Does REI Buy Used Bikes? (All You Need To Know)

Does REI Buy Used Bikes

There are lots of places where you can sell used bikes nowadays but wouldn’t it be easier to go through a reliable company that can take care of marketing and managing potential buyers for you? 

2019 saw the debut of a trial program by REI that allowed consumers to trade in their old bikes for REI gift cards. A bike can be sent to The Pro’s Closet for evaluation as part of the “digital experience” before actual sales. If the expert buyers offer a buyback, customers are advised to bring the bicycle into the REI Denver headquarters store.

Let’s learn about what the program includes and some other used cycling gear programs that REI has initiated.

Does REI Buy Used Bikes?

In 2019, REI launched a pilot program allowing customers to trade used bikes to receive REI gift cards. Shoppers can send a bike for assessment by The Pro’s Closet as part of the “digital experience” that precedes actual sales.

Customers are instructed to transport the bicycle into the REI Denver flagship store if the professional purchasers offer a repurchase. 

REI will give customers a gift card there in return for the bike. The bike will then be packaged and shipped from REI Bike Shop to The Pro’s Closet for resale.

It’s important to note that The Pro’s Closet already has several retail partners and is a significant bike retailer in the US. However, the alliance with REI indicates that the considerable store wants to keep up the pressure on itself to emerge as a genuine rival for bike buyers—and now sellers.

Although there are several options for selling a secondhand bike, ease seems to be the most significant advantage. Sellers remove the need to advertise a bike online, meet with potential customers, and negotiate over pricing.

Gift cards are a clear indication that the seller will wish to purchase future equipment from REI. It can be a practical solution for many people to get rid of an unwanted bike.

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What Type of Bikes Does REI Accept?

Mountain, road, gravel, TT, and track bikes that match The Pro’s Closet’s current product options in terms of brand, kind, or price are now accepted by REI. E-bikes, tandems, and recumbent cycles are not currently permitted.

How Much Can You Get for Trading In Your Used Bike to REI?

The value of a trade-in depends on the bike, its brand, its kind, and its original cost. In addition to the cash value of the trade-in, the program’s ease is a real plus for clients, who now frequently have to use more complicated or unreliable platforms to sell or exchange secondhand bikes.

What Can You Do with the REI Gift Cards From Your Used Bike?

Credit is given as REI gift cards, which may be used to buy anything the company sells, including brand-new bicycles.

Is REI Reselling the USed Bikes?

At this time, REI has no plans to sell used bikes again. They are, however, debating their options with The Pro’s Closet.

Which REI Stores Accept Used Bikes?

All bicycles must be handled through the online program and delivered to the Denver REI flagship store to take part during their test period.

Can You Buy One of the Used Bikes Online?

The Pro’s Closet is the only online retailer offering used bikes; REI does not.

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What is REI Used Gear Program?

REI has programs for used bikes and a used gear program that allows customers to return used gear to them and buy equipment for cheaper when they opt for used instead of new.

How Does REI’s Used Gear Program Work?

The shop will restock the item if outdoor equipment is returned to REI in brand-new condition. Although practically everything may be returned to REI within a year of purchase, thanks to their excellent return policy, many of these goods are just lightly or moderately used.

Even though REI’s garage sales are fantastic, you must live nearby and have access to the exact items you’re looking for in the correct sizes.

Introducing REI’s Used Gear Program, a portion of their primary website dedicated to providing returned outdoor gear and clothes a second chance.

When REI receives returned goods that they can’t restock, they inspect them to ensure they’re still in good working order. If an item is found suitable for resale, it is appropriately cleaned and given a condition rating, a price, and specific wear and tear comments.

The thing is then prepared for purchase and shipping from a central location after being placed on REI Used Gear.

Condition and Pricing for REI Used Gear

The four terms used by REI Used Gear to describe the condition are excellent, lightly used, moderately worn, and highly worn.

You may discover information on the specific item you have chosen and general wear statistics in the details below. These succinct descriptions detail stains, debris, scuffs, abrasions, and other imperfections. 

Before making a purchase, it is hoped that you will be as informed as you can be without having or viewing the item.

The actual price varies based on the item’s condition, and reductions vary across goods. However, we have discovered that hard things are now, on average, 30% discount, footwear 50% off, and apparel closer to 60% off.

To help you determine if purchasing used is worthwhile, the platform also provides you with the total retail cost of a model and the amount you will save (not all websites that sell used goods do this).

It requires some investigation to compare expenses between new and utilized products because Patagonia’s Worn Wear and The North Face’s Renewed platforms don’t make comprehensive pricing readily available.


In 2019, REI launched a test program that allowed customers to exchange their old bikes for REI gift cards. Before actual sales, a bike can be delivered to The Pro’s Closet for appraisal as part of the “digital experience.”

Customers are urged to bring the bike into the REI Denver headquarters shop if the expert purchasers offer a repurchase.


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