Western Bike Works Return Policy (What’s Covered + More)

Western Bike Works Return Policy

Western Bike Works has an excellent selection of bicycles and biking accessories, so it only makes sense for them to offer their products online as well. Whether you’re after a new helmet or an entire bike, Western Bike Works will probably have what you need. So, you’re probably wondering what their return policy is.

Western Bike Works has a 60-day return policy for all unopened or unused items; anything returned after 60 days but less than a year is refunded as store credit. However, customers must pay a return shipping charge of $8.95 if they wish to send their items back for a return.

Now that we know the general idea of Western Bike Works’ return policy, let’s examine it in more detail.

What Is Western Bike Works’ Return Policy for Bikes?

Generally speaking, Western Bike Works offers a 60-day return window for both US and international customers. All items must be unused or unopened, and returned apparel must have their care tags intact.

Western Bike Works still accepts returns beyond the 60 days, up to a year, but they’ll only refund you in store credit.

You’ll also get store credit if your item was considered a “closeout.” And as for items labeled “Open Box” or “B-Stock,” you have 60 days to return them from the date of purchase to get a full refund or store credit.

Additionally, customers must cover the return shipping charge of $8.95. However, some items may be too large for the flat rate shipping fee, so customers must pay the exact shipping fee according to the company’s discounted rates.

International customers do not qualify for flat-rate or discounted shipping and must pay for the costs on their own.

Bicycles are an exception to this 60-day return window. Because Western Bike Works offers all sorts of discounts for bicycles purchased from them, the return window is shorter and the policy is slightly different.

What Is Western Bike Works’ Return Policy for Bikes?

Western Bike Works offers a 30-day “Love Your Bike” guarantee when buying a bicycle. In other words, the company will issue you a refund if you return your bike within 30 days, as long as they’re considered “like new.”

According to the retailer, bikes considered “like new” still have the original accessories, manuals, and tags, without any frame damage.

If your bike has been quite used and you decide it’s not for you, you can still bring it back to Western Bike Works as long as it’s within 30 days.

If store employees can consider your bike as “lightly used,” you’ll get your refund as store credit. “Lightly used” may have dirtier tires than newer bikes, with the frame and accessories intact and without damage.

What is the experience of a customer who ordered gloves from Western Bike Works/Bike Tires Direct?

How did the customer feel about the company’s handling of the situation?

The customer appreciated the company’s quick and trusting response to the issue.

Did the company require the customer to return the gloves or provide any evidence of the damage?

The company did not require the customer to return the gloves or provide a photo as evidence of the damage.

How did the company respond to the customer’s issue?

The company refunded the customer’s money based on their word alone.

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How To Return Your Product to Western Bike Works?

To return your product to Western Bike Works, first, make sure you have the original packaging and all the accessories or manuals that came with it. Put everything back as they were when you received it.

Afterward, go to the website and check the recent orders on your account. Orders eligible for a return will have a “Return Items” button, and from there, you can specify which items you’re returning and for what reason.

Once everything goes through, you’ll get your return shipping label to send your item back as soon as possible.

As mentioned earlier, customers are responsible for paying the $8.95 flat rate shipping fee for returns. You can only avoid this if you’re returning an item, you received as damaged, broken, or incorrect.

Does Western Bike Works Offer International Returns?

International customers can also take advantage of Western Bike Works’ return policy. The main downside is that the customer is responsible for international shipping costs.

And due to the time and distance involved, all international returns are automatically treated as a refund.

Does Western Bike Works Offer Exchanges?

Western Bike Works does offer exchanges, but only for US customers. International buyers will have to wait for their refund to purchase their desired product shortly after.

Starting an exchange works the same way as a return: go to your recent orders, click “Return Items,” and choose the reason for your request. You’ll pay the return shipping fee before returning the package to the retailer.

Once Western Bike Works receives your return and processes it successfully, the retailer will send your requested replacement to you immediately. You don’t have to worry about paying for postage on your replacement item.

Does Western Bike Works Offer Free Returns?

Western Bike Works doesn’t offer free return shipping labels on ordinary returns or exchange requests. However, if your order arrived damaged or broken during transit, or if you received a completely incorrect item.

In that case, Western Bike Works will cover your return shipping.

Otherwise, you’ll be charged $8.95 to return your product. And if the package is oversized, you’ll pay a different shipping price for it, depending on the retailer’s discounted rate.

International customers also need to pay for postage costs out of pocket if they wish to return their items to Western Bike Works.

Are There Any Returns That Western Bike Works Won’t Accept?

Western Bike Works won’t accept returns for the following items:

  • Heavily used or damaged bikes
  • Nutritional products that were purchased over 60 days ago or have been opened
  • Biking apparel with missing care tags
  • Electronics that show signs of use, such as initial user programming or protective film removal
  • Any item that doesn’t have its enclosed manuals, accessories, etc…

If your item does not belong to any of the listed categories above, you can return it.

How Does Western Bike Works Issue Refunds?

For unused items returned within 60 days, Western Bike Works will issue the refund to your original payment method.

Closeout items or items purchased more than 60 days ago but less than a year will be refunded as store credit.

For bicycles, “like-new” returns will be refunded fully, while “lightly used” bikes will be issued a store credit refund.

What is the general sentiment towards Western Bike Works/Bike Tires Direct among the participants in the discussion thread?

The general sentiment towards Western Bike Works/Bike Tires Direct among the participants in the discussion thread is predominantly positive. Participants express satisfaction with various aspects of the store, highlighting benefits such as proximity, competitive pricing, attractive deals, and customer-friendly policies.

They particularly appreciate the store’s responsiveness to customer issues, citing examples of quick refunds and efficient resolution of concerns without the need for elaborate proof.

Overall, the consensus within the discussion thread leans towards a favorable view of Western Bike Works/Bike Tires Direct based on the positive experiences shared by participants.

What type of products are more commonly found on the component side at Bike Tires Direct?

At Bike Tires Direct, you will find a wider variety of road bike products on the component side compared to mountain bike products.

Customers have reported consistently positive experiences with the quality of these products, highlighting the lack of even minor issues with their purchases.

What kind of sale was happening at Western Bike Works/Bike Tires Direct at the time of the post?

Their article mentions a current promotional event at Western Bike Works/Bike Tires Direct. During this sale, customers could enjoy increasing discounts based on the total value of their purchase.

Specifically, shoppers were eligible for a 5% discount on orders exceeding $300, a 10% discount for purchases over $400, and a 15% discount for orders surpassing $500.

Notably, this sale did not require customers to enter a promotional code to receive these discounts.

What benefits do customers receive by joining the club at Western Bike Works/Bike Tires Direct?

By becoming a member of the club at Western Bike Works/Bike Tires Direct, customers are entitled to various benefits. These benefits include the opportunity to earn reward points on every purchase, which can then be redeemed for discounts on future orders.

Additionally, club members enjoy discounted pricing on a wide range of items available on the platform.

What are Western Bike Works and Bike Tires Direct and how are they related?

Western Bike Works and Bike Tires Direct are two separate websites that function as essentially the same store. They are similar to how Back Country and Competitive Cyclist operate – distinct entities that ultimately offer the same products and services.

In this case, customers can shop at Western Bike Works and Bike Tires Direct interchangeably, as they are essentially branches of the same cycling gear and accessories retail operation.

Final Thoughts

Western Bike Works might charge for return shipping, but their policies are quite generous. From a remarkable 60-day return period to acceptance of lightly used bikes, Western Bike Works’ return policy can be considered one of the best around.

So, if you’re hesitant to purchase something, then you can rest easy that Western Bike Works will take care of you.



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