Bike Bandit Return Policy (What’s Covered + More)

Bike Bandit Return Policy

Dirt bike and motorcycle enthusiasts can find all the parts they need from the Bike Bandit website. But, as is true with anything else, sometimes you need to return the items you purchase.

The Bike Bandit return policy allows you 60 days from the shipping date to return items. The timeline is the same for OEM parts, aftermarket parts, and any apparel. You can also make exchanges in that time. Electrical items that are opened are not accepted for returns.

It’s important to know the return policies for places you shop. There are plenty of reasons to return bike parts. Keep reading to find out how to return items from and what’s covered.

What Is the Bike Bandit Return Policy?

You will have 60 days from the shipping date to return any unwanted items to Bike Bandit. If your return is accepted, you’ll receive all of your money back for the purchase price plus the taxes paid. 

Most items are acceptable for returns, however, electrical items that have been opened are not.

The items that do qualify must be returned with their original packaging and cannot have any wear and tear or damage.

All pieces, parts, and accessories that were packaged together must come back together. You will not receive a refund if something is missing.

How Do You Return Items to Bike Bandit?

You can start your return from your online account. Log into your account. Then navigate to the Return Authorization form. Fill in all the requested information.

You’ll need to pack the items with all of their original packaging and the original invoice, if available. 

Customers have two options for shipping items back to the Bike Bandit warehouse. First, you can choose to go with your preferred carrier. You’ll simply go to a location and pay for the shipping yourself. Put the label on the box or envelope and send the package on its way.

The other option is to print the prepaid UPS label offered on the Bike Bandit website. The label prints with a flat rate postage amount of $8.95.

You do not need to pay that amount up front. The payment will be deducted from your refund total. 

Is There a Restocking Fee for Returned Items?

Restocking fees are common across the retail sector. Bike Bandit does not charge a restocking fee for any returned items you send back. 

Does Bike Bandit Accept Returns On Closeout Merchandise?

You can also return closeout items to Bike Bandit. These items are not eligible for refunds to the original form of payment like others.

Should you change your mind about closeout items, you may return them for Bandit Bucks. This is what the store credits are referred to as.

 Some customers may prefer to get Bandit Bucks credited to them instead of getting a refund. They can opt to do that, if desired.

Should You Contact Customer Service for Help with a Return?

You can call customer support if you’d like help with getting your return started. The Customer Service department takes calls from 6:30 AM to 4:30 PM Pacific time Monday-Friday. Calls are toll free.

You also have the option to email them at Most of the time you’ll get an email back within one business day.

Your final option for contacting customer support is to use the live chat function.

What Does Bike Bandit Sell? sells all-things-bike. If you’re looking for items associated with riding dirt bikes and motorcycles, this website has a lot to offer.

You can find items in the following categories:

  • Tires
  • Helmets
  • Accessories
  • Riding gear
  • Parts
  • Apparel

Items in all categories can be returned.

How Long Does It Take to Get Your Refund?

Once Bike Bandit receives your items back into the warehouse, an employee will process the return. The company enters the refund on their end at that time.

Different banking establishments have varying processing times. It will largely depend on your bank as to the time it takes to get your refund. Generally, you should allow up to 14 days to receive your refund.

What Items Cannot Be Returned?

Items that have been installed or used are unacceptable for returns. You can’t have tried it out and then decide you don’t want it.

So, before you install something, make sure you know if it’s the right part for your bike.

You also cannot return electrical items that have been opened. These packages must be unopened in order to qualify for a return.

Is the Return Policy Different for Items with Manufacturer’s Defects?

Should you find your purchased item has a manufacturer’s defect, you can return it even after it’s been used. However, the policy that applies will depend on the manufacturer. 

Each of the manufacturers has its own warranty and return policy. You can contact customer support to find out more information about the manufacturer you’re returning to.

Follow the instructions for the appropriate company to make sure you get a refund or a replacement item accordingly.

Do I Have to Pay for Shipping to Return a Wrong Item?

You do not have to pay for shipping when you need to return items that were incorrectly shipped to you. Also, if you receive broken items, there is no charge to you for shipping those back to the company. 

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Can You Return Items from Outside the U.S. for the Flat Rate?

The process to ship items back from somewhere outside of the 48 contiguous states is a little different.

You cannot start this process online. You should contact customer service for instructions on how to ship your items back.


Bike Bandit gives customers up to 60 days from the shipping date to make returns on unwanted items. You can return just about anything that’s in like-new or brand-new condition. 

Electrical parts can only be returned if they’re still in their unopened packaging. All other items must be shipped back with all of their original packaging included.

Customers may receive a full refund of their original purchase price for qualifying items.


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