Does Academy Assemble Bikes? (Do This Instead!)

Does Academy Assemble Bikes

Academy is a trusted name for outdoor gear, so, naturally, they offer a wide variety of bikes for sale. If you want to buy a bike from a trusted retailer, you might wonder if Academy offers bike assembly services.

Academy Sports + Outdoors offers free bike assembly for in-store and online purchases. However, online orders delivered to your home are not eligible for a free bike assembly; only pickup orders eligible. Academy also does not offer bike assembly as a paid service.

With that information, let’s examine how you can get free bike assembly from Academy.

Does Academy Offer Bike Assembly?

While Academy offers free bike assembly, this service is limited to bikes purchased from their store. All in-store bike purchases automatically get assembled for free, should you wish to use this service.

Meanwhile, orders placed online, to be picked up in-store later, also get free bike assembly.

The exception to this offer is if you placed an order online and opted to have the bike delivered to your home instead. You’ll have to handle the bike assembly yourself.

Also, remember that bike assembly services’ availability depends on the store. If you’re unsure whether your nearest Academy can help you with your bike, give them a call.

That way, you can visit another Academy location if needed.

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Which Orders Are Eligible for Free Assembly?

If you go to an Academy store and find a bike you like, you can buy it on the spot and get it assembled.

This service is performed for free as long as the location offers such a service. Of course, you can always choose not to take advantage of this offer.

You can also take advantage of this free service if you place an online order to be picked up in-store. Keep in mind that if you ask Academy to assemble your bike for you, your order will be ready in 48 hours instead of the usual 2-hour window they promise for online orders.

Open the product’s listing page if you’re unsure whether Academy can assemble the bike you want online in-store.

On the right-hand side, below the price, should be some bright green text mentioning the free bike assembly service. If that text is not on the product’s page, it’s probably not eligible for the offer.

Lastly, make sure you have a way of taking your bike home after Academy assembles it for you. Because they can only put the bike together in-store, taking the product home with you might be challenging if it isn’t for you or a gift.

If that’s the case, it might be more beneficial for you to seek third-party help in assembling the bike.

Which Orders Are Not Eligible for Free Assembly?

As helpful Academy is for items requiring assembly, bikes delivered to the customer’s home get the short end of the stick.

That’s because Academy will not assemble the bike for you, and you can’t bring it in-store either. You or someone else will have to build the bike.

If you end up building the bike yourself, make sure you follow all instructions carefully. Failure to do so can lead to your warranty getting voided and the bike unreturnable, leaving you without a bike and several hundred dollars short.

However, if your heart is set on having Academy assemble the bike for you, you’ll have to do this roundabout and time-consuming solution:

  • Initiate a return for the unopened bike and wait to get a refund for your purchase.
  • Once your refund clears, purchase the same bike again, but opt for in-store pickup this time.

Keep in mind that this process can take over a week and could cost you money due to shipping charges.

What precautions should I take if I choose to assemble the bicycle myself?

If you choose to assemble the bicycle yourself, DICK’S Sporting Goods and the bike manufacturer will not be held responsible for injuries or damages resulting from improper assembly.

How can I get my bike assembled if I purchase it online and pick it up in-store?

Is there any specific checklist that needs to be completed for bikes purchased online and picked up in-store?

Yes, complete the Bike Pickup Checklist with a Dick’s teammate upon arrival for bike pickup.

Are there any potential delays in the readiness of the bike for pickup if purchased online?

Yes, the assembly process may cause delays in the readiness of the bike for pickup.

What additional step needs to be completed with a Dick’s teammate upon arrival for bike pickup?

Complete the Bike Pickup Checklist with a Dick’s teammate when you arrive.

How long does it take for a bike purchased online and picked up in-store to be assembled?

Some bikes may require assembly that could take longer to be ready for pickup.

Does Academy Offer Bike Assembly for a Fee?

If you have a home delivery order but you need Academy’s help to put your bike together, you’re probably thinking you could pay for the service in-store if you asked. Unfortunately, we have bad news for you.

Unlike other services such as reel line spooling or rifle scope mounting, Academy doesn’t offer any paid bike assembly services. They won’t even assemble bikes delivered to the customer’s home, even if it was purchased from the Academy website.

In contrast, compare this to fishing rods or hunting rifles purchased from Academy. The retailer offers free reel line spooling for rods purchased from the store, and you can use this service for as long as you own the rod.

And as for scope mounting, Academy can perform this service for a fee even if you did not purchase the firearm from them.

Can You Bring a Bike From Somewhere Else and Pay Academy To Assemble It?

If you purchased a bike from another retailer (such as Walmart or Amazon) and you can’t assemble it, Academy will not be able to help you. That’s because they only offer their bike assembly service to bikes purchased from them.

In this case, your best bet would be to ask the original retailer for assistance or go to your closest bike mechanic shop.

They’ll be more than happy to put your bike together for you, usually for a nominal fee. But if you don’t have one near you, you’ll have to do it yourself or ask a friend to do it for you.

If you are performing the assembly yourself, make sure you’re extra careful when putting the parts together. The last thing you want is to damage it before you can even ride your bike.

What should I do if I purchase a bike online and have it shipped to my home unassembled?

If you purchase a bike online and have it shipped to your home unassembled, it’s recommended that you contact your local store to arrange assembly service.

You can also refer to the Nishiki Bike Assembly Instructions provided with your purchase for guidance. Please note that if you choose to assemble the bicycle yourself, be aware that DICK’S Sporting Goods and the bike manufacturer will not be held responsible for any injuries or damages resulting from improper assembly.

What are the reasons to buy the Academy Aspire bike according to expert and user reviews?

How do direct buyers perceive the assembly process of the Academy Aspire bike?

Direct buyers reported that assembly was easy.

What features of the Academy Aspire bike’s design and color schemes do owners praise?

Owners praised the Aspire’s ‘80s throwback design and color schemes.

Why is the Academy Aspire bike considered a good value purchase based on reviews?

The Aspire was seen to be a good value bike sold at a reasonable price.

What are the components of the Academy Aspire bike that contribute to its quality as an entry-level bike?

Decent components rounded out a quality entry-level bike.

How does the Academy Aspire bike handle in skateparks according to street riders?

Street riders said the Aspire handled well in skateparks.

Final Thoughts

Academy Sports + Outdoors’ bike assembly policy may sound restrictive, but it’s a convenient service for customers nonetheless.

With free bike assembly for in-store and store pickup orders, customers rest assured that their brand-new bike has been assembled by experts and is good to go.

Perhaps one day, Academy will offer a paid bike assembly service for the general public, or at the very least, extend the offer to home deliveries. But until then, you’ll have to abide by Academy’s limitations when it comes to bike assembly.


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