Is A 24-inch Bike For Adults (You´ll Be Surprised!)


Do you know if a 24 Inch bike is for adults or can adults ride 24 inch bikes? These are the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

Can Adults Ride 24-inch Bikes? These are some of the questions I am often asked, and today I give an answer. Read on!

Humans come in various shapes and sizes, so it can be a little tricky to know the best frame size to choose when we want to purchase a bike.

As some of us are taller than others, it does pay to book a professional bike fitting with a bicycle vendor that knows their stuff.

Is a 24-Inch bike for adults? No, a 24-inch bike is not for adults. Usually, adults’ bikes start with the 26-inch variants. However, somebody who is between 4´5” and 5´5” tall would be able to ride a 24-inch.

After all, some adults are not that much taller than children, so a 24-inch bike in these cases would suffice.

What Does 24-inch Bike Mean?

24-inch bike refers to the size of the wheel. A 24-inch wheel is the largest size for a children’s bike but could work for an adult too, depending on rider height.

In the same way wheel sizes, 26” and larger are usually for adults, but maybe appropriate for some children. 

Unlike children’s bikes which are measured by wheel size, Adult bikes go by the measure of their frame.

Generally, the measure of a frame is calculated by the size of the seat tube.  

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What Is The Difference Between A 24-Inch Bike And A 26 Inch Bike?

Wheel size is the difference here. In a bike size chart, you can check the description. Remember Kids bikes go by wheel size and 24 inches is the largest available for kids.

Make sure the 26-inch bike also has a measure for frame size. 

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Some manufacturers make larger frames and smaller frames that fit a 26-inch wheel. Frame sizes measure the seat tube or ‘center tube’ from top to bottom.

Make sure to consult appropriate sizing charts before purchasing.

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Bike Size Chart For Kids

How Do You Know If a 24-inch Bike Will Fit The Bill?

To establish whether a 24-inch bike will suit an adult depends on how the bike itself has been set up and also the height of the adult.

Moreover, a 24-inch bike that has a seat post that can be locked in a tall setting and the ability to have the handlebars raised high will be fine for most taller adults.

You have to look around a little because these days you can also find commuter bikes that have been specially designed and calibrated so that fairly tall people can use them – but they have 24” wheels.

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How Tall Should You Be If You Want To Ride a 24-inch Bike?

How tall should you be for a 24 inch bike? On average you should be between 4’ 6” and 5’ 6”. Most 24-inch bikes are built for children. However, a 24-inch bike could be appropriate for anyone between 4.5 and 5.5 feet tall.

The important thing to consider for newer riders is their ability to put feet on the ground without falling off the bike.

You should be able to put both feet on the pedals in a vertical position without using the tips of your toes.

Another great way to determine a good fit is to stand astride the bike frame. With feet planted on the ground, there should be a 1 to 2-inch gap for clearance. 

I have recently written an article in which I describe in more detail what size of bicycle you need. Follow the link to get an overview of all related bike size charts.

Of course, you do have to ensure that you can stand over the frame or the tires with both of your feet touching the floor – this is mainly true for standard road bikes, as often trail bikes or cross-country bikes do not need this requirement to be fulfilled.

There is also the rule of thumb that you should generally have a minimum of 24 inches for your inside leg measurement.

At the end of the day, the size of the bicycle does depend on the height and general size of the rider, who should be able to extend their legs completely without having to lock at the knees.

This is generally proven to be the most efficient way to ride a bike. Practice has shown that if you are forced to bend your knee too much you will only become more fatigued in the long run – which makes any greater distance difficult.

One way to experience this would be to attempt to walk constantly with your knees in a bent position.

I recommend you read this article I wrote about 7 easy methods how to choose the right bicycle even if you are a newbie. This article includes practical tips for Children, women, and men.

Can Female Adult Use 24″ Kid Bike?

Can female adult use 24” kid bike? Yes, of course! The key to choosing the right bike is to fit the rider. Some women will find a bike with a unisex frame fits them best while others will appreciate a frame specifically designed for women.

Rider height and the measure of the rider’s inseam is helpful for finding the right fit, especially if you are purchasing a bike online.

Most manufacturers make sizing charts readily available. A good sizing chart will include a reference to the inseam so you can consider both wheel and frame size for the most accurate fit.

Not everyone is built the same way and comfort is queen so it is super important to choose the bike that feels right.

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Bike Size Chart For Women

What Is A Suitable Bike For A 5.4 ft Female?

What is a suitable bike for a 5.4 ft female? A 24-inch bike is great. You will want to consider factors like rider inseam and age and ability as well. A 26-inch wheel may be more comfortable for an experienced rider and both wheel sizes may appropriate for any rider over 5 feet tall.

While many bikes are built with a unisex frame, some bikes are designed specifically for female riders.

To find the perfect fit, try both and see which one works best for you.   

In this article, I show you my favorite method of how to easily choose the right bicycle for children, women, and men.

Is Riding A 24-Inch Safe To Ride For An Adult?

Yes! It’s all about being comfortable. Some riders will be perfectly happy with a 24-inch bike. Riding safely comes from confidence and comfort in the bike and the rider’s ability to control it.

Every rider is put together a little differently so it’s important to choose the right fit to enjoy a safe and fun riding experience.

Remember to consider things like handlebar reach, wheel, and frame size when choosing a bike for safety.

Riders need to be able to react quickly without a great deal of effort to be safe. Exercise common sense and don’t forget to wear a helmet.

What About A Person’s Proportions? 

Let’s look at an example here. A woman who is only around 150 cm tall and weighing 45 kg wants to buy a new bicycle so that she can go for bike rides with her children. 

The questions that need to be asked are what size of bicycle should she consider purchasing? Would it be possible for her to use a 24-inch child’s bike perhaps?

What is considered to be the average maximum weight for a 24-inch bike – maybe even a mountain bike if she wants to ride with her kids? 

The response to these questions is that she can use any bicycle provided it fits.

And this is where her proportions should be taken into consideration i.e. does she have long legs or a long body? 

It’s worth mentioning that some of the cheaper bicycles will be heavy for someone short or petite in stature, so that would make bike journeys less than appealing.

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Some of the designs that offer front suspension also tend to be on the weighty side too.

Something that would better suit a lady of this height and weight would be a lighter flat-bar road bicycle because these designs tend to have fairly wide tires that would suit some off-roading bike rides with the kids.

So provided the 24-inch bike in question is light enough and feels comfortable to ride, you could argue that it would be perfectly fine for the lady in the example.

If you’re wanting some tips on how to choose the perfect bike size quickly and easily, read this article I recently wrote that includes tips on how to do this.

Is There Any General Advice On Bike Sizing?

When selecting a new bicycle, probably the most important thing to get right is ensuring that you’ve bought the correct size.

Sounds simple right? Well, understandably, it can be a bit of a daunting prospect! A professional shop will of course be able to provide advice and you will also get to try out various sizes, but there are some general rules of thumb which could assist:

? In terms of adult bikes, these usually start with the 26-inch variants but provided the following applies to the 24-inch cycle that you’ve got your heart set on, then there is no need to worry about whether or not a technically “child’s” bike would be appropriate for a grown-up.

? The problem is that once you are out of the children’s bike zone (so you’re now looking at 26 inches and beyond), where a child’s age is usually the thing that is used as a guide for sizing, it’s a little tricky to know where you sit, so to speak, if you’re looking to try out a 24 inch one.

? General – the frame size is measured from the very top of the frame at the position where the post for the seat is usually inserted and then down to the middle of the axle that carries the arms for the pedals, i.e. the bottom bracket. In the USA the measurement is in inches.

? The tricky part here is that at times producers can measure their bicycles to the middle of the part where the top tube and that of the seat join, so that just adds to the confusion!

? Racing bikes – you should stand with your feet flat on the floor and there should be a clearance of at least 1 inch between you and the top part (the top tube) of the frame. 

? Mountain bikes – you stand with your feet flat on the floor and there should be a clearance of at least 3 inches between you and the top part (the top tube) of the frame.

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What Happens If You Ride A Bike That’s Too Small?

Careful, riding a bike that’s too small or too big can result in injury. In the short term, riding the wrong sized bike often means sacrificing control.

You don’t want to find yourself on a busy street riding a bike that’s out of control.

If you ride the wrong sized bike for long periods of time, back and joint pain could become a pronounced issue which could likely keep you from riding at all. 

Is There A Simple Calculation That Can Be Used?

So, measure the inside of your leg right down to the floor and then take off 3 inches if you are considering a mountain bike or 1 inch if you’re trying to find a bike for the road) and then take off a further 10 inches (this is the approximate measurement for the distance from the ground and up to the bottom bracket).

The result is the maximum size of bike frame that you would require.

In conclusion, however, don’t take this calculation as gospel and rush off and buy something on the Internet.


Is A 24-inch Bike For Adults? Well, making sure you buy the right bike isn’t just about measuring the distance from the ground.

Bikes also become lengthier as they grow upwards. As the frame size increases so does the distance from the bars and the saddle, usually about 1 or 2 inches per frame size increment.

So it always pays to check whether or not a larger bike (or even a smaller perhaps 24-inch bike) will fit.

You must be able to reach the handlebars comfortably and also manage the gears and, more importantly, the brakes. 


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