Are Iron Horse Mountain Bikes Good? (Honest Review!)

Are Iron Horse Mountain Bikes Good

How are Iron Horse mountain bikes? Iron Horse is a popular brand for mountain bikes. They offered everything from top-of-the-line, expert-level bikes to some of the best entry-level bikes on the market. 

Iron Horse mountain bikes are good quality. This company makes a bike for every kind of rider. While some of their bikes have high price tags, they also offer more affordable options for those on a tighter budget. The bikes are made of good materials and perform at high levels.

This is an article all about Iron Horse mountain bikes. We’ll look at the different options available and what is good about them, along with prices, and more. So, read on to see why Iron Horse mountain bikes are good.

The History of Iron Horse Mountain Bikes

Iron Horse Bicycles is a company that was established in New York in 1987. The bike manufacturer made and sold mountain bikes and racing bikes. 

Over the first two decades of business, Iron Horse sold bikes to many professional riders. Some of those riders, like Dave Cullinan and Sam Hill won championships riding Iron Horse bikes. This was good for the popularity of the brand. 

In 2009, the company fell on hard financial times and ended up filing for bankruptcy. At that time, they were bought out by Dorel Industries.

What Are Iron Horse Mountain Bikes Known For?

Iron Horse mountain bikes are known for being all-mountain capable. This means they’re good for riding any type of mountain terrain. 

They’re also known for being well built. Iron Horse designers put time and effort into finding the most durable and high-performing parts, while still considering the price point they were working within.

There are also options for all different skill levels. They’re known for making high-end mountain bikes for expert riders, but also for some of the best entry-level bikes on the market.

What Are the Iron Horse Mountain Bike Options?

Iron Horse manufactured several different mountain bikes when they were active. They offered a variety so riders of all skill levels riding all types of terrain could find what they needed.

Here’s a list of some of the different versions of Iron Horse mountain bikes:

  • Iron Horse Arrow
  • Iron Horse Warrior
  • Iron Horse Maverick
  • Iron Horse Sinister
  • Iron Horse 6Point6
  • Iron Horse Adirondack
  • Iron Horse Azure
  • Iron Horse Desperado
  • Iron Horse Flagstaff
  • Iron Horse Yakuza

These are not all of the mountain bikes they offered. There were 77 mountain bike variations offered by Iron Horse as of 2008, the year before the bankruptcy.

What are some considerations and factors mentioned by users when deciding on purchasing an Iron Horse bike?

Users considering purchasing an Iron Horse bike often take into account the quality of the frame, as many frames from different manufacturers are generally of high quality with subtle design differences.

Some users believe that the price difference among bikes is mainly attributed to branding rather than substantial differences in the frames themselves. However, other users point out that more expensive bikes may utilize advanced techniques like tube manipulation, internal butting, and tube shaping to enhance ride quality significantly.

These users argue that investing more in a higher-end bike can result in a superior riding experience, better fit, and superior craftsmanship. Ultimately, users tend to weigh factors such as frame quality, design elements, ride quality, fit, and craftsmanship when deciding on purchasing an Iron Horse bike.

How does the Iron Horse Warrior Comp handle street and trail riding according to a user’s experience?

According to a user’s firsthand experience with the Iron Horse Warrior Comp, the bike handles both street and trail riding quite well. The user purchased the bike at a discounted price through a price match, noting that they found it challenging to find another bike that offered a comparable performance at the price point.

While the user occasionally wished for a stiffer fork, overall, they expressed satisfaction with the bike’s solid components and exceptional value for the cost. The user highlighted that the purchase was made at a local Performance store, emphasizing the importance of buying from a local bike shop that could provide assistance with any potential issues that may arise.

Additionally, the user mentioned that The Sports Authority in their area was offering a discount on similar bikes, suggesting that it might be a good opportunity for others to acquire the Iron Horse Warrior Comp.

How do some users compare different bike brands and models in terms of price, quality, and components?

When comparing different bike brands and models with regards to price, quality, and components, some users focus on the perception that the majority of frames are generally of high quality.

They believe that the main differences lie in specific design features and weight. However, there is a segment of users who argue that certain premium bikes command higher prices due to the brand name associated with them. They acknowledge that while some manufacturers may use similar frames across different models, the choice of components can vary to cater to different price points.

These users suggest that beyond the surface similarities, there are intricate details in frame construction that significantly impact ride quality. Factors such as tube manipulation, internal butting, and tube shaping play crucial roles in determining the overall performance and feel of a bike. They argue that investing in higher-priced bikes can offer enhanced ride quality, better fit, and superior craftsmanship compared to mass-market options.

In essence, while recognizing that brands like Specialized, Jamis, Iron Horse, and Cannondale offer quality bicycles, these users also point out that spending more on a premium bike can result in a substantial difference in the riding experience.

They compare it to the distinction between a basic sedan and a luxury car, emphasizing that the additional cost can translate to superior performance and overall satisfaction, particularly when it comes to the frame of the bike.

What other bike brands like Gary Fisher and Jamis has the user considered?

The user has also considered other bike brands similar to Gary Fisher and Jamis. For example, Demonsmasher mentioned trying out a Gary Fisher Wahoo and liking it, but noted that it did not have disk brakes, only V-brakes.

Additionally, the user mentioned looking at Jamis bikes and finding a dealer in Ringgold with competitive prices. These statements indicate that the user has explored options beyond just Gary Fisher and Jamis bikes.

What Are Iron Horse Bike Frames Made Of?

Iron Horse mountain bike frames are made of durable materials with varying weights. They choose the materials based on the load-bearing capability and the durability needed to sustain riders on difficult terrain. 

Many of the bike frames are made of an alloy that’s highly durable but not too heavy. Riders want stability but also want to be able to control the bike well enough to ride the way they like. Bikes that are too heavy can be tough to control.

Generally, mountain bikes are made of steel, carbon fiber, titanium, or aluminum. They are often made of a combination of these. 

Are Iron Horse Mountain Bikes Still Made?

Iron Horse bikes aren’t being made anymore, for all practical purposes. However, the technology that was used in the original Iron Horse mountain bikes is still in use on products released by Dorel Industries.

The company had patented some of the technology they used. They named it the DW link. Dorel Industries acquired the rights to the DW link and still uses it in bikes issued under other brands they own.

You can still purchase original Iron Horse mountain bikes on seller sites online.

If you look around on the different market platforms, you’re sure to run into some of the Iron Horse mountain bikes that are still performing strong.

The bikes were built to last, so you can feel good about scoring one online.

Iron Horse Mountain Bikes Look Good

Riders love the way Iron Horse mountain bikes look. Even the logo is iconic. It’s a yellow background with a prancing black horse on it under the words Iron Horse. You know it when you see it. 

Their bikes came in attractive colors. Many of them were brightly colored. You could also find gold, silver, or black. 

Iron Horse Mountain Bikes Have Great Suspensions

These mountain bikes have exceptional suspensions. The good suspension makes for a smoother, more comfortable ride. 

Riders report that their pedaling feels better on Iron Horse bikes because of the high quality suspension system.

This is especially important for mountain bikers.

Iron Horse Offers Mountain Bikes for Everyone

Iron Horse made good effort to manufacture bikes for all sorts of riders. Many companies had focused more on mountain bikes for men than anyone else. 

This company built bikes for men and women, and for all different skill levels. They also made bikes that worked for multiple purposes.

You could ride it in different environments instead of having to stick to just one type of terrain.

How Much Do Iron Horse Bikes Cost?

Iron Horse bikes carry different price tags. The pricing depends on the level of rider the bike is meant for. It’s also based on the bells and whistles the bike includes or does not.

You can get a decent Iron Horse mountain bike for around $400. That price gets you a durable piece of equipment that has a reputation for longevity.

Why Did Iron Horse Bicycles Go Under?

It doesn’t seem to make sense that this company went under and was acquired by someone else. The money Iron Horse owed its creditors was too much for the company to bear, forcing them into bankruptcy. 

Iron Horse was a highly adaptable company. We think they may have been too adaptable. They tried to make bikes for everyone. They maybe offered too many types of bikes.

The year before they filed for bankruptcy, Iron Horse had 602 bike models that fell under 105 major bike versions.

If they had focused on a few good lines of bikes, maybe it would have worked out better for them.

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Why Is the Iron Horse Sunday So Popular?

The Iron Horse Sunday is a mountain bike with a full suspension and an aluminum frame. It’s a lightweight bike that comes in three options. 

The components of the Sunday include those for mountain riding and downhill riding. The Iron Horse Sunday was a best-seller and came in sophisticated colors, such as Black Satin and Magnum Grey.

The Sunday came with 9 speeds, an FSA Orbit headset, and upgraded Maxxis Minion tires. It was manufactured in the last three years the company was still in business.


So, are Iron Horse mountain bikes good? Yes, they are. These are high-quality bikes that are durable and will function for a long time.

They’re made of good materials and manufactured to withstand all the roughness of mountain riding. 

These bikes are attractive, have good suspensions, and are easy to control. You can use them on all sorts of different terrain.

And though some of them have hefty price tags, not all of them do. Iron Horse bikes come in appropriate forms for all kinds of skill levels.


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