not bought from dealer stock) (pre-tax).

Only if the selected pickup location decides not to keep the transported bicycle will the restock price be assessed (s). Overage and shipping charges are not refundable, and this applies to bikes that have been canceled or returned.

The order may be canceled if the bicycle(s) are not picked up from the selected merchant. Any potential restocking or processing costs will be deducted from the bicycle’s total retail value by Giant.

Giant Bicycle will repay the cost of the bicycle(s) when they are returned to the retailer where they were initially purchased.

The store has the exclusive right to decide whether the bike is in NEW condition or not. Bicycles with apparent signs of use, such as grimy tires or grips, worn brake pads, or scratched crankarms, cannot be returned.

Giant will deduct a 2% processing charge and any applicable restocking costs from all approved returns before issuing a refund for the total price of the bicycle.

How to Find Your Bicycle’s Warranty Information

Please bring your bike to your nearby Authorized Giant shop if you want assistance with its warranty.

Can You Return Gear and Apparel?

Within 60 days after purchase, new, unused products are eligible for a refund. Within 60 days after purchase, used products are qualified for online store credit, and exchanges are not something Giant Bicycles do.

It is necessary to deliver Gear and Apparel back to Giant. To get a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) and return label, email with your Order Reference Number. Please send the Return Form together with the merchandise you’re returning.

As long as the new, unused products satisfy the requirements above for refund eligibility, you can qualify for a complete refund of the purchase price, except for the preliminary S&H charges, destination fees, and applicable tax.

Suppose the used products fulfill the online store credit eligibility requirements listed above and are returned clean.

You could be eligible for an online shop credit of the purchase price minus the initial S&H fees and any applicable taxes.

Gear and Apparel Return Guidelines

  • Only returns within 60 days of the purchase date will be allowed.
  • Items must be brand-new, unused, and in their whole in their original, unaltered packing.
  • Purchase documentation is necessary.
  • The original payment method used to make the transaction will get a credit, and a digital gift card will be credited first if used as payment.

Return Gear and Apparel for Store Credit Guidelines

  • Only returns within 60 days of the purchase date will be allowed.
  • Purchase documentation is necessary.
  • Cleaning is required before returning used products.

Gear and Apparel Ineligible for Return

  •,, or were not used to make the transaction.
  • The product was bought more than 60 days ago.
  • “Final Sale” was written on the item (these products cannot be exchanged)
  • The object was harmed by careless handling or accident.

Giant Bicycles’ Gear Warranty Information

All Giant-branded Gear comes with a warranty from Giant against manufacturing and material faults for at least a year after the date of purchase.

The extended warranty periods apply to the following Giant Gear products:  Contact Switch Seatposts, and Giant WheelSystems are protected by a two-year warranty beginning on the date of purchase against defects in materials and manufacture.

As long as the original buyer keeps a Giant trainer, it has a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturing and material flaws.

Can You Return Digital Gift Cards?

Digital Gift Cards may neither be exchanged nor canceled.


Giant Bicycles wants you to be satisfied with the purchase, but if it doesn’t meet your expectations, they’ll take it back. Please be advised that processing on an order begins immediately and cannot be halted once it is placed.

Bring your order and receipt to the local authorized Giant dealer that manufactured your bike. Assume any such bicycle is in pristine condition.

Then, excluding the original shipping and handling charges (S&H), destination fees, and applicable tax, you could be eligible for a full refund of the purchase price.


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