Canyon Bike Return Policy (What´s Covered + More)

Canyon Bike Return Policy

Do you know what Canyon bike return policy is? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Canyon Bike adds innovative flair to the world of personal transportation, but ordering bicycles online means some customers may find themselves dissatisfied once their product arrives. It is therefore important to understand the company’s return policy.

While Canyon Bike allows customers a 30-day trial, refunds will not be processed after this time. Since all bikes come with a 6-year warranty, however, defective products may still be replaced well after 30 days. They may also make exceptions to their return policy at their own discretion.

This seems well enough, but dissatisfied customers should read on for further details.

Canyon Bike’s Policy on Returns After 30 Days

Canyon Bike does not typically refund items returned more than 30 days after purchase. However, they do provide a few guidelines on how to prevent the need to make exceptions.

The company very much encourages customers to make the most of their 30-day trial in the following ways:

  • Use the bike on the trails, roads, or types of terrain that will allow for the best overall assessment of its intended use
  • Wear whatever clothing, pads, or other cycling accessories will be most frequently worn when riding
  • Ensure the bike is put together properly by following all included instructions
  • Assess the bike fit in addition to the bike’s performance, since long-term comfort will play a key role in determining satisfaction with the purchased product
  • Reach out to Canyon Bike’s customer service department with any questions about assembly or bike use

While it makes sense to fully test a bike before deciding whether to keep or return it, one caveat should be made. If the bike is not returned in nearly pristine condition, only a partial refund may be granted.

This is because Canyon Bike charges customers a restocking fee for any bikes returned with visible wear and tear, which may be hard to avoid when testing the bike on certain types of terrain.

Possible Exceptions to the 30-Day Return Policy

According to Canyon Bike’s terms and conditions, exceptions may be made to the 30-day time limit on refunds.

These exceptions, however, are not clearly outlined. Moreover, the text within their terms and conditions alluding to these exceptions is buried well enough that many customers may not think to ask about them.

More specifically, their terms state that the company may occasionally grant a refund without demanding the product be returned at all.

It is not clear what type of issue or complaint would persuade them to allow an exception of this magnitude.

Most likely, these exceptions would be made when a product breaks or malfunctions in a way that would typically merit an exchange under the 6-year warranty.

Customers dissatisfied to the point of refusing an exchange may be eligible for refunds. If a bike were defective enough to merit such an exception, it makes sense that Canyon Bike would not want it back.

Ultimately, since Canyon Bike only claims to make exceptions at their own discretion, the best thing to do when wishing to return a bike after 30 days is to simply contact them and ask.

Simply remember when reaching out that honey catches far more flies than vinegar. Treat them with kindness, and they may return the favor.

How to Return an Item to Canyon Bike

Canyon Bike’s return policy makes it clear that there are a few steps involved in the process.

First, if an item is eligible for return, the customer must call Canyon Bike’s customer service line with their order number to verify proof of purchase.

They must then follow re-boxing instructions for their particular bike.

The company will send the customer a shipping label, which must be included on the package. It should go without saying that the original shipping label will need to be covered or removed before sending back the item for a refund.

Once Canyon Bike receives the item, they will begin inspection. This is the stage at which those with visible wear and tear on their bikes will be charged a restocking fee.

If everything passes muster, then the refund will be issued. From shipping to inspection, the entire refund process can take up to 30 days in total, so don’t expect the money back overnight.

A Note on Returning E-Bikes

Electronic bikes follow much the same process, but the re-boxing instructions are notably different than for most other bikes. Since e-bicycle batteries are considered potentially hazardous, they can only be returned via ground shipping.

Additionally, Canyon Bike asks that the batteries be shipped with a charge of 30% or less. The battery should be mounted to the bicycle, rather than kept separate.

These measures will cut down on the chance of an incident if the battery is to be jostled or overheated.

Will Canyon Bike Let You Exchange Items?

Canyon Bike does not appear to facilitate the exchange of one bike model for another, although this may constitute the type of exception they can make at their own discretion.

For the most part, however, the only allowable exchanges are replacements for defective or damaged products still under warranty.

They also offer crash replacement services. These apply even if the accident that damaged the bike was the owner’s own fault. The only important caveat to make is that crash replacement services will not be entirely free.

They will, however, be offered at a greatly reduced price compared to replacing the full value of the bicycle.

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Canyon Bike’s return policy may sound fairly unforgiving when it comes to making returns after 30 days, but the company believes this to be more than enough time to test out whether the bike in question works well for you.

In the event that 30 days does not seem long enough, customers can still request a refund and hope one will be offered at Canyon Bike’s discretion.

Simply ensure to be careful about the first month and to follow all re-boxing instructions given by Canyon Bike. These measures will cut down on the risk of paying a restocking fee.


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