Canadian Tire Bike Return Policy (What´s Covered + More)

Canadian Tire Bike Return Policy

Canadian Tire is a chain of automotive stores and gas stations in Canada, but also the retailer, besides spare parts and other automotive products, of clothing, pet products, tools, outdoor equipment, and much more.

Among them are also some exclusive bicycles, which should lead you to ask what is Canadian Tire bike return policy.

The standard Canadian Tire Bike return policy is that bicycle returns are not accepted. Instead, you are eligible for a free 30-day tuneup of the bike purchased at their store or online.

But there are some exceptions.

Canadian Tire bike return policy

Besides automotive products, spare parts, engine oils, various other consumables, GPS backup cameras, radios, etc; Canadian Tire shops, brick and mortar, and online; carry several brands of bicycles.

Four of them are exclusive to this store chain, and those are:

  • Nakamura,
  • Raleigh,
  • Supercycle,
  • Diadora.

The standard Canadian Tire’s return policy excludes bike returns, which is a bit odd having in mind that they have some exclusive brands of them.

But fortunately, some of these brands have a return policy that is a bit different than the standard one from Canadian Tire.

So, let’s cover them.

Nakamura bikes return policy

Nakamura bikes are subject to the standard return policy. In other words, returns are not accepted but you can get the free 30-day tuneup of a Nakumara bike purchased from Canadian Tire.

And this takes us to one particular situation with these bikes and how they are (not) exclusive Canadian Tire products.

It is also a reason why you should not buy these bikes from Canadian Tire. Nakamura bikes are exclusively sold at Canadian Tire and stores owned by this company.

This means that they are also available at SportCheck, which is owned by Canadian Tire. And here the return policy is different.

You can return your Nakamura bike within 30 days after the purchase when you will receive the full refund. But also 31 to 60 days when you will be eligible for the store credit.

Raleigh bikes return policy

The Raleigh bikes are another brand available only at Canadian Tire, but they are not excluded from the standard return policy.

And they are not available at SportCheck, so any purchase of them is practically final. Some consolation is that you are for them eligible for a free 30-day tuneup.

On the flip side, Raleigh bikes are covered by an excellent warranty policy. Steel frames and rigid forks get a lifetime warranty, while their aluminum counterparts have 5 years.

Suspension forks and other components have one year warranty.

Supercycle bikes return policy

The third bicycle brand that is exclusively found at Canadian Tire is Supercycle and most of them are kids’ models.

But unfortunately, the returns are not accepted, and you only have available the 30-day tuneup, though it is still for no extra charge.

The silver lining is that your purchase is covered by a good warranty policy and bike frames and forks are covered by a lifetime warranty while other components are covered for a full year.

Diadora bikes return policy

Diadora is the Italian brand better known for clothing and sports shoes, professional cycling shoes included than for bicycles.

But Diadora branded bikes are available at Canadian Tire locations and online. And they are not covered by the standard return policy.

Instead, you can return them within 30 days after the purchase.

30-day free tune up

For most of thy bicycle brands that Canadian Tire carries, returns are not accepted, but instead, your item is eligible for the free 30 days tuneup. So, what it is? It is a service for adjusting various bits and pieces of your bicycle.

It includes tire inflation, brakes adjustment, derailleur and bearings adjustments, wheel truing, and some other minor adjustments which generally every person should do after getting a new bike.

Canadian Tire refund terms

When you are making a return of bought things, it is important to be aware of the limits and rules regarding refunds.

The most important thing, when it comes to Canadian Tire refunds is that returns, and refunds, generally can be made only with receipts.

But, if the purchase was made with a credit card or Canadian Tire ‘Money’, the purchase can be tracked by the associate, and you can get the refund to the same payment method originally used.

Canadian Tire return process

Depending on the way that you have purchased the item or items you are returning, online or in-store, the returns procedure varies slightly.

Important to know is that you will need both the proof of purchase and your personal ID when returning the item to a Canadian Tire store, no matter how it was originally bought.

Return process for online-bought items

For products that you have purchased online, you have two ways available for making a return.

The first and most convenient is to do so by mail when you need to log into your account and find in your purchase history items you wish to return. Easiest is to print shipping labels for items that you are returning.

When selecting items to print the labels, you must be aware that returning addresses can be different for different items, and to print them separately. Once you have them printed, you can pack your items and send them by mail.

The second way is to make the return at the closes store, but in this case, you will need either the invoice you have received on your email or an e-receipt you can get from your account.

Both of them you can either print them out or save them on your mobile device and show it to the store’s employees.

Return process for in-store bought items

For items you have bought in-store, you need to visit any of the locations and bring the item you are returning along with the original receipt you received at the purchase.


Among many different products, Canadian Tire also carries bicycles, which is why you probably are interested in knowing what is Canadian Tire’s bike return policy.

In general, returns of bikes purchased online or at one of their stores are not accepted, exceptions are Diadora bikes, and Nakamura, but later only if bought at SportCheck.

All other bikes are eligible only for the 30-day free tuneup.


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