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How Much Does it Cost to Assemble a Bike? (Assembly Cost)

How Much Does it Cost to Assemble a Bike

Do you know how much it cost to assemble a bike or what is the assembly cost of a mountain bike or road bike? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

The best location to bring your bicycle if you need assistance assembling it is to a local bike store. They have certified bike technicians on staff who are experts at assembling bikes securely. Cycle assembly is one of the numerous beneficial services that bike shops provide to bikers.

In general to assemble a mountain or road bike, you can expect to pay anywhere from $40 to $300 to $400, depending on the locale, and would probably take one workday for a person with no prior experience. A consumer may pay more for specialist installation, such as clever drivetrains like Shimano Di2, at some shops that provide several assembly levels.

How Much is Bike Assembly at Bike Shops?

For a bike shop to assemble and unpack a bike from a box, you could expect to pay somewhere between $75 and $150. However, this price is typically eliminated if you bought the bike straight from the store performing the assembly.

If it is a child’s bike, some bike stores may charge a bit more, while others may charge less.

Remember that if your bike has existing damage or requires repair or upgrade parts, a shop may need to charge you more. However, the majority of bike stores seek out returning clients.

To care for you and your bicycle well, they want you to be satisfied with their work and frequently return for repair.

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How Difficult is it to Assemble a Bike?

It depends on your level of competence on how long it takes to construct a bike. Thus, this is a personal question.

A bike’s assembly can take a skilled bike technician anything from a couple of hours to days, depending on things like:

  • Specifications
  • No matter if the bicycle has mechanical or electronic gearing
  • whether the bike has a rim or disc brakes
  • Has the consumer asked for any specific components?

It’s crucial to have access to the right equipment and a location that is big enough to work in if you decide to build your bike at home.

What Tools Do You Need to Assemble a Bike?

When the time comes, you’ll need several tools to build your bike.

A bike or “repair stand” and a wheel truing stand would be two of the most crucial pieces of equipment in an ideal society. Other equipment and accessories you’ll need include the following:

  • A set of top-notch Allen keys
  • Cutters for wire
  • Open-end spanners
  • screwdrivers with Phillips’s heads
  • an excellent air pump, ideally one with a gauge
  • Grease
  • Cone wrenches and other tools

A high-quality set of bike tools might cost a good penny, but if you’re an ardent biker, the investment will pay out in the long term.

It’s a fantastic skill and pastime to mend or put together a bike since you can make modifications, repairs, or replace parts at home while also saving money.

Do Shipped Bikes Come Assembled?

With many of the biggest bike companies now selling partially constructed bikes, online bike purchasing has grown in popularity due to our fast-paced modern lifestyle.

Many individuals have started riding bicycles during the epidemic, which is fantastic for their fitness and the environment. Due to cost and local availability issues, most individuals purchase completed bikes.

Many bike stores are tiny, don’t provide a wide variety of bikes, and have a constrained selection.

Several well-known companies, like Canyon, sell complete bikes in various sizes, models, and classifications.

Next, two of the most notable companies in the world are Giant and Trek. Trek and Giant will deliver completed bikes; the key benefit is that you will receive complete dealer assistance.

These retailers have qualified mechanics on staff who can fix your bike or refurbish specific parts like the gears or disc brakes.

What Should You Consider When Buying a Bike Assembled?

Consider several things carefully if you want to invest a sizable sum of money in an online bike purchase.

The style of bike you desire, the size you require, shipping and assembly, and warranty and servicing issues are all things to take into account.

What Type of Bike do You Want?

Naturally, purchasing a partially completed bike means you’ll most likely do so online. With that in mind, you should consider the kind of service the company provides, whether or not they give instructional videos on the installation, and whether or not they have knowledgeable and helpful support staff.

What Bike Size Do You Need?

Most big manufacturers include detailed measurements for each bike component in their highly detailed and exact bike charts.

These tables are an excellent resource for determining the precise size bike frame you want. However, I would strongly advise speaking with your local bike store for size assistance if you’ve been hurt or have limited mobility.

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What Are Your Delivery and Assembly Options?

Your bike can arrive entirely or partially constructed, depending on the bike brand you select and the internet merchant from whom you made your order.

Remember that if you purchase a bike that requires assembly, you must have the necessary equipment and abilities to complete the task; otherwise, you risk having an expensive bike lying in a box.

What Warranty and Service Options Do You Have?

Consideration should be given to service and warranty because you will need to contact the manufacturer for assistance if your bike is delivered broken or is the wrong size.

Local dealers for well-known bike manufacturers like Giant and Trek make dealing with support difficulties considerably less stressful.


If you need help putting your bike together, a nearby bike shop is an ideal place to bring it. They have on-staff trained bike mechanics who are pros at safely putting bikes together.

One of the many helpful services that bike stores offer to riders is cycle assembly.

Depending on where you live, assembling a bike can cost between $40 to $300 to $400 and take a novice worker one workday.

In some stores with many assembly levels, customers may pay more for specialized installation, such as intelligent drivetrains like Shimano Di2.


Does Canadian Tire Do Bike Repairs? (All You Need to Know)

Does Canadian Tire Do Bike Repairs

If you’ve recently purchased a bike from Canadian Tire, the store may offer some repair services.

Most store locations do offer tune-up services on bikes purchased within the last 30 days. They may also offer other basic repairs such as adjusting brakes, changing tires, fixing rattles, and replacing parts as needed.

It’s likely these repairs will be done by the same employee that put together the bike for you during purchase so you can rest assured that your bike is in good hands.

Be sure to check with your local store ahead of time to see what services they offer and make sure all of your repair needs are accounted for.

What services does Canadian Tire offer for bike repairs and maintenance?

Canadian Tire offers an extensive range of bike repairs and maintenance services. Customers can visit any store or authorized service center to get assistance with their bike needs.

Depending on the type of repair, staff can help with anything from making a small adjustment to a full tune-up that could include minor parts replacement and lubrication services.

Specialty services like flat tire repair or wheel truing are also available.

Additionally, trained staff are able to diagnose issues with modern bikes equipped with high-tech components and provide guidance on the best way to maintain them into the future.

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How much do they charge for these services, and is it worth it?

When it comes to shopping for bicycle services, Canadian Tire is a popular choice. Depending on the type of service you require, prices can range from around forty dollars to upwards of one hundred and fifty dollars.

Their basic tune-up package includes cleaning and lubricating components, adjusting shifting and brakes, tire inflation, straightening minor frame issues, and a full safety check.

Many customers have reported that their bikes ran like new after a Canadian Tire tune-up service at a surprisingly reasonable price.

For more intensive services such as wheel truing or drivetrain overhauls, customers can expect to pay more but still receive quality care from expert technicians.

In general, Canadian Tire offers great value for money when it comes to bicycle servicing – fast turnaround times and unbeatable customer service make them stand out from the competition.

Which parts of a bike do they typically work on?

Canadian Tire’s bicycle services are a great resource for those who are looking to ensure their bike is running safely and optimally.

They offer a variety of services, including brake servicing, wheel truing, chain cleaning and lubricating, manual adjustments to gears and derailleurs, suspension tuning, complete bike overhauls, and much more.

In addition to repairs and maintenance, they can also help with installing new parts such as handlebars, stems, and shifters.

By taking advantage of these services not only will cyclists maximize the life of their bike but also protect themselves from any accidents resulting from faulty components due to wear-and-tear or improper installation.

By allowing professionals to take care of your bicycle you can be rest assured knowing it is in good hands with knowledgeable mechanics.

Tips For Repairs or Maintenance at home

For the avid cyclist or someone looking to start tinkering with their bike at home, Canadian Tire’s bicycle services are a great resource for tips and advice.

Their team of cycling experts can help with all aspects of bike maintenance, from changing a tire to performing tune-ups and complex repairs.

They offer helpful tips on bike installs and repairs, so whether you want to replace a chain or adjust the derailleur yourself, they have resources to help.

Additionally, their online store allows customers to browse through an extensive selection of bike parts and accessories in order to keep their two-wheeler running smoothly.

With the range of options available through Canadian Tire Bicycle Services, both novice and expert cyclists can easily find the supplies and advice necessary for taking care of their trusty steed.

Canadian Tire’s Repair Services (e.g., hours of operation, location, etc.)

Canadian Tire provides comprehensive repair services for bicycles. Whether it’s a simple wheel truing, flat tire fix, new tires, chain replacement, or cable adjustment, Canadian Tire mechanics offer quick and affordable repairs to get you rolling again.

Operating seven days a week, the knowledgeable staff at Canadian Tire can help you with maintenance and repairs. Customers can even arrange to have parts and tools delivered right to their doorstep through the convenient Parts & Accessories Program.

With dozens of locations in Canada, customers are sure to find easy access anywhere they may be.

 Further, most stores offer extended service hours during certain periods of the year to ensure more time for customers to take advantage of the bicycle repair services offered by Canadian Tire.

How much does a bike tire repair cost?

Repairing a bike tire can vary greatly in cost depending on the type of repair needed, for example, if you only need a new tube due to a puncture then it will cost far less than having to replace the tire entirely.

Many stores that offer bike repairs also have an additional labor fee which is charged based on how many tires were worked on, this additional fee is typically only around twenty or thirty dollars at most.

The bike shop you take your tire too might have different prices depending on their location and what services they offer so it is best to research bike shops in advance if you are looking for the best deal.

Additionally, some areas may even have mobile bicycle repair services which will come to you and provide their repair services.


Canadian Tire may be able to fix your bike if you just bought it there. 

For bicycles within 30 days of purchase, most shops will do free tune-ups. Brake adjustments, tire changes, noise elimination, and part replacement are just some of the other services they might provide. 

You can rest easy knowing that your bike will be receiving service from the same person who assembled it for you at the store.

If you need any repairs done, call the business ahead of time to make sure they can handle it.


Halfords Bike Return Policy (What’s Covered + More)

Halfords Bike Return Policy

Retailers are starting to provide more convenient ways to return a purchase, and Halfords is no exception. If you’ve recently purchased a bicycle, you might wonder about their return policy.

Halfords offers a 14-day return for bikes, even if you’ve already used it. The bike must be clean and appear as new; otherwise, there will be a deduction on the refund. You must also bring original packaging, manuals, accessories, and receipt.

Now that we know how long we have to return a bike to Halfords, let’s look at their return policy in detail.

What Is Halfords’ Return Policy for Bikes?

If you have a bike that you need to return to Halfords, the retailer offers free in-store or garage returns.

Make sure you return to the original store or garage from which you purchased your bike and bring your receipt.

Have you lost your receipt or proof of purchase email? You can still try bringing the bike back to your nearest Halfords, but it’ll be at the manager’s discretion to issue you a refund.

Remember that the 14-day limit does not apply to bikes purchased from September 27 to December 24, 2022. For those items, your return window is extended to January 31, 2023.

How To Return Your Bike to Halfords?

Are you ready to return your unused or lightly used bike to Halfords? You have quite a few options for a return. Let’s go through each one in detail.

In-Store or In-Garage Return

The easiest way to return your bike to Halfords is to bring it back to the same store or garage of purchase.

Bring the bike, its packaging, accessories, and proof of purchase within 14 days to get a refund. You can also opt for an exchange instead.

How you get the refund depends on how you originally paid. Halfords will typically return your funds to your original payment method, or they can issue you a gift card if that’s what you used to pay.

They can also offer you an exchange instead.

Through the Postal Service

Don’t have a way to get to your nearest Halfords store or garage? If you have the original packaging and don’t mind dismantling your bike, you can send your return through the postal service. 

To do so, you’ll need returns note that you fill out online beforehand. That note will need to be included in the package in order for Halfords to process your return.

Once you’re ready, take the package to your local post office. Ensure the packaging is safe enough to survive transit – the bike will need to arrive at their warehouse in pristine condition.

Affix the label on the package, and you can send it on its way.

Returning your bike through the postal service has some caveats. First, you’re responsible for postage when sending your item back.

Considering how large a bike’s packaging can be, you might pay more than usual for your return postage, especially when opting for tracking.

Second, you must ensure you have enough time for the package to arrive at their warehouse. You have 28 days to mail your return, so don’t wait until the 27th day to send it unless you know it’ll arrive on time.

Through a Courier Service

Do you want to be extra sure that your package arrives at their warehouse quicker? You can opt to send your return via a courier instead.

In fact, Halfords recommends you use a courier for larger items, such as an adult bike.

If you want this option, you’ll need to arrange a courier pickup with Halfords. You can do so by calling their customer service line or emailing them.

Courier collections can only be done on weekdays, and someone must sign for the pickup.

The downside to this option is the £7 charge. Courier collections also need at least a two-business-day notice, so make sure you know when you can be home for the scheduled collection.

Halfords will not be able to give you an arrival timeframe, so keep this in mind.

How Do You Return a Faulty Item?

Are you experiencing a problem with your new bike, and you think it’s a manufacturer’s defect? Has it been 30 days or less since you received your product? Don’t worry, Halfords has you covered.

The fastest way to resolve your problem is to bring the bike back to the same Halfords store that sold you the bike. Make sure to bring your receipt with you so they can verify your purchase.

Once they’ve determined the problem, Halfords will either refund you, replace your bike, or repair it for you.

How Do You Return an Item You No Longer Want?

Halfords will accept your item back within 14 days if you decide you no longer want your bike. You need to make sure your bike is either unused or as close to a new condition as possible.

Otherwise, Halfords can refuse your return request.

Can You Return Items You Purchased From a Promotional Offer?

If you bought your bike as part of a promotional offer, you must bring all of those items back with you.

That’s because Halfords will need to refund you for the entire order; if you want to keep the other items, you’ll need to purchase them at regular prices.

Any Items You Can’t Return to Halfords?

Halfords cannot accept dirty, dented, scratched, or damaged bikes. Other items, such as DVDs and memory cards, are also not eligible for a return if their seals have already been broken.

Lastly, returns without proof of purchase might also be declined, depending on the manager’s discretion.

Final Thoughts

As a consumer, you have a few options to return your bike to Halfords. Of course, the easiest way would be to bring it back to the store, but you can also mail your return or use a courier.

As long as you have your receipt, you can be assured that Halfords will take care of you.


Western Bike Works Return Policy (What’s Covered + More)

Western Bike Works Return Policy

Western Bike Works has an excellent selection of bicycles and biking accessories, so it only makes sense for them to offer their products online as well. Whether you’re after a new helmet or an entire bike, Western Bike Works will probably have what you need. So, you’re probably wondering what their return policy is.

Western Bike Works has a 60-day return policy for all unopened or unused items; anything returned after 60 days but less than a year is refunded as store credit. However, customers must pay a return shipping charge of $8.95 if they wish to send their items back for a return.

Now that we know the general idea of Western Bike Works’ return policy, let’s examine it in more detail.

What Is Western Bike Works’ Return Policy for Bikes?

Generally speaking, Western Bike Works offers a 60-day return window for both US and international customers. All items must be unused or unopened, and returned apparel must have their care tags intact.

Western Bike Works still accepts returns beyond the 60 days, up to a year, but they’ll only refund you in store credit.

You’ll also get store credit if your item was considered a “closeout.” And as for items labeled “Open Box” or “B-Stock,” you have 60 days to return them from the date of purchase to get a full refund or store credit.

Additionally, customers must cover the return shipping charge of $8.95. However, some items may be too large for the flat rate shipping fee, so customers must pay the exact shipping fee according to the company’s discounted rates.

International customers do not qualify for flat-rate or discounted shipping and must pay for the costs on their own.

Bicycles are an exception to this 60-day return window. Because Western Bike Works offers all sorts of discounts for bicycles purchased from them, the return window is shorter and the policy is slightly different.

What Is Western Bike Works’ Return Policy for Bikes?

Western Bike Works offers a 30-day “Love Your Bike” guarantee when buying a bicycle. In other words, the company will issue you a refund if you return your bike within 30 days, as long as they’re considered “like new.”

According to the retailer, bikes considered “like new” still have the original accessories, manuals, and tags, without any frame damage.

If your bike has been quite used and you decide it’s not for you, you can still bring it back to Western Bike Works as long as it’s within 30 days.

If store employees can consider your bike as “lightly used,” you’ll get your refund as store credit. “Lightly used” may have dirtier tires than newer bikes, with the frame and accessories intact and without damage.

How To Return Your Product to Western Bike Works?

To return your product to Western Bike Works, first, make sure you have the original packaging and all the accessories or manuals that came with it. Put everything back as they were when you received it.

Afterward, go to the website and check the recent orders on your account. Orders eligible for a return will have a “Return Items” button, and from there, you can specify which items you’re returning and for what reason.

Once everything goes through, you’ll get your return shipping label to send your item back as soon as possible.

As mentioned earlier, customers are responsible for paying the $8.95 flat rate shipping fee for returns. You can only avoid this if you’re returning an item, you received as damaged, broken, or incorrect.

Does Western Bike Works Offer International Returns?

International customers can also take advantage of Western Bike Works’ return policy. The main downside is that the customer is responsible for international shipping costs.

And due to the time and distance involved, all international returns are automatically treated as a refund.

Does Western Bike Works Offer Exchanges?

Western Bike Works does offer exchanges, but only for US customers. International buyers will have to wait for their refund to purchase their desired product shortly after.

Starting an exchange works the same way as a return: go to your recent orders, click “Return Items,” and choose the reason for your request. You’ll pay the return shipping fee before returning the package to the retailer.

Once Western Bike Works receives your return and processes it successfully, the retailer will send your requested replacement to you immediately. You don’t have to worry about paying for postage on your replacement item.

Does Western Bike Works Offer Free Returns?

Western Bike Works doesn’t offer free return shipping labels on ordinary returns or exchange requests. However, if your order arrived damaged or broken during transit, or if you received a completely incorrect item.

In that case, Western Bike Works will cover your return shipping.

Otherwise, you’ll be charged $8.95 to return your product. And if the package is oversized, you’ll pay a different shipping price for it, depending on the retailer’s discounted rate.

International customers also need to pay for postage costs out of pocket if they wish to return their items to Western Bike Works.

Are There Any Returns That Western Bike Works Won’t Accept?

Western Bike Works won’t accept returns for the following items:

  • Heavily used or damaged bikes
  • Nutritional products that were purchased over 60 days ago or have been opened
  • Biking apparel with missing care tags
  • Electronics that show signs of use, such as initial user programming or protective film removal
  • Any item that doesn’t have its enclosed manuals, accessories, etc…

If your item does not belong to any of the listed categories above, you can return it.

How Does Western Bike Works Issue Refunds?

For unused items returned within 60 days, Western Bike Works will issue the refund to your original payment method.

Closeout items or items purchased more than 60 days ago but less than a year will be refunded as store credit.

For bicycles, “like-new” returns will be refunded fully, while “lightly used” bikes will be issued a store credit refund.

Final Thoughts

Western Bike Works might charge for return shipping, but their policies are quite generous. From a remarkable 60-day return period to acceptance of lightly used bikes, Western Bike Works’ return policy can be considered one of the best around.

So, if you’re hesitant to purchase something, then you can rest easy that Western Bike Works will take care of you.


How Much Does a Bike Cost at Walmart? (Cost Saving Tips!)

How Much Does a Bike Cost at Walmart

John, do you know how much a bike cost at Walmart? This is one of the questions my readers ask a lot. Well, I´ve got you covered.

The cost of living increases every day, which means daily expenses such as food and fuel are going up and up every day.

This is why when faced with a cost-saving measure such as riding a bicycle instead of driving, most people jump on the opportunity. But how much does it cost to buy a bike from Walmart?

Walmart sells adult bikes for as low as $98 and as high as $498. Electric bikes drive the price even higher, reaching up to $3,000 for one unit. Kids’ bikes, on the other hand, can be as cheap as $38 and goes up to $250. As with any product, the number of features available on the bike drives the costs higher.

Although the price range might seem as if it’s varying wildly, it’s easier to get an average depending on the kind of bike you’re planning to buy. Let’s learn more about the price ranges of each bike type.

How Much Does a Bike Cost at Walmart?

Walmart might not be anyone’s first choice when shopping for a bike, but their constant price rollbacks and ubiquitous presence make them a good option.

Where else would you find a kid’s bike for less than $50, just in time for the little one’s birthday?

Bikes from Walmart can range from $38 to $3,000, which can make planning overwhelming. To better help you decide what kind of bike you can get with your budget, let’s look at some of the most common bike types and their respective price ranges.

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Mountain Bikes

Walmart carries a large variety of mountain bike brands, such as Schwinn, Mongoose, Kent, and Huffy. Most of them are 26-inch bikes, with a few 24-inch and 29-inch sprinkled in the mix.

Lower end models can be as low as $128 when not on sale, while higher-end bikes can go all the way up to $698. Some brands can be as cheap as $98 when there’s a price rollback.

Cruiser Bikes

Cruiser Bikes seem to have an average price of $168, with most models from Huffy making up the majority of Walmart’s selection.

They also have a few bikes that are lower than $168, such as ones by Kent for $98 or $148.

If you have a larger budget, Walmart also carries bikes by Micargi or sixthreezero; these brands cost of $418 and $498, respectively.

For a mid-ranged budget of about $200 or $300, the store has a selection of Kent and Huffy bikes.

Electric Bikes

Because of the technology involved, electric bikes start at a higher price point than others.

When there isn’t any sale, the lowest prices you’ll find start at about $648, but prices do go down to $398 if there is a price rollback ongoing.

The average price for Walmart’s electric bikes seems to be between $648 to $798, and with a good variety of brands, too.

The most expensive bikes can go as high as $2,999 for a 9-speed bike. Mid-range bikes are available for just over $1,000, and brands include well-known names such as Schwinn.

Road Bikes

The lowest-priced road bikes cost $198, and they can go as low as $128 when they’re on sale. However, most of Walmart’s offerings have an average of anywhere between $300 to $400.

The brands do vary, which include names such as Kent, Hiland, and Eurobike.

If you want a well-known brand or just want to pick a bike in the middle range, set aside a budget of $500.

However, Walmart’s higher-end road bikes don’t seem too expensive either, with the most expensive model only costing $879 by Decathlon.

Commuter Bikes

If your budget is $300 or less, then Walmart has quite a sizable collection for you. Their most inexpensive bikes are as low as $129, while most brands are between $228 to $298.

If you’re able to add another $50 to your original budget, then you can access brands such as Schwinn.

On the higher end, Walmart offers commuter bikes that are in the $500+ range. These bikes have extra options such as a rear cargo rack or multiple speed selections.

And if you want the most expensive commuter bike they have, that will set you back $1,198.

BMX Bikes

In the market for adult BMX bikes? As expected, Walmart has quite a few of them available as well. A budget as low as $200 can get you a decent bike, such as the Mongoose BMX Freestyle Bike with 20-inch wheels.

If you’re able to add another $100 to your budget, you’ll be able to browse Walmart’s mid-range offerings, and doubling your budget to $600 will bring you close to their most expensive offering – Eastern 20-inch Element Freestyle for $669.99.

Kids Bikes

Kids love to ride bikes too, and Walmart has no shortage of them in stock. When on sale, they can be as cheap as $38, but their regular price of $58 isn’t too expensive, either.

And if your kid is still learning how to ride a bike, Walmart also sells ones with training wheels still attached.

Feel like splashing out quite a bit for the child? Walmart’s most expensive bike is $250, which is the Huffy 24-inch Boys’ Mountain Bike.

Does Walmart Offer Bike Assembly?

Walmart doesn’t offer a bike assembly itself; instead, they’ve partnered with a company called “Angi.”

According to Walmart, Angi taps into its contact network of local professionals so they can connect you with someone right away.

The professional mechanic will then schedule a visit with you to help with the bike assembly.

However, the cost associated with this service can prove to be quite pricey for some. For example, Angi charges $79 for an adult bike assembly, except for complex ones such as mountain and electric bikes.

For those, the price is $132 and $134, respectively.

Angi even offers kids’ bike assembly services for $59, which can be more expensive than the bike itself.

Can You Buy a Pre-Assembled Bike From Walmart?

If you go to a physical Walmart store instead of ordering online, there’s a chance you’ll be able to buy a pre-assembled bike.

Walmart’s bike section has a display of multiple bikes already assembled, and you can buy them as they are. Of course, the model you want isn’t guaranteed to be available on display.

Final Thoughts

When shopping for a new bicycle, you should definitely include Walmart as one of your options. Their big box retailer status ensures a wide selection of bikes, and they can cater to budgets of all sizes.

What’s more, the number of Walmart stores around ensures that you can visit multiple stores before committing to one brand.

As long as you include the assembly fee in your budget, Walmart may not be a bad choice when buying a new bike.


Does Academy Assemble Bikes? (Do This Instead!)

Does Academy Assemble Bikes

Academy is a trusted name for outdoor gear, so, naturally, they offer a wide variety of bikes for sale. If you want to buy a bike from a trusted retailer, you might wonder if Academy offers bike assembly services.

Academy Sports + Outdoors offers free bike assembly for in-store and online purchases. However, online orders delivered to your home are not eligible for a free bike assembly; only pickup orders eligible. Academy also does not offer bike assembly as a paid service.

With that information, let’s examine how you can get free bike assembly from Academy.

Does Academy Offer Bike Assembly?

While Academy offers free bike assembly, this service is limited to bikes purchased from their store. All in-store bike purchases automatically get assembled for free, should you wish to use this service.

Meanwhile, orders placed online, to be picked up in-store later, also get free bike assembly.

The exception to this offer is if you placed an order online and opted to have the bike delivered to your home instead. You’ll have to handle the bike assembly yourself.

Also, remember that bike assembly services’ availability depends on the store. If you’re unsure whether your nearest Academy can help you with your bike, give them a call.

That way, you can visit another Academy location if needed.

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Which Orders Are Eligible for Free Assembly?

If you go to an Academy store and find a bike you like, you can buy it on the spot and get it assembled.

This service is performed for free as long as the location offers such a service. Of course, you can always choose not to take advantage of this offer.

You can also take advantage of this free service if you place an online order to be picked up in-store. Keep in mind that if you ask Academy to assemble your bike for you, your order will be ready in 48 hours instead of the usual 2-hour window they promise for online orders.

Open the product’s listing page if you’re unsure whether Academy can assemble the bike you want online in-store.

On the right-hand side, below the price, should be some bright green text mentioning the free bike assembly service. If that text is not on the product’s page, it’s probably not eligible for the offer.

Lastly, make sure you have a way of taking your bike home after Academy assembles it for you. Because they can only put the bike together in-store, taking the product home with you might be challenging if it isn’t for you or a gift.

If that’s the case, it might be more beneficial for you to seek third-party help in assembling the bike.

Which Orders Are Not Eligible for Free Assembly?

As helpful Academy is for items requiring assembly, bikes delivered to the customer’s home get the short end of the stick.

That’s because Academy will not assemble the bike for you, and you can’t bring it in-store either. You or someone else will have to build the bike.

If you end up building the bike yourself, make sure you follow all instructions carefully. Failure to do so can lead to your warranty getting voided and the bike unreturnable, leaving you without a bike and several hundred dollars short.

However, if your heart is set on having Academy assemble the bike for you, you’ll have to do this roundabout and time-consuming solution:

  • Initiate a return for the unopened bike and wait to get a refund for your purchase.
  • Once your refund clears, purchase the same bike again, but opt for in-store pickup this time.

Keep in mind that this process can take over a week and could cost you money due to shipping charges.

Does Academy Offer Bike Assembly for a Fee?

If you have a home delivery order but you need Academy’s help to put your bike together, you’re probably thinking you could pay for the service in-store if you asked. Unfortunately, we have bad news for you.

Unlike other services such as reel line spooling or rifle scope mounting, Academy doesn’t offer any paid bike assembly services. They won’t even assemble bikes delivered to the customer’s home, even if it was purchased from the Academy website.

In contrast, compare this to fishing rods or hunting rifles purchased from Academy. The retailer offers free reel line spooling for rods purchased from the store, and you can use this service for as long as you own the rod.

And as for scope mounting, Academy can perform this service for a fee even if you did not purchase the firearm from them.

Can You Bring a Bike From Somewhere Else and Pay Academy To Assemble It?

If you purchased a bike from another retailer (such as Walmart or Amazon) and you can’t assemble it, Academy will not be able to help you. That’s because they only offer their bike assembly service to bikes purchased from them.

In this case, your best bet would be to ask the original retailer for assistance or go to your closest bike mechanic shop.

They’ll be more than happy to put your bike together for you, usually for a nominal fee. But if you don’t have one near you, you’ll have to do it yourself or ask a friend to do it for you.

If you are performing the assembly yourself, make sure you’re extra careful when putting the parts together. The last thing you want is to damage it before you can even ride your bike.

Final Thoughts

Academy Sports + Outdoors’ bike assembly policy may sound restrictive, but it’s a convenient service for customers nonetheless.

With free bike assembly for in-store and store pickup orders, customers rest assured that their brand-new bike has been assembled by experts and is good to go.

Perhaps one day, Academy will offer a paid bike assembly service for the general public, or at the very least, extend the offer to home deliveries. But until then, you’ll have to abide by Academy’s limitations when it comes to bike assembly.


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